Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour2002 Pro Tour–Boston

Posted in Feature on July 29, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Come join Wizards of the Coast as we kick off our 2002-2003 Pro Tour Season in Boston, MA! This information will help you to prepare now to attend in September. Pro Tour–Boston will be held September 27-29, 2002.

Tournament Location

Bayside Exposition Center
200 Mt. Vernon Street
Boston, MA 02125

Hotel Information

Double Tree Hotel
Boston Bayside
240 Mt. Vernon St.
Boston, MA
Fax: 617-740-2100
Phone: 617-822-3600

Room Rate
Single/Double occupancy $149USD
Triple occupancy $159USD
Quad occupancy $169USD

The Doubletree Club Hotel Boston-Bayside is in the parking lot of the Bayside EXPO and is the most convenient option for your Pro Tour Boston accommodations. The Club offers limited services including Au Bon Pain Bakery Café, open daily from 6am-11pm and the Club lounge open daily from 4pm until midnight.
All rooms must be registered to a guest staying in the same room age 18 years or older.

In order to receive the best rates you must make your reservations by Monday, August 26, 2002.


Team Sealed/Rochester Draft

Prize Payout

Total prize money to be awarded is $200,000 USD.

Artist Appearances

Christopher Moeller

Christopher Moeller has been writing and painting graphic novels from his studio in Pittsburgh since 1991, his most recent work being the hardcover JLA: A League of One for DC Comics. He is currently working on another JLA graphic novel entitled Cold Steel. An avid wargamer, Moeller has provided illustrations for a variety of game publishers, including Wizards of the Coast, OSG, White Wolf, FASA, Wiz Kids and Columbia Games.

Jerry Tirtilli

Jerry has been living in a fantasy world for most his life and at some point in his long freelance art career started taking advantage of it and making a living from it. His first job as an artist was doing courtroom sketch art for WGM television. He later worked in an art studio then left and became a freelancer, working for magazines and newspapers amongst other things. Eventually he illustrated book covers and children's books ("The Pagemaster" was a more well know project) and hooked up with WOTC, illustrating Magic Cards. " I love working on Fantasy art, stepping into that other, magic, world, created by your own imagination (well, influence by others too)!"

Currently, he just finished working with Gary (Far Side) Larson. "I worked with Gary as a painter, collaborating with ideas and rendering his drawings for book covers for a new 2 volume set of books that will come out, hopefully, next year".

Jerry lives in Chicago with Marge and their daughter Elizabeth. He doesn't want to mention the three cats. Too many cats! "Also I was a prize fighter, an inventor and sold shoes for a couple of months....well I did sell shoes for a couple of months anyway-when I was young".

ArtistCard TitleSetArtistCard TitleSet
Christopher MoellerDivine LightApocalypseJerry TiritilliDiversionary TacticsApocalypse
Christopher MoellerIlluminateApocalypseJerry TiritilliIce CaveApocalypse
Christopher MoellerNightApocalypseJerry TiritilliDrain PowerFifth Edition
Christopher MoellerPernicious DeedApocalypseJerry TiritilliFlightFifth Edition
Christopher MoellerSuffocating BlastApocalypseJerry TiritilliIronroot TreefolkFifth Edition
Christopher MoellerAggressive UrgeInvasionJerry TiritilliCapashen UnicornInvasion
Christopher MoellerCrown of FlamesInvasionJerry TiritilliElfhame PalaceInvasion
Christopher MoellerDo or DieInvasionJerry TiritilliSalt MarshInvasion
Christopher MoellerKavu AggressorInvasionJerry TiritilliMorality ShiftJudgment
Christopher MoellerSky WeaverInvasionJerry TiritilliRishadan PortMercadian Masques
Christopher MoellerTreva’s AttendantInvasionJerry TiritilliForestOdyssey
Christopher MoellerVodalian SerpentInvasionJerry TiritilliNefarious LichOdyssey
Christopher MoellerWayfaring GiantInvasionJerry TiritilliPatchwork GnomesOdyssey
Christopher MoellerCrush of WurmsJudgmentJerry TiritilliScreams of the DamnedOdyssey
Christopher MoellerInfectious RageJudgmentJerry TiritilliSkyshooterOdyssey
Christopher MoellerSelfless ExorcistJudgmentJerry TiritilliSwampOdyssey
Christopher MoellerShieldmage AdvocateJudgmentJerry TiritilliShifting SkyPlaneshift
Christopher MoellerLiabilityMercadian MasquesJerry TiritilliSkyshroud BlessingPlaneshift
Christopher MoellerMoment of SilenceMercadian MasquesJerry TiritilliTreva’s RuinsPlaneshift
Christopher MoellerRamosian RallyMercadian MasquesJerry TiritilliGoblin GardenerSeventh Edition
Christopher MoellerRishadan CutpurseMercadian MasquesJerry TiritilliJalum TomeSeventh Edition
Christopher MoellerThwartMercadian MasquesJerry TiritilliLlanowar ElvesSeventh Edition
Christopher MoellerTidal KrakenMercadian MasquesJerry TiritilliCephalid SnitchTorment
Christopher MoellerSeal of CleansingNemesisJerry TiritilliStrength of IsolationTorment
Christopher MoellerSeal of DoomNemesisJerry TiritilliBravadoUrza’s Saga
Christopher MoellerSeal of FireNemesisJerry TiritilliGoblin CadetsUrza’s Saga
Christopher MoellerSeal of RemovalNemesisJerry TiritilliGoblin LackeyUrza’s Saga
Christopher MoellerSeal of StrengthNemesisJerry TiritilliLingering MirageUrza’s Saga
Christopher MoellerAboshan, Cephalid EmperorOdysseyJerry TiritilliSneak AttackUrza’s Saga
Christopher MoellerAven FisherOdysseyJerry TiritilliDream TidesVisions
Christopher MoellerDivertOdysseyJerry TiritilliElkin LairVisions
Christopher MoellerNeed for SpeedOdyssey
Christopher MoellerNut CollectorOdyssey
Christopher MoellerShelterOdyssey
Christopher MoellerSphere of DutyOdyssey
Christopher MoellerSphere of GraceOdyssey
Christopher MoellerSphere of LawOdyssey
Christopher MoellerSphere of ReasonOdyssey
Christopher MoellerSphere of TruthOdyssey
Christopher MoellerSpiritualizeOdyssey
Christopher MoellerMeddling MagePlaneshift
Christopher MoellerPlaneswalker’s FuryPlaneshift
Christopher MoellerStormscape BattlemagePlaneshift
Christopher MoellerCopper-Leaf AngelProphecy
Christopher MoellerJeweled SpiritProphecy
Christopher MoellerBlessed ReversalSeventh Edition
Christopher MoellerBoilSeventh Edition
Christopher MoellerConfiscateSeventh Edition
Christopher MoellerSleight of HandSeventh Edition
Christopher MoellerThieving MagpieSeventh Edition
Christopher MoellerWall of SpearsSeventh Edition
Christopher MoellerWood ElvesSeventh Edition
Christopher MoellerCompulsionTorment
Christopher MoellerHypochondriaTorment
Christopher MoellerMortiphobiaTorment
Christopher MoellerNarcissismTorment
Christopher MoellerPyromaniaTorment
Christopher MoellerExpungeUrza’s Saga
Christopher MoellerHidden GuerrillasUrza’s Saga
Christopher MoellerShower of SparksUrza’s Saga

Ancillary Event Schedule Featuring the Onslaught Prerelease!

Ancillary events are open to everyone.

Onslaught Prerelease

Flight System:
Except for the "Midnight Madness" event, we will be running many 32-person tournaments. Each of these tournaments is called a "flight." Each flight will be 5 rounds of Swiss. Each player in each flight will receive 1 Onslaught Tournament Pack and 2 Onslaught boosters. Each player will also receive 1 Onslaught Prerelease Premium card (while supplies last).

Registration will begin Friday evening at 8:00pm for both Midnight Madness and the Saturday flights. Players who register for a Saturday flight will be assigned a flight and told the approximate start time for that flight. Registration will open at 8:00am on Saturday and Sunday morning and flights will begin at 9:00am. Flights will be run as filled on Saturday and Sunday.

First flight - $25.00
Repeat flights - $15.00

Prizes will be based on a player's record after the Swiss rounds are complete. All prizes are Onslaught boosters.

5-0: 18 boosters
4-0-1: 14 boosters
4-1: 9 boosters
3-0-2: 6 boosters
3-1-1: 5 boosters

Pro Tour-Boston
Ancillary Events Schedule


TimeEvt#CostEvent Title
5:00 P.M.101$70/TeamPro Tour-Boston "Last Chance" Qualifier
Top 2 finishing teams gain entry to Pro Tour-Boston. 3-person Team Limited format (Sealed Deck with two Odyssey™ tournament packs, two Torment™ boosters, and two Judgment™ boosters per team.) Registration begins at 3:30 P.M., play begins at 5:00 P.M.

In order for events to begin on time, please arrive fifteen minutes before the scheduled starting time

TimeEvt#CostEvent Title
10:00 A.M.201$18Odyssey Block Limited Tournament
Sealed Deck Tournament with one Odyssey tournament pack, one Torment booster and one Judgment booster per player.
12:00 P.M.202$5Standard Tournament
Constructed Tournament using the Standard-format rules.
2:00 P.M.203$18Odyssey Block Limited Tournament
Sealed Deck Tournament with one Odyssey tournament pack, one Torment booster and one Judgment booster per player.
4:00 P.M.204$5Extended Tournament
Constructed Tournament using the Extended-format rules.
6:00 P.M.205$20Grand Prix-Philadelphia Trial
Sealed Deck Tournament with one Odyssey tournament pack, one Torment booster and one Judgment booster per player, Top 8 Rochester Draft. Top 2 players receive a 3-round bye at Grand Prix-Philadelphia.

Saturday: Onslaught™ Prerelease

TimeEvt#CostEvent Title
12:01 A.M.301$25Onslaught Prerelease "Midnight Madness"
Sealed Deck Tournament with 1 Onslaught Tournament Pack and 2 Onslaught boosters per player. Each player receives an Onslaught Prerelease Premium Card with entry.
9:00 A.M.n/a$25/$15Onslaught Prerelease Flights
See "Onslaught Prerelease" at the top of this section for event description.
9:00 P.M.302FreeQuestion Mark Game Show (Sponsored by Kings Games)
Bring a team of 3 and compete in Magic trivia with your host, Mark Rosewater. Lots of prizes including boosters, card sleeves, dice, and premium cards!

In order for events to begin on time, please arrive fifteen minutes before the scheduled starting time

TimeEvt#CostEvent Title
9:00 A.M.401$20Pro Tour-Houston Qualifier
Constructed Tournament using the Odyssey Block Constructed rules. Winner gets an Invitation to Pro Tour-Houston and $250. Product Prizes for top finishers. Registration begins at 8:00 A.M., play begins at 9:00 A.M.
10:00 A.M.402$15Junior Super Series Challenge
Standard-format rules apply. Top player receives a $1000 scholarship and entry into the 2003 Junior Super Series Championship. All players receive a Premium card with entry. For players ages 15 and under. Registration begins at 9:00 A.M., play begins at 10:00 A.M.
12:00 P.M.403$5Female Only Standard Tournament (Sponsored by M's Collectibles)
Constructed Tournament using the Standard-format rules. Open to female Magic players only. Winner gets her choice of a "Mox or a Box."
2:00 P.M.404$5Amateur Only Standard Tournament (Sponsored by Troll and Toad)
Constructed Tournament using the Standard-format rules. Open to players with Zero (0) lifetime Pro Points. Winner receives a full set of Arabian Nights™. Second place receives an Unlimited™ booster pack. Third place receives an Arabian Nights booster pack.

Note: All events follow the Swiss-style pairings structure unless otherwise indicated.

Overnight Events
Wizards of the Coast, Inc. will offer tournaments twenty-four hours a day at Pro Tour-Boston! The following Magic: the Gathering tournaments will be added as requested (subject to space and judge availability):

Standard: $5
Extended: $5
Odyssey Sealed Deck: $18
English Odyssey Draft: $12
Non-English Odyssey Draft: $15
English Onslaught Draft: $15

(Note: Onslaught drafts will not start until 5:00 P.M. on Saturday)

All overnight events will be DCI sanctioned and follow the single-elimination format. Enjoy the competition all night long!

Start time and format of all tournaments subject to change.

Player Contact

Andy Heckt
Wizards of the Coast
Player Coordinator

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