Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour2003 Pro Tour–Yokohama

Posted in Feature on February 4, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Come join Wizards of the Coast for our next Pro Tour stop in Yokohama This information will help you to prepare now to attend in May. Pro Tour-Yokohama will be held May 9-11, 2003.

Tournament Location

Pacifico Yokohama
Exhibition Annex Hall – D
1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 2200-0012 Japan
Tel: +81 (45) 221-2121

Hall Hours:
Thursday: 8AM-Late, after the Last Chance Qualifier finishes
Friday: 7:30AM-After 2:00AM*
Saturday: 8AM- After 2:00AM*
Sunday: 8AM- 10:00 PM (The hall will close on Sunday at 10:00PM)
*As long as you play, we stay!!! (will stay open as long as sanctioned play continues)

Detailed instructions on transportation options to the event site can be found at or with the instructions below.

Hotel Information

Wizards of the Coast, Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for player accommodations.

Kinki Nippon Tourist (KNT), the official travel agency, will coordinate all hotel reservations for participants. A form will be available at this site in the near future.

ACCOMMODATION Kinki Nippon Tourist (KNT), the official travel agency, will coordinate all hotel reservations for participants. Participants wishing to make hotel reservations should complete the attached Hotel Reservation Form and return it directly to KNT by mail or by fax, no later than April 14, 2003.

It is advisable to make your reservations as early as possible to get the hotel and room price you desire. Please list your first three hotel choices on the application form. Choices will be accommodated on first come first serve basis. No reservation will be confirmed in the absence of full payment of room charge and a \500 (Japanese Yen) communication fee. Later on, your reservation confirmation will be sent from KNT along with access information to the hotel.

Participants are requested to present the confirmation upon their arrival at the hotel.

*Pro Tour Yokohama will be held at Pacifico Yokohama:
1-1-1, Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012, JAPAN
*Please note that nearest international airport to the venue is Narita International Airport

Hotel List

No.Name of HotelRoom TypeCODERoom Tariff (JPY)(1)Access to Hotel
(2)Access to the Venue
AYokohama Grand IntercontinentalSingleA-S19,00513 min. walk to Sakuragichou Sta.
1 min. walk to venue.
BThe Pan Pacific YokohamaTwin/SGLB-TS23,62512 min. walk to Sakuragichou Sta.
2 min. walk to venue.
CYokohama Sakuragicho WashingtonSingleC-S10,5002 min. walk to Sakuragichou Sta.
15 min. walk to venue.
DNavios YokohamaTwinD-T17,85013 min. walk to Sakuragichou Sta.
10 min. walk to venue.
DLX TwinD-DT21,000
EBreezbayTwinE-T16,8005 min. walk to Sakuragichou Sta.
20 min. walk to venue.
FYokohama Mandarin
*with Breakfast
TwinF-T16,8006 min. walk to Sakuragichou Sta.
15 min. walk to venue.
GYokohama Heiwa Plaza
*with Breakfast
TwinG-T13,8605 min. walk to Kannai Sta.
15 min. walk to venue.
HSanai Yokohama
*with Breakfast
TwinH-T15,3305 min. walk to Sakuragichi Sta.
15 min. walk to venue.

1) Above room tariff is as of XXX. 2003 and subject to change without notice.
2) All above room tariff includes 10% service charge and 5% consumption tax, and no meal is included.

All payment should be made in Japanese yen.

Full payment of the room charge plus \500 (communication fee) should be paid for by major credit card only : Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners or JCB. No personal checks or bank draft will be accepted.

Any changes to accommodation as booked must be negotiated individually with KNT. Please send a written notification for your cancellation or any changes directly to KNT by mail, fax, or e-mail. In the case of the cancellation of your reservation(s), the following cancellation fees would be required. Communication fee is not refundable.

Up to 21 days before the first night of stay: no charge
10 to 20 days before: 10% of daily room charge
2 to 9 days before: 30% of daily room charge
Previous day: 80% of daily room charge
First day of stay or no notice given: 100% of daily room charge
(In this case, your reservation will be cancelled automatically after the second night.)
Participants are responsible for all financial obligations arising from reservations made on their behalf, including charges for cancellation or non-arrival.

Inquiries regarding accommodation to be addressed to:
Magic : The Gathering Pro Tour Desk
Kyodo Building 6th floor, 2-2 Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0051 Japan
TEL : +81-3-3263-5581 FAX : +81-3-3263-5961 E-mail :

Travel Suggestions

Yokohama Travel Information (580 KB PDF)

Note: ATM machines in Yokohama typically only allow withdraws from Japanese accounts. Many will allow cash-advances from credit cards. It is suggested that players carry some cash funds/ traveler's cheques. Players should contact their banking institution before arriving regarding access to their account in Yokohama if they feel it necessary to do so.

Many Asian countries deny entry to travelers whose passports are valid for less than six months. It is not usually possible to obtain a new passport and foreign visa during a brief stopover while transiting Japan. Make sure you have a signed, valid passport (and visas, if required). Also, before you go, fill in the emergency information page of your passport!

Familiarize yourself with local laws and customs of the countries to which you are traveling.

Make 2 copies of your passport identification page. This will facilitate replacement if your passport is lost or stolen. Leave one copy at home with friends or relatives. Carry the other with you in a separate place from your passport.

Leave a copy of your itinerary with family or friends at home so that you can be contacted in case of an emergency.

In Yokohama, the current is 60 hertz and 100 volts. Please be careful in using electrical appliances brought from overseas which may not meet Japanese requirements.

Public telephones can be found throughout the city. There are several types of different colors, which are different in their usage. They take coins and/or telephone cards.

One unit of a card corresponds to 10 yen. If you use coins, for local calls insert 10-yen coins. For local calls you can speak for 1 minute for 10 yen. For domestic long distance calls, prepare many 10 yen coins or use 100-yen coins (no change will be returned if you insert a 100 yen coin and only partly use it).

Gray Public telephones are equipped with ISDN modular jacks and can be connected to both analogue and digital modems. In recent years, telephone booths located in the center of the city usually contain ISDN phones.

International Calls
International calls can be made through any private telephone or a pay phone with an international mark. For international pay-phone calls, use telephone cards or 100 yen coins (phones with credit card marks can be found in the city center). Calls made using the KDD Super World Card (available in 1,000 yen, 3,000 yen and 5,000 yen units), which can be purchased at most convenience stores, are slightly discounted.

International call access numbers are 001 for KDD, 0061 for IDC, and 0041 for ITJ. For more information, call the following toll-free numbers: KDD: 0057, IDC: 0120-03-0061, ITJ: 0120-44-0041.


The City of Yokohama's home page is located at

Everything you ever needed to know about Japan or Yokohama is on this site. It has great links and good maps--everything from climate to culture is covered here!

This site has a great deal of information on and photos of Japan. It's a great site for first-time visitors. It explains how to get around town, where to shop, and what to expect.

Currency Exchange Information

Narita International Airport

Narita Airport Information (400 KB PDF)

Player Contact

Andy Heckt
Wizards of the Coast
Player Coordinator
Fax 425-687-8259

Mandatory Registration

Player registration will occur at the tournament site 2:00–7:00 P.M. on Thursday, May 8, 2003.

Registration for the Masters Series Gateway tournament is at 8:00 A.M. on Thursday at the tournament site.

Players must have a signed waiver and consent form to compete at Pro Tour–Yokohama. Forms can be downloaded at and will be available onsite. Minors must have a parent or guardian's signature on these forms.

Return the registration and waiver forms to Wizards of the Coast or bring them with you to registration. We will make forms available for competitors at registration, if necessary.

Wizards of the Coast
Attn.: Pro Tour
P.O. Box 707
Renton WA 98057
Fax: (425) 687-8259

At registration, all participants must present one of the following forms of identification upon request:

  • a driver's license, or
  • a passport, or
  • a copy of their birth certificates and photo IDs (school IDs are acceptable).

If you anticipate any difficulty registering during the official registration hours, please contact Andy Heckt at (425) 254-2941 or

Format and Schedule


  • Booster Draft
  • 2 Onslaught and 1 Legions booster packs will be used for drafting.
  • Check for Booster Draft rules.

Round Length

  • 60 minute rounds, 14 Swiss Rounds total + Top 8 single-elimination finals.
  • When time is called, the active player will finish the turn and five additional turns will be taken
  • Stalling and slow play rules will be strictly enforced during the tournament.


  • All players participate in Friday's 7-round competition.
  • Players with 13 or more match points after round 7 advance to Saturday's competition.
  • The top 8 players after round 14 advance to Sunday's top 8 single-elimination finals.


  • Players are responsible for knowing all DCI rules and high-level tournament rules.
  • Players must bring pen, paper, card sleeves and appropriate counters.

Friday Schedule
8:45 AM: Seating for player meeting posted.
9:00 AM: Player meeting begins.
9:15 AM: First draft begins. 4 rounds will be played, followed by a draft and 3 more rounds.

Saturday Schedule
8:45 AM: Pairings for Round 8 posted.
9:00 AM: Round 8 begins.
9:15 AM: Second draft begins. 4 rounds will be played, followed by a draft and 3 more rounds.

Sunday Schedule
8:00 AM: All top 8 players check in at feature match area.
9:00 AM: Top 8 Booster Draft begins followed by single-elimination matches.

Prize Payout

Pro Tour–Yokohama Prize Structure (All Awards USD)


PlacePro PointsPlacePro Points

Artist Appearances

John Avon, Terese Nielsen, Jim Nelson, and Anthony S. Waters

Anthony S. Waters

Anthony Scott Waters is a Concept Artist and illustrator based in Washington State, USA. His career has taken him from the early days of interactive software all the way to Hollywood, with many stops in-between. He's known as a monster maker and environment designer for Magic as well as companies like Microsoft, Hasbro and Electronic Arts. His work has also been featured in Spectrum: the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art and toured the country in the MacExpo Digital Art Show.

Anthony lives with his wife Kimberly and four dogs. His work can be viewed at

Gorilla ShamanAlliances
Gorilla ShamanAlliances
Primitive JusticeAlliances
Bloodfire InfusionApocalypse
Martyrs' TombApocalypse
Shield of Duty and ReasonApocalypse
Yavimaya CoastApocalypse
Farrel’s MantleFallen Empires
Soul ExchangeFallen Empires
Diabolic VisionIce Age
Elemental AuguryIce Age
Gorilla PackIce Age
Kjeldoran GuardIce Age
Pale BearsIce Age
Walking WallIce Age
Dream CoatLegends
Life ChiselLegends
White Mana BatteryLegends
Canopy CrawlerLegions
Mistform UltimusLegions
Rockshard ElementalLegions
Sea EagleMTG Starter 1999 Edition
Charmed PendantOdyssey
Elephant AmbushOdyssey
Infected VerminOdyssey
Squirrel NestOdyssey
Steam VinesOdyssey
Wild MongrelOdyssey
Aven FateshaperOnslaught
Contested CliffsOnslaught
Kamahl’s SummonsOnslaught
Mistform SkyreaverOnslaught
Stag BeetleOnslaught
Wall of MulchOnslaught
Windswept HeathOnslaught
Wirewood LodgeOnslaught
Blessed WindProphecy
Hazy HomunculusProphecy
Spindrift DrakeStronghold
Whim of VolrathTempest
Winged SliverTempest
Onslaught Elemental TokenToken Creatures
Onslaught Insect TokenToken Creatures
Circular LogicTorment
Flock of Rabid SheepUnglued
Thran WeaponryUrza’s Legacy
Treetop VillageUrza’s Legacy
ForestUrza’s Saga
ForestUrza’s Saga
ForestUrza’s Saga
ForestUrza’s Saga

John Avon

John was born in 1961, and after training at art college, now lives and works in England with his illustrator wife and two young kids. A regular artist for Magic: The Gathering, he is now established as one of the game's main 'land' artists and is passionate about the fantasy world/environment he is asked to paint. He now uses a computer to compose and design the artwork, but still paints the finished piece using acrylics and airbrush. Outside of Magic, John works on book-covers and numerous types of advertising campaigns from web banners to photo-manipulation for design companies. At events he sells prints, proofs and originals of his work.

See the artist's site

John Avon's cards

Card TitleSet
Fog5th Edition
Ice Floe5th Edition
Mountain5th Edition
Mountain5th Edition
Mountain5th Edition
Mountain5th Edition
Adarkar Wastes7th Edition
Forest7th Edition
Forest7th Edition
Island7th Edition
Millstone7th Edition
Mountain7th Edition
Plains7th Edition
Pyrotechnics7th Edition
Wall of Air7th Edition
Legacy WeaponApocalypse
Strength of NightApocalypse
Tranquil PathApocalypse
Geothermal CreviceInvasion
Meteor StormInvasion
Spirit of ResistanceInvasion
Quiet SpeculationJudgment
Thriss, Nantuko PrimusJudgment
Wormfang TurtleJudgment
Angelic WallOdyssey
Barbarian RingOdyssey
Cabal PitOdyssey
Caustic TarOdyssey
Centaur GardenOdyssey
Cephalid ColiseumOdyssey
Life BurstOdyssey
Mossfire ValleyOdyssey
Aven SoulgazerOnslaught
Explosive VegetationOnslaught
Mistform MutantOnslaught
Riptide LaboratoryOnslaught
Unholy GrottoOnslaught
Dominaria's JudgmentPlaneshift
Meteor CraterPlaneshift
Nemata, Grove GuardianPlaneshift
Cloud DragonPortal
Renewing DawnPortal
IslandPortal Second Age
IslandPortal Second Age
IslandPortal Second Age
Arrogant WurmTorment
Insidious DreamsTorment
Slithery StalkerTorment
Flame JetUrza's Destiny
OpalescenceUrza's Destiny
Scent of IvyUrza's Destiny
Scent of NightshadeUrza's Destiny
Aura FluxUrza's Legacy
Harmonic ConvergenceUrza's Legacy
PurifyUrza's Legacy
MountainUrza's Saga
MountainUrza's Saga
MountainUrza's Saga
MountainUrza's Saga
SwampUrza's Saga
SwampUrza's Saga
SwampUrza's Saga
SwampUrza's Saga
Coral AtollVisions
Dormant VolcanoVisions
Jungle BasinVisions
Lotus ValeWeatherlight
Scorched RuinsWeatherlight
Winding CanyonsWeatherlight

Terese Nielsen

Terese Nielsen was born in Nebraska and spent her childhood on a small farm in Aurora. Her interest in art led her to enroll in a junior college in Idaho. She went on to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1991 from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, graduating with "great distinction" in illustration. Terese began freelancing immediately after Art Center, contributing to everything from theme park design to editorial illustration. In 1992, Terese entered the comic book field illustrating super heroes for numerous collectable card sets. Soon to follow were fully painted comics for Marvel: "Ruins I and II," and "Code of Honor." She also did covers for Topps' "Xena: the Warrior Princess," and Dark Horse's "Star Wars" line. In 1996 Wizards of the Coast caught wind of her work and she emerged within "Magic" through "Alliances." Terese has done work for every major gaming company and illustrated covers for computer and video games. Much of her current work consists of book covers for Del Rey, Harper Collins, Tor and Wizards of the Coast. Terese has received numerous awards, functioned as juror for several art shows, and been showcased in the prestigious annual "Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art" for the last eight years. She currently resides in Temple City, California with her partner and their four children.

Elvish RangerAlliances
Elvish RangerAlliances
Energy ArcAlliances
Force of WillAlliances
ForestAPAC Lands
IslandAPAC Lands
MountainAPAC Lands
PlainsAPAC Lands
SwampAPAC Lands
Gaea’s SkyfolkApocalypse
Ertai, Wizard AdeptExodus
Keeper of the FlameExodus
Scalding SalamanderExodus
Wall of NetsExodus
BrainwashFifth Edition
Clockwork SteedFifth Edition
Stream of LifeFifth Edition
Barrin’s SpiteInvasion
Fact or FictionInvasion
Heroes’ ReunionInvasion
Kavu MonarchInvasion
Voracious CobraInvasion
CharismaMercadian Masques
Diplomatic ImmunityMercadian Masques
Honor the FallenMercadian Masques
IntimidationMercadian Masques
Ley LineMercadian Masques
Mercadian BazaarMercadian Masques
Rushwood HerbalistMercadian Masques
Saprazzan HeirMercadian Masques
Bad RiverMirage
Divine OfferingMirage
Ethereal ChampionMirage
Sealed FateMirage
Stalking TigerMirage
Zombie MobMirage
Arc MageNemesis
Stronghold BiologistNemesis
Stronghold MachinistNemesis
Blessed OratorOdyssey
Luminous GuardianOdyssey
Master ApothecaryOdyssey
Nimble MongooseOdyssey
Obstinate FamiliarOdyssey
Catapult MasterOnslaught
Head GamesOnslaught
Heroic DefiancePlaneshift
Samite ElderPlaneshift
Sinister StrengthPlaneshift
Moon SpritePortal
Nature’s LorePortal
Raging CougarPortal
Spiritual GuardianPortal
Rhystic StudyProphecy
Troubled HealerProphecy
Delusions of MediocritySeventh Edition
Giant GrowthSeventh Edition
Glorious AnthemSeventh Edition
Static OrbSeventh Edition
Wooden SphereSeventh Edition
Yavimaya EnchantressSeventh Edition
Hidden RetreatStronghold
Sacred GroundStronghold
Venerable MonkStronghold
Victual SliverStronghold
Mana SeveranceTempest
Unstable ShapeshifterTempest
Invasion Elephant TokenToken Creatures
Enslaved DwarfTorment
Grotesque HybridTorment
Sonic SeizureTorment
Once More with FeelingUnglued
Organ HarvestUnglued
Team SpiritUnglued
DisorderUrza’s Saga
Lay WasteUrza’s Saga
LullUrza’s Saga
Serra’s EmbraceUrza’s Saga
UnnerveUrza’s Saga
War DanceUrza’s Saga
Wild DogsUrza’s Saga
Aku DjinnVisions
Guiding SpiritVisions
King CheetahVisions
Natural OrderVisions
Pillar Tombs of AkuVisions
Bogardan FirefiendWeatherlight
Heart of BogardanWeatherlight
Infernal TributeWeatherlight

Jim Nelson

Jim Nelson received a B.F.A. in Drawing from Northern Illinois University. His work has appeared in numerous games, books and magazines and he has been represented in the juried annual Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art as both an artist and art director. Jim is also an award-winning graphic designer and a die-hard football fan. His artistic influences range from Rembrandt to Mignola, and contemporary fantastic artists like De Es Schwertberger and Zdzislav Beksinski rank among his favorites. Jim lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.

Jim Nelson's cards

Balduvian Barbarians7th Edition
Drudge Skeletons7th Edition
Telepathic Spies7th Edition
Caves of KoilosApocalypse
Fungal ShamblerApocalypse
Cinder CrawlerExodus
Transmogrifying LicidExodus
Cunning WishJudgment
Elephant GuideJudgment
Phantom NomadJudgment
Telekinetic BondsJudgment
Chatter of the SquirrelOdyssey
Sandstone DeadfallOdyssey
Think TankOdyssey
Thought DevourerOdyssey
Gustcloak SaviorOnslaught
Mythic ProportionsOnslaught
Spitfire HandlerOnslaught
Thunder of HoovesOnslaught
Flowstone ShamblerStronghold
Foul ImpStronghold
Bellowing FiendTempest
Benthic BehemothTempest
Grim LavamancerTorment
Krosan ConstrictorTorment
Obsessive SearchTorment
Illuminated WingsUrza's Destiny
Iridescent DrakeUrza's Destiny
Metathran EliteUrza's Destiny
ReplenishUrza's Destiny
Sandbar SerpentUrza's Saga

2003 Pro Tour–Yokohama Side Event Schedule

All event costs are in Yen (¥). Only Yen or Japanese credit cards will be accepted for payment of side-events.

Registration for each event begins 30-60 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin.

Thursday May 8

TimeEvt#CostEvent Title
09:00001FreeMasters Series – Yokohama 2003 Gateway (Invitation ONLY)
Single Elimination. Extended.
Top 4 players advance to the Masters Series–Yokohama 2003 starting later in the evening. Open to invited players only. [Any player with a DCI constructed-format rating of 1900 or higher as of the May 26th ratings publish. Any player with 7+ pro points for the Yokohama03 Standings] See for the invitation list.
13:00002¥ 3000Pro Tour–Yokohama “Last Chance” Qualifier
Sealed deck tournament using the limited rules; Onslaught Block Sealed, with Booster Draft Top 8. Top 4 Players gain entry to Pro Tour–Yokohama.

Friday May 9
In order for events to begin on time, please arrive fifteen minutes before the scheduled starting time.

TimeEvt#CostEvent Title
09:00101¥ 1000Super Standard (Type II) Tournament
Constructed Tournament using the Standard-format rules with Top 8 playoff. First place receives a set of Japanese Tempest.
10:00102¥ 500Standard (Type II) Tournament
11:00103¥ 2000Onslaught™ Block Limited Tournament
Sealed Deck event with one Onslaught tournament pack and two Legions™ boosters per player.
13:00104¥ 500Standard (Type II) Tournament
14:00105¥ 2000Onslaught™ Block Limited Tournament
Sealed Deck event with one Onslaught tournament pack and two Legions™ boosters per player.

Saturday May 10
In order for events to begin on time, please arrive fifteen minutes before the scheduled starting time.

TimeEvt#CostEvent Title
09:00201¥ 3000/playerPro Tour – Boston Qualifier
3-person Team Limited format (Sealed Deck with two Onslaught tournament packs and four Legions boosters per team). Winning team receives invitation to Pro Tour Boston 2003.
10:00202¥ 500Standard (Type II) Tournament
11:00203¥ 2000Onslaught™ Block Limited Tournament
Sealed Deck event with one Onslaught tournament pack and two Legions™ boosters per player.
13:00204¥ 1000Super Standard (Type II) Tournament
Constructed Tournament using the Standard-format rules with Top 8 playoff. First place receives a set of Japanese Urza’s Saga.
14:00205¥ 500Standard (Type II) Tournament.
20:00206FreeQuestion Mark Trivia Game Show
Bring a team of up to 3 players and compete in Magic trivia with your host, Mark Rosewater. Lots of prizes including boosters, card sleeves, and dice!

Sunday May 11
In order for events to begin on time, please arrive fifteen minutes before the scheduled starting time.

TimeEvt#CostEvent Title
09:00301¥ 30002003 Japan Nationals Kantou Regional Championship
Standard format. Japan Regional Championship tournaments are open only to Japanese citizens and permanent residents. Players may compete in any Regional Championship, regardless of their prefecture of residence, but any player may only play in one Regional Championship tournament. Players who register for more than one tournament will not be allowed to play in any Regional Championship tournament. Players already qualified to compete in Japan Nationals may not compete in any Japan Regional Championship.
The top 20 players receive invitations to the 2003 Japanese Nationals (no travel award).
10:00302¥ 2500Super Sealed Tournament
Sealed Tournament using the Standard-format rules with Top 8 playoff. First place receives a sealed box of Japanese Chronicles.
12:00303¥ 500Standard (Type II) Tournament.
14:00304¥ 500Extended Tournament
Constructed Tournament using the Extended-format rules.

Note: All events follow the Swiss-style pairings structure unless otherwise indicated.

Pick-up Events


All pick-up events will be single elimination and DCI™ sanctioned.

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