2004 Magic: The Gathering Philippine National Championship

Posted in Feature on June 3, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

DateInvitation OriginCityName
15-Jun-032003 National ChampionPhilippinesCamangon, Gerald C
15-Jun-032003 National TeamPhilippinesProfeta, Francis Robert M
15-Jun-032003 National TeamPhilippinesBatac, Michael Tom Agrauio
15-Jun-03Top 4 2003 NationalsPhilippinesOrtega, Dominic Teotico
2-May-04Top 8 Regional ChampionshipsQuezon CityJamir, Joselito Alberto
2-May-04Top 8 Regional ChampionshipsQuezon CitySantos, Clark
2-May-04Top 8 Regional ChampionshipsQuezon CityAlagao, Jr
2-May-04Top 8 Regional ChampionshipsQuezon CityPerez, Ricky
2-May-04Top 8 Regional ChampionshipsQuezon CityTitic, John Paul
2-May-04Top 8 Regional ChampionshipsQuezon CityBasilio, Joseph Paul
2-May-04Top 8 Regional ChampionshipsQuezon CityLacuata, Daniel
2-May-04Top 8 Regional ChampionshipsQuezon CityCapule, Oscar
2-May-04Top 8 Regional ChampionshipsCebu CitySy, Sherwin
2-May-04Top 8 Regional ChampionshipsCebu CityJumaoas, Kris Karlo
2-May-04Top 8 Regional ChampionshipsCebu CityRay Ii, Nava
2-May-04Top 8 Regional ChampionshipsCebu CitySun, Sheldon
2-May-04Top 8 Regional ChampionshipsCebu CityRamon, Lindstad Mark
2-May-04Top 8 Regional ChampionshipsCebu CityOsal, Rod
2-May-04Top 8 Regional ChampionshipsCebu CityFlores, Carlo
2-May-04Top 8 Regional ChampionshipsCebu CitySilva, Cres Kristian
2-May-04Top 4 Regional ChampionshipsDavao CityChang, Joseph
2-May-04Top 4 Regional ChampionshipsDavao CityJaro, Ogie
2-May-04Top 4 Regional ChampionshipsDavao CityUraya, Debin
2-May-04Top 4 Regional ChampionshipsDavao CityCohun, Benson
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesLopez, Philip Jason
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesManansala, Bayani
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesPerry Winston, Uson
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesLazaro, Paul Ernest
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesSalazar, Frederick
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesChua, Richie
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesLim, Victoriano
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesUy, Michael Jeffrey
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesFeleo, Anthony
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesFamorcan, Caesar
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesAbella, Reynald
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesSoliveres, Roel
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesQue, Elliot Spencer
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesCamangon, Lawrence
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesEstacio, Reynerio
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesBaeyens, Mark
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesGutierrez, Ian Mark
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesSantos, John Robert
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesGalano, Richard Anthony
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesSison, Nomer Conrad
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesRivera, Mark Gerard
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesRivera, Benson
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesPadua, Mario
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesHerrin, Mark
19-May-04Top 25 DCI Composite RankingsPhilippinesOca, Jr., Ramon Allan
12-Jun-04Top 8 Nationals QualifierQuezon CityMaralit, Marvin
12-Jun-04Top 8 Nationals QualifierQuezon CityGalvan, Richard
12-Jun-04Top 8 Nationals QualifierQuezon CityVelarde, Wendell
12-Jun-04Top 8 Nationals QualifierQuezon CityCardenas, Benedict
12-Jun-04Top 8 Nationals QualifierQuezon CityBartolome, Arvin
12-Jun-04Top 8 Nationals QualifierQuezon CityCirujales, Earl
12-Jun-04Top 8 Nationals QualifierQuezon CityVerzosa, Michael
12-Jun-04Top 8 Nationals QualifierQuezon CityAterrado, Jp
20-Jun-04Top 4 Nationals QualifierBaguio CityMaglonzo, Jean Philipp
20-Jun-04Top 4 Nationals QualifierBaguio CityBondoc, Deric
20-Jun-04Top 4 Nationals QualifierBaguio CityDelfino, Dio Alexander
20-Jun-04Top 4 Nationals QualifierBaguio CityAntonio, Glenn
26-Jun-04Top 8 Nationals QualifierManilaUy, Alexander
26-Jun-04Top 8 Nationals QualifierManilaMonasterio, Bingo
26-Jun-04Top 8 Nationals QualifierManilaRuiz Iii, Jose
26-Jun-04Top 8 Nationals QualifierManilaVergara, Karlo
26-Jun-04Top 8 Nationals QualifierManilaNoblefranca, Emerson
26-Jun-04Top 8 Nationals QualifierManilaDe Leon, Jairus
26-Jun-04Top 8 Nationals QualifierManilaOng, Williamson
26-Jun-04Top 8 Nationals QualifierManilaSarto, Raffy

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