2007 Pro Tour–Yokohama

Posted in Feature on December 22, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Updated April 16, 2007

Invitations to Pro Tour-Yokohama are awarded in the following manner:

  • The 2006 World Champion.
  • The 2006 Pro Player of the Year.
  • The Top 50 players from Pro Tour-Geneva.
  • Players with 2007 Pro Tour Players Club level 3 or higher.
  • The Top 16 finishers of each Grand Prix tournament that feeds Pro Tour-Yokohama.
  • Players who earn invitations through Pro Tour Qualifier tournaments that feed Pro Tour-Yokohama.
  • The Top 100 DCI-ranked players in the Constucuted on March 7, 2007.

If you believe that your rating or finish at a Pro Tour Qualifier or Grand Prix is in error, please Visit https://webapp.wizards.com/login.aspx?target=personal. After logging in, click the “Appeals” link and fill out the form.

FirstLastInvitation SourcePTQ/GP DatePTQ/GP CityPTQ/GP Country
MakihitoMihara2006 World Championn/an/an/a
ShoutaYasooka2006 Player of the Yearn/an/an/a
SaulAguadoPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
GuilhemBlancPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
PaulCheonPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
BernardoDa Costa CabralPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
PhuDaoPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
JanDoisePT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
WillyEdelPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
DanielGräfensteinerPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
ChristopheGregoirPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
MarkHendricksonPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
MarkHerberholzPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
JimHeroldPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
DaisukeHirosePT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
MikeHronPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
MarkusJoebstlPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
FrankKarstenPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
MattiasKettilPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
CraigKrempelsPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
ShingouKuriharaPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
DavidLarssonPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
OsypLebedowiczPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
RaphaelLevyPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
MarijnLybaertPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
RogierMaatenPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
AnttiMalinPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
AylonManorPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
QuentinMartinPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
FriedMeuldersPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
MakihitoMiharaPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
KatsuhiroMoriPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
TakuyaOosawaPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
KoutarouOotsukaPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
thibaultPerthuisPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
BenRubinPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
OlivierRuelPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
JohanSadeghpourPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
TomoharuSaitouPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
RobertSchiermeyerPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
LuisScott-VargasPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
JonathanSonnePT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
AmielTenenbaumPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
SebastianThalerPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
ErvinTormosPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
KenjiTsumuraPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
KimValoriPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
Robertvan MedevoortPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
PieterViljoenPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
GuillaumeWafo-tapaPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
StevenWolanskyPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
PrzemyslawWolowiecPT Geneva - Top 50n/an/an/a
NathanBertelsenGP Dallas - Top 162/24/2007DallasTexas
KendallBrightGP Dallas - Top 162/24/2007DallasTexas
AnalynnBustamanteGP Dallas - Top 162/24/2007DallasTexas
TiagoChanGP Dallas - Top 162/24/2007DallasTexas
PaulCheonGP Dallas - Top 162/24/2007DallasTexas
JimDavisGP Dallas - Top 162/24/2007DallasTexas
JesseHawkinsGP Dallas - Top 162/24/2007DallasTexas
MarkHerberholzGP Dallas - Top 162/24/2007DallasTexas
DavidIrvineGP Dallas - Top 162/24/2007DallasTexas
AlexLedbetterGP Dallas - Top 162/24/2007DallasTexas
RaphaelLevyGP Dallas - Top 162/24/2007DallasTexas
ShuuheiNakamuraGP Dallas - Top 162/24/2007DallasTexas
PaulNguyenGP Dallas - Top 162/24/2007DallasTexas
JohnPelcakGP Dallas - Top 162/24/2007DallasTexas
KenjiTsumuraGP Dallas - Top 162/24/2007DallasTexas
ConleyWoodsGP Dallas - Top 162/24/2007DallasTexas
Wei xiangChuaGP Singapore - Top 163/3/2007SingaporeSingapore
John PaulFranciscoGP Singapore - Top 163/3/2007SingaporeSingapore
OsamuFujitaGP Singapore - Top 163/3/2007SingaporeSingapore
TsuyoshiIkedaGP Singapore - Top 163/3/2007SingaporeSingapore
ShingouKuriharaGP Singapore - Top 163/3/2007SingaporeSingapore
AlbertusLawGP Singapore - Top 163/3/2007SingaporeSingapore
RaphaelLevyGP Singapore - Top 163/3/2007SingaporeSingapore
Cheuk YinLiGP Singapore - Top 163/3/2007SingaporeSingapore
ShuuheiNakamuraGP Singapore - Top 163/3/2007SingaporeSingapore
RyouOguraGP Singapore - Top 163/3/2007SingaporeSingapore
TakuyaOosawaGP Singapore - Top 163/3/2007SingaporeSingapore
KoutarouOotsukaGP Singapore - Top 163/3/2007SingaporeSingapore
AntoineRuelGP Singapore - Top 163/3/2007SingaporeSingapore
OlivierRuelGP Singapore - Top 163/3/2007SingaporeSingapore
TomoharuSaitouGP Singapore - Top 163/3/2007SingaporeSingapore
AlvinTanGP Singapore - Top 163/3/2007SingaporeSingapore
MotokiyoAzumaGP Kyoto - Top 163/17/2007KyotoJapan
KatsuhiroIdeGP Kyoto - Top 163/17/2007KyotoJapan
RenIshikawaGP Kyoto - Top 163/17/2007KyotoJapan
YuusukeIwasakiGP Kyoto - Top 163/17/2007KyotoJapan
KazuhikoMotoyamaGP Kyoto - Top 163/17/2007KyotoJapan
NaokiShimizuGP Kyoto - Top 163/17/2007KyotoJapan
TakuoSutouGP Kyoto - Top 163/17/2007KyotoJapan
Jun'yaTakahashiGP Kyoto - Top 163/17/2007KyotoJapan
akinaotakaoGP Kyoto - Top 163/17/2007KyotoJapan
TsubasaTomiiGP Kyoto - Top 163/17/2007KyotoJapan
MarioTominagaGP Kyoto - Top 163/17/2007KyotoJapan
AtsushiWadaGP Kyoto - Top 163/17/2007KyotoJapan
YuuyaWatanabeGP Kyoto - Top 163/17/2007KyotoJapan
ShouheiYamamotoGP Kyoto - Top 163/17/2007KyotoJapan
ShoutaYasookaGP Kyoto - Top 163/17/2007KyotoJapan
HirotoYasutomiGP Kyoto - Top 163/17/2007KyotoJapan
RaphaelLevyDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
GabrielNassifDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
PaulCheonDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
VictorMorelDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
TiagoChanDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
MarkHerberholzDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
StuartWrightDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
MarcioCarvalhoDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
OlivierRuelDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
WesimoAl-BachaDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
ShingouKuriharaDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
Paulo Vitorda RosaDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
MichaelNurseDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
Victor ManuelMiron YelaDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
ShuuheiNakamuraDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
PrzemekOberbekDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
PieterViljoenDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
JoshPhillipsDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
OsypLebedowiczDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
DavidWilliamsDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
CoryAguilardDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
KatsuhiroMoriDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
MikeThompsonDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
KamielCornelissenDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
D.j.MayerDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
DavidSharfmanDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
BrendanBanfieldDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
NikolasNygaardDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
JeremyDuncanDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
LucienLonglaisDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
CarlosRomãoDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
TomiWalamiesDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
GerardoGodinez EstradaDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
PeterJohnsonDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
GonzaloFerrari SpampinatoDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
KenjiTsumuraDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
Leidy DianaArias ReyesDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
Bryan DanielDominguezDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
BrianStrohDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
NicholasLovettDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
ArthurStewartDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
ChristianFlaatenDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
RoyWilliamsDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
ShaheenSooraniDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
PauloCarvalhoDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
DamienMancusoDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
AdrianOliveraDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
ConleyWoodsDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
YannHamonDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
DanJenkinsDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
MasahiroNishiwakiDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
seancolganDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
NicolaScardoneDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
ColbySorensonDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
MakihitoMiharaDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
DavidSolisDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
JonathanDavidDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
MarshallFineDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
TomoharuSaitouDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
Chih-HsiangChangDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
BenediktKlauserDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
KevinMacPheeDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
JonathanRispalDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
GonzaloPattiDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
JonathanWatsonDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
MasakiYokoiDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
EmilioLópez CamposDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
FranckCanuDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
PedroPappaterraDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
RafaelMendoncaDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
AeoPaquetteDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
AaronBrackmannDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
JoelCalafellDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
JohnPelcakDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
John PaulFranciscoDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
AgustinSerattiDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
MiguelRafaelDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
HelmutSummersbergerDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
EmmanuelVernayDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
YohanAhumadaDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
ØyvindAndersenDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
KoutarouOotsukaDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
DanD'ArgenioDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
BernardoDa Costa CabralDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
AlexMajlatonDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
JelgerWiegersmaDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
AdamChambersDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
TimothyHeDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
DeQuanWatsonDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
LeonardoCalcagnoDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
SergioCostaDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
MatthiasKünzlerDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
TamasNagyDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
JimmyJarmanDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
MichaelKrumbDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
AlexLiebermanDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
Sheng-ChunWenDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
JamesHagueDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
MasashiroKurodaDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
PrzemyslawWolowiecDCI Rating - Top 100n/an/an/a
WesimoAl-Bacha2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
RyuuichiArita2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
AkiraAsahara2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
JoseBarbero2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
AaronBrackmann2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
DavidBrucker2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
PierreCanali2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
MarcioCarvalho2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
AdamChambers2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
TiagoChan2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
AndréCoimbra2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
KamielCornelissen2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
BernardoDa Costa Cabral2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
Paulo Vitorda Rosa2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
AntoninoDe Rosa2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
ThomasDidierjean2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
RobertDougherty2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
WillyEdel2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
GerardFabiano2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
JonFinkel2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
JohnFiorillo2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
OsamuFujita2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
TsuyoshiFujita2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
SamGomersall2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
juliengoron2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
MarkHerberholz2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
RichardHoaen2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
TommiHovi2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
MikeHron2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
DavidHumpherys2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
ChristianHüttenberger2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
ItaruIshida2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
KlausJoens2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
CraigJones2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
TomohiroKaji2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
FrankKarsten2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
DarwinKastle Mess2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
ShuuKomuro2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
CraigKrempels2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
ShingouKurihara2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
OsypLebedowicz2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
RaphaelLevy2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
NicholasLovett2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
BenjaminLundquist2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
RobertMaher2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
RosarioMaij2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
QuentinMartin2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
ChrisMcDaniel2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
Jan-MoritzMerkel2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
MakihitoMihara2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
KazuyaMitamura2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
WilliamMoreno2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
KatsuhiroMori2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
MasahikoMorita2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
ChikaraNakajima2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
ShuuheiNakamura2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
GabrielNassif2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
JulienNuijten2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
RyouOgura2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
MasashiOiso2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
WesselOomens2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
TakuyaOosawa2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
JohnPelcak2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
BastienPerez2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
OlleRade2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
JonathanRispal2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
CarlosRomão2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
AntoineRuel2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
OlivierRuel2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
JohanSadeghpour2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
TomoharuSaitou2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
RyoumaShiozu2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
RasmusSibast2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
GeoffreySiron2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
JohnSittner2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
BramSnepvangers2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
TerrySoh2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
JonathanSonne2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
HelmutSummersberger2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
GadielSzleifer2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
SebastianThaler2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
MikeThompson2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
KenjiTsumura2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
Roelvan Heeswijk2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
GuillaumeWafo-tapa2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
RuudWarmenhoven2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
JelgerWiegersma2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
J GaryWise2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
ShoutaYasooka2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
CelsoZampere Junior2007 PT Club Level 3+n/an/an/a
ToshikazuFujiiPTQ - 1st Place10/21/2006Kobe-shiJapan
BasileAndresPTQ - 1st Place11/30/2006ParisFrance
ManuelMartinezPTQ - 2nd Place11/30/2006ParisFrance
KazuyaHirabayashiPTQ - 1st Place12/3/2006ParisFrance
MarkusPettersonPTQ - 2nd Place12/3/2006ParisFrance
SeanInouePTQ - 1st Place1/6/2007AlbuquerqueUnited States
StefanoGattolinPTQ - 1st Place1/6/2007BradfordGreat Britain
ScottSchaufPTQ - 1st Place1/6/2007CharlestonUnited States
KyleTracyPTQ - 1st Place1/6/2007ClevelandUnited States
MarkDeanPTQ - 1st Place1/6/2007Forth WorthUnited States
DaneYoungPTQ - 1st Place1/6/2007HonoluluUnited States
TrevorJonesPTQ - 1st Place1/6/2007MinneapolisUnited States
YuusukeTaniiPTQ - 1st Place1/6/2007Nishinomiya-shiJapan
JohnAlesi-mullenPTQ - 1st Place1/6/2007PhiladelphiaUnited States
BlazeMammarellaPTQ - 1st Place1/6/2007San DiegoUnited States
KrisKavanaghPTQ - 1st Place1/6/2007TorontoCanada
saschalüscherPTQ - 1st Place1/6/2007ZrichSwitzerland
ShunKurakamiPTQ - 1st Place1/7/2007Chiba-shiJapan
MasahiroYamanePTQ - 1st Place1/7/2007Fukuoka-shiJapan
Boon KengPuiPTQ - 1st Place1/7/2007Kuala LumpurMalaysia
JamesPorterPTQ - 1st Place1/7/2007ManilaPhilippines
AlessandroLippiPTQ - 1st Place1/7/2007PIACENZAItaly
FelixLeongPTQ - 1st Place1/7/2007SingaporeSingapore
MatthiasKünzlerPTQ - 1st Place1/7/2007ZrichSwitzerland
NaokiShimizuPTQ - 1st Place1/8/2007Yokohama-shiJapan
MasayaKitayamaPTQ - 1st Place1/13/2007Nagoya-shiJapan
GuySouthcottPTQ - 1st Place1/13/2007NottinghamGreat Britain
RyanGinPTQ - 1st Place1/13/2007Oklahoma CityUnited States
WilliamLowryPTQ - 1st Place1/13/2007San AntonioUnited States
MarcoBarbagliPTQ - 1st Place1/14/2007ArezzoItaly
AnssiAlkioPTQ - 1st Place1/14/2007HelsinkiFinland
TakeshiOzawaPTQ - 1st Place1/14/2007Sendai-shiJapan
KyleFelterPTQ - 1st Place1/21/2007Las VegasUnited States
MatthewLambPTQ - 1st Place1/27/2007CanberraAustralia
PhilCapePTQ - 1st Place1/27/2007IndianapolisUnited States
TylerWoodsPTQ - 1st Place1/27/2007LubbockUnited States
AlekseyMalakhovPTQ - 1st Place1/27/2007MoscowRussian Federation
BrandonNixonPTQ - 1st Place1/27/2007NashvilleUnited States
sompolyothinsopolgulPTQ - 1st Place1/28/2007BangkokThailand
SkyeLiPTQ - 1st Place2/3/2007AucklandNew Zealand
FergusDeffelyPTQ - 1st Place2/3/2007GalwayIreland
IainBartolomeiPTQ - 1st Place2/3/2007Los AngelesUnited States
AlessandroSelvaggiPTQ - 1st Place2/4/2007CataniaItaly
ShouMitsuhashiPTQ - 1st Place2/4/2007Chiba-shiJapan
marcocammilluzziPTQ - 1st Place2/4/2007FirenzeItaly
RobertJurkovicPTQ - 1st Place2/4/2007GrazAustria
DamienMarionPTQ - 1st Place2/4/2007GrenobleFrance
ChapmanSimPTQ - 1st Place2/4/2007IpohMalaysia
ShouichirouOgataPTQ - 1st Place2/4/2007Kumamoto-shiJapan
RemyTherouxPTQ - 1st Place2/4/2007Nogent-le-RotrouFrance
LeoFaccaPTQ - 2nd Place2/4/2007Nogent-le-RotrouFrance
DanielGodfreyPTQ - 1st Place2/4/2007SaleGreat Britain
FranciscoBragaPTQ - 1st Place2/4/2007So PauloBrazil
Ruei-YiWengPTQ - 1st Place2/4/2007TaipeiTaiwan
MatteoBenedettoPTQ - 1st Place2/9/2007GenevaSwitzerland
PeterJohnsonPTQ - 1st Place2/10/2007BoiseUnited States
BrettPiazzaPTQ - 1st Place2/10/2007DenverUnited States
DuncanMcGregorPTQ - 1st Place2/10/2007DetroitUnited States
AdamBarnettPTQ - 1st Place2/10/2007High WycombeGreat Britain
TaylorWebbPTQ - 1st Place2/10/2007LafayatteUnited States
AndrewEdgingtonPTQ - 1st Place2/10/2007LouisvilleUnited States
BrandonRutterPTQ - 1st Place2/10/2007MadisonUnited States
YuutaTakahashiPTQ - 1st Place2/10/2007Nagano-shiJapan
KotarouMoriPTQ - 1st Place2/10/2007Nagoya-shiJapan
YoshiakiTashiroPTQ - 1st Place2/10/2007Osaka-shiJapan
JonathanPearlmanPTQ - 1st Place2/10/2007SF Bay areaUnited States
EliasVaisbergPTQ - 1st Place2/10/2007StratfordUnited States
PriitLumiPTQ - 1st Place2/10/2007TallinnEstonia
VasilisFatourosPTQ - 1st Place2/11/2007AthensGreece
GeorgiosKapalasPTQ - 2nd Place2/11/2007AthensGreece
RodrigoBorbaPTQ - 1st Place2/11/2007BadajozSpain
OngWhey WheyPTQ - 1st Place2/11/2007Kuala LumpurMalaysia
John PaulFranciscoPTQ - 1st Place2/11/2007ManilaPhilippines
VictorGarciaPTQ - 1st Place2/11/2007Mexico CityMexico
KazushiKawamuraPTQ - 1st Place2/11/2007Okayama-shiJapan
ChristopherEng LongPTQ - 1st Place2/11/2007SingaporeSingapore
PeterChaoPTQ - 1st Place2/11/2007TaichungTaiwan
XavierBarrofetPTQ - 1st Place2/11/2007ZaragozaSpain
Soo HanYoonPTQ - 1st Place2/12/2007Itabashi-kuJapan
GonçaloPintoPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007AlmadaPortugal
MichaeleTeppaPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007AntwerpenBelgium
StephenMurrayPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007BirminghamGreat Britain
BenjiAshmanPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007BostonUnited States
StefanFischerPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007BudapestHungary
AxelKlipphanPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007Buenos AiresArgentina
DigbyCarterPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007ChristchurchNew Zealand
JamesKandeboPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007EdisonUnited States
StevenBirklidPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007FairbanksUnited States
DavinFrankoskyPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007High PointUnited States
AdamWittonPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007MelbourneAustralia
MichaellePTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007MobileUnited States
BenjaminPagePTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007MonctonCanada
ScottDarbyPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007MontrealCanada
Shin'ichiAkimotoPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007Muroran-shiJapan
JosefSapplPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007NrnbergGermany
TobiasGräfensteinerPTQ - 2nd Place2/17/2007NrnbergGermany
GavinVerheyPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007PhoenixUnited States
HansMahlerPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007PittsburghUnited States
DavidIrvinePTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007Pompano BeachUnited States
NikolaVávraPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007PragueCzech Republic
KotaReichertPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007SeattleUnited States
JordanWeberPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007St. LouisUnited States
DaanSmetsPTQ - 1st Place2/17/2007UtrechtNetherlands
Svende JongPTQ - 2nd Place2/17/2007UtrechtNetherlands
ChrisNinnesPTQ - 1st Place2/18/2007AdelaideAustralia
JohanVerhulstPTQ - 1st Place2/18/2007AuvelaisBelgium
SukhumKiwanontPTQ - 1st Place2/18/2007BangkokThailand
GianlucaBeverePTQ - 1st Place2/18/2007BolognaItaly
NicolasCavadiniPTQ - 1st Place2/18/2007BuxerollesFrance
LaurentGadchauxPTQ - 2nd Place2/18/2007BuxerollesFrance
AlanMeaneyPTQ - 1st Place2/18/2007DublinIreland
MichaelCadmanPTQ - 1st Place2/18/2007DundeeGreat Britain
BrandonScheelPTQ - 1st Place2/18/2007Kansas CityUnited States
ClémentLemaitrePTQ - 1st Place2/18/2007LilleFrance
AlexandreLamarchePTQ - 2nd Place2/18/2007LilleFrance
JorgeMelgarPTQ - 1st Place2/18/2007LimaPeru
SergioGarciaPTQ - 1st Place2/18/2007MadridSpain
JesusBernabeu-EdoPTQ - 2nd Place2/18/2007MadridSpain
ThomasGuedjPTQ - 1st Place2/18/2007MarseilleFrance
DmitryNikitinPTQ - 1st Place2/18/2007MoscowRussian Federation
HarukiNakataniPTQ - 1st Place2/18/2007Sanjou-shiJapan
RomainGherbezzaPTQ - 1st Place2/18/2007StrasbourgFrance
SergeMOULINPTQ - 2nd Place2/18/2007StrasbourgFrance
TobiasHenkePTQ - 1st Place2/18/2007UtrechtNetherlands
WalterStevenhagenPTQ - 2nd Place2/18/2007UtrechtNetherlands
JohnMoorePTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007BaltimoreUnited States
JiaWuPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007BeijingChina
FilipPolasekPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007BratislavaSlovak Republic
MichaelGrovesPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007ColchesterGreat Britain
BrandonBurksPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007ColumbusUnited States
IvanPekPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007Donji MiholjacCroatia (Hrvatska)
TobiasThielPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007DortmundGermany
AlexFanghaenelPTQ - 2nd Place2/24/2007DortmundGermany
Juan Pedrode MiguelPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007GranadaSpain
Jorge ErnestoPadilla ChinasPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007GuadalajaraMexico
Zheng YanYangPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007GuangzhouChina
SimonSchmeußerPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007HamburgGermany
HendrikBrötzmannPTQ - 2nd Place2/24/2007HamburgGermany
MattHansenPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007LincolnUnited States
MattiasAgerbergPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007OsloNorway
GeorgeZhouPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007PerthAustralia
EduardoCaldeiraPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007PortoPortugal
IgorBarreirasPTQ - 2nd Place2/24/2007PortoPortugal
JieLiPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007ShanghaiChina
MarkusHolmbomPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007StockholmSweden
RonLiljendalPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007TampereFinland
PaulHeynenPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007UtrechtNetherlands
KevinGrovePTQ - 2nd Place2/24/2007UtrechtNetherlands
DavyLoebPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007WarszawaPoland
JesseSpeersPTQ - 1st Place2/24/2007WinnipegCanada
DanielMorenoPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007BogotaColombia
CameronVeigelPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007BrisbaneAustralia
LucasBlohonPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007BrnoCzech Republic
AdamYurchickPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007DallasUnited States
NicolasCavadiniPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007DestelbergenBelgium
YeungSun KitPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007Hong KongHong Kong
Bo RuadChunPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007KaohsiungTaiwan
DenysChufarinPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007KievUkraine
VictorCarlsenPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007OsloNorway
Weng KwongAw YeongPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007PenangMalaysia
FrancescoPampallonaPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007RomaItaly
kennethHansenPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007RoskildeDenmark
MikelDiezPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007SantanderSpain
Jun YoungParkPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007SeoulKorea (South)
TobiasHartmannPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007StuttgartGermany
CarlCheleskiPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007SydneyAustralia
MauroTerrenghiPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007TorinoItaly
MarcMühlböckPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007ViennaAustria
RogerMillerPTQ - 1st Place2/25/2007WellingtonNew Zealand
StefanGüntherPTQ - 1st Place3/3/2007BerlinGermany
TillRiffertPTQ - 2nd Place3/3/2007BerlinGermany
NikoBacicPTQ - 1st Place3/3/2007CakovecCroatia (Hrvatska)
DanielFiorPTQ - 1st Place3/3/2007CaracasVenezuela
TakahiroKatayamaPTQ - 1st Place3/3/2007Hiroshima-shiJapan
JulienMariePTQ - 1st Place3/3/2007Le LocleSwitzerland
JussiMaki-TuuriPTQ - 1st Place3/3/2007OuluFinland
EmanuelCostaPTQ - 1st Place3/3/2007SetubalPortugal
YohaiEivalPTQ - 1st Place3/3/2007Tel AvivIsrael
TakehikoMatsumuraPTQ - 1st Place3/3/2007Yokohama-shiJapan
andresmadrugaPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007AlbaceteSpain
HarrisSmithPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007AtlantaUnited States
AndreaFaillaPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007BariItaly
AlanVillamayorPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007Buenos AiresArgentina
FrancisToussaintPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007CalgaryCanada
PeterVierenPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007GentBelgium
NiklasPetterssonPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007GteborgSweden
MehmetOzkaraPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007IstanbulTurkey
Jun'yaTakahashiPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007Itabashi-kuJapan
MasahiroNakadaPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007Kanazawa-shiJapan
KimStröhPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007KbenhavnDenmark
RafalArendtPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007LodzPoland
MichalRusPTQ - 2nd Place3/4/2007LodzPoland
Xuan-PhiNguyenPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007MannheimGermany
StefanoMottaPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007MantovaItaly
WilliamCavaglieriPTQ - 2nd Place3/4/2007MantovaItaly
JanKotrlaPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007OlomoucCzech Republic
AdamFoxPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007OrlandoUnited States
RemiFortierPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007ParisFrance
BrunoLimaPTQ - 2nd Place3/4/2007ParisFrance
StewartShinkinsPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007SalzburgAustria
MakotoKatouPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007Sapporo-shiJapan
HirotsuguSaitouPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007Sendai-shiJapan
eng ching sengsamPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007SingaporeSingapore
GeorgeFilipakisPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007ThessalonikiGreece
MicheleFornasariPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007ToulouseFrance
DmitriyButakovPTQ - 1st Place3/4/2007TyumenRussian Federation
MilosPerovicPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007BelgradeSerbia and Montenegro
GaudenisVidugirisPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007ChicagoUnited States
TylerWalshPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007HobartAustralia
AndresSuarezPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007HoustonUnited States
KeraanChettyPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007JohannesburgSouth Africa
YuiTakagiPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007Kawagoe-shiJapan
giovanymaidaPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007La PazBolivia
DavidMalchauPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007LeipzigGermany
AlexKimPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007Little RockUnited States
PeterDunPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007LondonGreat Britain
JoshSandlerPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007New YorkUnited States
MamoruYamanishiPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007Osaka-shiJapan
KaiDavisPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007PortlandUnited States
SergioLongo Jr.PTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007Porto alegreBrazil
JonHaugaard MeinechePTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007rhusDenmark
ChrisJordanPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007RoanokeUnited States
viviangormanPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007Salt Lake CityUnited States
José LuisEcheverría ParedesPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007SantiagoChile
BrettCogganPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007StandishUnited States
BrettMcCleafPTQ - 1st Place3/10/2007WhichitaUnited States
diederikkrugerPTQ - 1st Place3/11/2007Cape TownSouth Africa
Francisco JavierMartinPTQ - 1st Place3/11/2007CornellaSpain
RodrigoRenedoPTQ - 2nd Place3/11/2007CornellaSpain
LuigiPoladasPTQ - 1st Place3/11/2007FrosinoneItaly
TeruyoshiMichiwakiPTQ - 1st Place3/11/2007Kochi-shiJapan
GuillermoLlamastarioPTQ - 1st Place3/11/2007LeonSpain
KennyObergPTQ - 1st Place3/11/2007MalmSweden
SimoneMiglioranzaPTQ - 1st Place3/11/2007MestreItaly
BenWienburgPTQ - 1st Place3/11/2007RochesterUnited States
Ming CheeWangPTQ - 1st Place3/11/2007TainanTaiwan
NikoSkartvedtPTQ - 1st Place3/11/2007VancouverCanada
ZackHallPTQ - 1st Place3/17/2007MilfordUnited States
RyousukeAokiPTQ - 1st Place3/18/2007Kyoto-shiJapan

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