2008 Irish National ChampionshipInvitation List

Posted in Feature on June 3, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Updated 2008-06-26


Invitations to 2008 Irish National Championship are awarded in the following manner:

  • The 2007 National Champion.
  • The 2007 National Team Member.
  • The 2007 World Champion (if residing in that country).
  • The 2007 Pro Player of the Year (if residing in that country).
  • Players with 2008 Pro Tour Players Club Level 2 or higher.
  • Players who earn invitations through National Qualifier tournaments.
  • The Top 20 DCI-Composite ranked players from Ireland on June 25, 2008.
  • The Top 5 DCI-Composite ranked players from Northern Ireland on June 25, 2008.
  • If you believe that your rating or finish at a National Qualifier is in error, please Visit https://webapp.wizards.com/login.aspx?target=personal. After logging in, click the “Appeals” link and fill out the form.

    FirstLastInvitation SourceNQ DateNQ Location
    Conor JHolmes2007 National Championn/an/a
    Conor JHolmes2007 National Team Membern/an/a
    Alan JMeaney2007 National Team Membern/an/a
    Neil CCrowley2007 National Team Membern/an/a
    BernardO'Connell2007 National Team Membern/an/a
    CormacSmithTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    StewartShinkinsTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    RaulPortalesTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    DarraghLongTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    DiarmuidVerrierTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    ColmGoodeTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    DavidKearneyTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    RogerGrealishTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    OliverBirdTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    BenRhys-daviesTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    AlanMeaneyTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    SeanShortisTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    MarkMc GovernTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    SeanFitzGeraldTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    EoinBrosnanTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    CormacSmythTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    stephenroughanTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    MichaelHigginsTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    MatthewBarrettTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    JohnCowanTop 20 DCI Composite (Ireland)n/an/a
    ConorHolmesTop 5 DCI Composite (Northern Ireland)n/an/a
    davidrobinsonTop 5 DCI Composite (Northern Ireland)n/an/a
    RossaKeeganTop 5 DCI Composite (Northern Ireland)n/an/a
    ColinMcBurneyTop 5 DCI Composite (Northern Ireland)n/an/a
    StevenThompsonTop 5 DCI Composite (Northern Ireland)n/an/a
    DeclanCrowdyNational Qualifier06/07/08Cork
    Edward WHootonNational Qualifier06/07/08Cork
    Stephen LPashleyNational Qualifier06/07/08Cork
    Sean MFitzGeraldNational Qualifier06/07/08Cork
    ShaneMcElheronNational Qualifier06/07/08Cork
    Sean OgMurphyNational Qualifier06/07/08Cork
    RobertColtonNational Qualifier06/07/08Cork
    Jim PBrophyNational Qualifier06/07/08Cork
    JohnTwomeyNational Qualifier06/07/08Cork
    LeeMurphyNational Qualifier06/07/08Cork
    PascalOuliéNational Qualifier06/08/08Dublin
    DavidMartinNational Qualifier06/08/08Dublin
    Adrian GDonnellyNational Qualifier06/08/08Dublin
    AdamAlexanderNational Qualifier06/08/08Dublin
    BrianKidneyNational Qualifier06/08/08Dublin
    DonalMurrayNational Qualifier06/08/08Dublin
    MikeDandoNational Qualifier06/08/08Dublin
    FergusLooneyNational Qualifier06/08/08Dublin
    ChrisSmithNational Qualifier06/08/08Dublin
    DeanWadeNational Qualifier06/08/08Dublin
    John PMalanaphyNational Qualifier06/14/08Beflast
    MichaelRobinsonNational Qualifier06/14/08Beflast
    DrewCarmichaelNational Qualifier06/14/08Beflast
    Alan JWarnockNational Qualifier06/14/08Beflast
    NiallGrahamNational Qualifier06/14/08Beflast
    ConorKerrNational Qualifier06/14/08Beflast
    Jason DAdcockNational Qualifier06/14/08Beflast
    Nuno FPereiraNational Qualifier06/14/08Beflast
    Shane TDohertyNational Qualifier06/14/08Beflast
    Chris PBlackNational Qualifier06/14/08Beflast
    EddieMuchaNational Qualifier06/14/08Galway
    JohnDelaneyNational Qualifier06/14/08Galway
    ThomasDohertyNational Qualifier06/14/08Galway
    CiaranBrennanNational Qualifier06/14/08Galway
    LiamHigginsNational Qualifier06/14/08Galway
    RodanFloodNational Qualifier06/14/08Galway
    Richard KBrennanNational Qualifier06/14/08Galway
    Damian MMurphyNational Qualifier06/14/08Galway
    RobertFitzgerald BelloneNational Qualifier06/14/08Galway
    BrianMulcahyNational Qualifier06/21/08Cork
    Ian FDesmondNational Qualifier06/21/08Cork
    ConorHardingNational Qualifier06/21/08Cork
    Antoinette CMasonNational Qualifier06/21/08Cork
    Shirley MCooneyNational Qualifier06/21/08Cork
    FinbarrMurphyNational Qualifier06/21/08Cork
    RobertMcCarthyNational Qualifier06/21/08Cork
    Anne MarieMcCarthyNational Qualifier06/21/08Cork
    James JMaherNational Qualifier06/21/08Cork
    MarkMcGovernNational Qualifier06/22/08Dublin
    David CMurphyNational Qualifier06/22/08Dublin
    NiallConroyNational Qualifier06/22/08Dublin
    EoghanO'DonovanNational Qualifier06/22/08Dublin
    Jason RFinneganNational Qualifier06/22/08Dublin
    Eoin RMullallyNational Qualifier06/22/08Dublin
    Patrick TMcDonaghNational Qualifier06/22/08Dublin
    James CFitzsimonsNational Qualifier06/22/08Dublin
    IanNolanNational Qualifier06/22/08Dublin
    RobertGardnerNational Qualifier06/22/08Dublin
    DaraButlerNational Qualifier06/22/08Dublin
    SimonCarmichaelNational Qualifier06/28/08Beflast
    GavinMcLeaseNational Qualifier06/28/08Beflast
    Gareth OMiddletonNational Qualifier06/28/08Beflast
    Robert EPinkneyNational Qualifier06/28/08Beflast
    Peter JDempseyNational Qualifier06/28/08Beflast
    SeanMooneyNational Qualifier06/28/08Beflast
    MalcomeGreigNational Qualifier06/28/08Beflast
    LorenzoColonnaNational Qualifier06/28/08Beflast
    Ryan TMorganNational Qualifier06/28/08Beflast
    ConorMcCornishNational Qualifier06/28/08Beflast
    DeanConveryNational Qualifier06/28/08Beflast
    IanWalkerNational Qualifier06/28/08Beflast

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