2008 Japan National Championships

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By Wizards of the Coast

September 19-21, 2008


Osanbashi Hall
1-1-4 Kaigan-doori, Naka-ku
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken



  • 3 minutes' walk from the Osanbashi bus stop
  • 7 minutes' walk from Exit 3 of Nihon Oo-doori station, Minato Mirai line
  • 15 minutes' walk from Kannai station, Yokohama Municipal Subway line


The Japanese National Championship and associated Qualifier tournaments are open only to those DCI members in good standing who are citizens or permanent residents of Japan as of January 1, 2008. Players may only compete in one National Championship per season. Furthermore, players may only compete in one Regional Qualifier per season. A player who already holds an invitation to the National Championship tournament may not participate in any Regional Qualifier or Open Qualifier tournaments.

Invitation qualifications

The Japanese National Championship invitation list is made up of the following:


  • 2007 Pro Player of the Year
  • 2007 National Champion
  • Members of the 2007 National Team, including alternate
  • The top finishers of each Regional Qualifier tournament (see the Japanese Regional Qualifier page for details).
  • All Japanese players with Level 2 or higher standing in the Pro Player's Club as of September 17, 2008.
  • The Top 100 DCI Composite ranked Japanese players who were previously uninvited. DCI Composite invitations are based on the ratings published June 25, 2008.

For a list of qualified players, please access the following link. This list will be updated regularly.
2008 Japan National Championship Qualified Players.


Entry into the Japanese National Championship is free. Players holding an invitation are required to check-in and complete player registration on Friday, September 19 between 8:30 and 9:45 on-site. Qualified players failing to register by the stipulated deadline will have their invitation rescinded. (Note: Registration time was previously announced as 8:30-10:00. This has been changed to accommodate the tournament schedule.)

Players are required to produce documentary proof of Japanese citizenship or permanent resident status (e.g. an identity card, passport, etc.) during player registration for verification of eligibility. Regional Qualifier winners who have earned travel awards will be able to collect their award at registration.

Format and Schedule

All Universal Tournament Rules and Magic: The Gathering Floor Rules are in effect for this event unless specifically overruled by information in this Format Document. For more information on tournament rules, see the DCI Rules Document page.



  • Standard Constructed and Booster Draft
  • Day 1 Booster Draft shall consist of 2 Lorwyn and 1 Morningtide boosters. Day 2 Booster Draft shall consist of 2 Shadowmoor and 1 Eventide boosters.
  • Decklists are required.

Tournament Length


  • Day 1 will consist of 3 rounds of Standard followed by 4 rounds of Booster Draft.
  • Day 2 will consist of 3 rounds of Booster Draft followed by 4 rounds of Standard Constructed.
  • Each round is 60 minutes long.



  • All players may participate in all Swiss rounds.
  • After Round 14, the Top 8 players will advance to Sunday's Top 8 single-elimination finals.

Top 8


  • Top 8 matches will be best 3 of 5.
  • The Top 8 will be Standard.
  • Between the Semi-Finals and Finals, there will be a playoff for 3rd and 4th place.
  • The Top 8 single-elimination finals have no time limit; however, players are expected to play at a reasonable pace and finish their matches within 90 minutes.



  • The Top 4 players receive invitations to the 2008 World Championships.



  • The Japan National Championship will be run at 40K, with a Professional Rules Enforcement Level.
  • Players are required to use the same Standard deck for Day 1, Day 2, and the Top 8.
  • Players must bring pen, paper, card sleeves, and appropriate counters.

Friday Schedule
8:30—Registration begins
10:00—Registration closes
10:00—Hall opens
10:05—Mandatory player meeting
10:15—3 rounds of Standard, followed by 4 rounds of Booster Draft

Saturday Schedule
9:00—Hall opens
9:15—Second Booster Draft begins. 3 rounds will be played, followed by 4 rounds of Standard

Sunday Schedule
9:00—Hall opens
9:30—Quarterfinal matches begin


All amounts are in USD

Place Prize Place Prize
1 $3,000 17 $100
2 $2,000 18 $100
3 $1,200 19 $100
4 $1,000 20 $100
5 $750 21 $100
6 $750 22 $100
7 $750 23 $100
8 $750 24 $100
9 $400 25 $100
10 $400 26 $100
11 $400 27 $100
12 $400 28 $100
13 $400 29 $100
14 $400 30 $100
15 $400 31 $100
16 $400 32 $100
  Total: $15,000

Ancillary Events


  • Open Qualifiers
  • Pro Tour—Berlin Qualifier
  • Grand Prix—Okayama Trial
  • Open Standard Tournament
  • Eight-person, on-demand tournaments
  • Artist signings

When: Thursday, September 18
Registration: Standard Qualifiers 9:30-15:30
Sealed Qualifiers 9:30-14:30
Entry Fee: Standard Qualifiers ¥1,500
Sealed Qualifiers ¥3,500
Format: Standard or Sealed. All Open Qualifiers will be run as 32-person 5-round single-elimination tournaments. The winner of each tournament will qualify for the National Championship.

Important Notice: The Open Qualifiers will be held at the Kawasaki-shi Kyouiku Bunka Kaikan (2-1-3 Fujimi, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, www.city.kawasaki.jp/88/88kyobun/home/index.htm), not at the Championship venue.

When: Saturday, September 20 (Top 8 will be played on Sunday)
Registration: September 20, 10:00-10:30. Participation is limited to the first 256 players.
Entry Fee: ¥2,000
Format: Lorwyn-Shadowmoor Block Constructed

The winner of the Qualifier tournament will receive an invitation and airfare to Pro Tour—Berlin, scheduled for October 31-November 2, 2008. Booster packs will also be awarded to top finishers.

When: Sunday, September 21
Registration: Sunday, September 21, 9:00-9:30. Registration is limited to the first 128 players.
Entry Fee: ¥3,000
Format: Shadowmoor Block Sealed Deck with Booster Draft
Prizes: The top finisher will receive a third-round bye at Grand Prix—Okayama (to be held November 22-23). Eventide booster packs will be awarded as additional prizes to top finishing players.

When: Sunday, September 21
Entry Fee: ¥1,000
Format: Standard Constructed
Registration: Sunday, September 21, 10:00-10:30. Registration is limited to the first 256 players.
Prizes: The winner of the Open Standard tournament will receive a special uncut sheet of Japanese Eventide rare cards, straight from the factory. The finalist will receive 36 boosters of Eventide. Eventide booster packs will be awarded to top finishing players.


  • Entry Fee/Constructed: ¥500
  • Entry Fee/Draft: ¥1,200


Contact Ron Foster, Japan Organized Play Manager, at ron.foster@wizards.com.

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