2009 Campeonato Nacional Puerto Rico

Posted in Feature on June 24, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

FirstLastInvitation SourceRegional DateRegional CityRegional Country
DaniloPrieto2008 National Championn/an/an/a
DaniloPrieto2008 National Teamn/an/an/a
PedroRodriguez2008 National Teamn/an/an/a
CHARLESVELAZQUEZ2008 National Teamn/an/an/a
JeanBaez2008 Alternaten/an/an/a
DaniloPrietoPro Club 2+n/an/an/a
PedroRodriguezPro Club 2+n/an/an/a
CHARLESVELAZQUEZPro Club 2+n/an/an/a
victorRosario LamourtTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
JuanRamírezTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
JosePabonTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
migueldiazTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
PedroRodriguezTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
AlexRodriguezTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
DaniloPrietoTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
jorgemunizTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
Gabriel ReinaldoNieves OrtízTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
JosueArroyoTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
LadikFernandezTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
GustavoColonTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
NizarKhalife IglesiasTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
JoseCuevasTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
CesarSotoTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
CHARLESVELAZQUEZTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
JeanBaezTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
FranciscoGonzalezTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
BraulioRiveraTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
Luis DelfinPrietoTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
ChristopherEstapaTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
SamuelAliceaTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
JoseRiveraTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
ObedSerranoTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
DavidSilenTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
RafaelRuizTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
AlbertoRuizTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
JorgeIramainTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
JavierVegaTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
DerekMoralesTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
YamilTañonTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
AmilcarCardonaTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
JecksanVegaTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
MichaelVelazquezTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
SauloRodriguezTop 35 Composite Ratingn/an/an/a
migueldiazTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
victorRosario LamourtTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JuanRamírezTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
PedroRodriguezTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JosePabonTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
GustavoColonTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Gabriel ReinaldoNieves OrtízTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
NizarKhalife IglesiasTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DaniloPrietoTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
FranciscoGonzalezTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
jorgemunizTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
CHARLESVELAZQUEZTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JoseRiveraTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
LadikFernandezTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JosueArroyoTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JoseCuevasTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
RafaelRuizTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AlexRodriguezTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Luis DelfinPrietoTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
CesarSotoTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ChristopherEstapaTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
SauloRodriguezTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ObedSerranoTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
YamilTañonTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MiguelAcostaTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
joelsotoTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MichaelVelazquezTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DavidSilenTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
BraulioRiveraTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JeanBaezTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AlbertoRuizTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JonathanCruzTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
NelsonLopezTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DerekMoralesTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AmilcarCardonaTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MiltonFigueroaTop 35 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JonathanCruzNational Qualifier4/19/2009San JuanPuerto Rico
MichaelVelazquezNational Qualifier4/19/2009San JuanPuerto Rico
EdwinOteroNational Qualifier4/19/2009San JuanPuerto Rico
YamilTañonNational Qualifier4/19/2009San JuanPuerto Rico
jorgemunizNational Qualifier4/19/2009San JuanPuerto Rico
Gabriel ReinaldoNieves OrtízNational Qualifier4/19/2009San JuanPuerto Rico
OsvaldofigueroaNational Qualifier4/19/2009San JuanPuerto Rico
BraulioRiveraNational Qualifier4/19/2009San JuanPuerto Rico
NelsonLopezNational Qualifier5/17/2009San JuanPuerto Rico
AndresPerezNational Qualifier5/17/2009San JuanPuerto Rico
JonathanPaezNational Qualifier5/17/2009San JuanPuerto Rico
JoezerMansoNational Qualifier5/17/2009San JuanPuerto Rico
IsmaelRamosNational Qualifier5/17/2009San JuanPuerto Rico
OscarFuentesNational Qualifier5/17/2009San JuanPuerto Rico
JosueArroyoNational Qualifier5/17/2009San JuanPuerto Rico
WalterCaraballoNational Qualifier5/17/2009San JuanPuerto Rico

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