2009 Great Britain National Championship

Posted in Feature on June 22, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Invitation List

NameQualified TotalQualified CompositeQualified Event
Randle, JonathanTotal RatingComposite RatingNational Champion
Murray, StephenTotal RatingComposite RatingNational Team
Kyriazis, Ioannis National Team
Davies, Russ National Team
Mcintyre, Graeme f.Total RatingComposite RatingDundee
Gardner, DanielTotal RatingComposite RatingIpswich
Edwards, MickTotal RatingComposite RatingLeeds
Buchanan, AndrewTotal RatingComposite RatingRichmond
Duignan, ThomasTotal RatingComposite RatingSheffield
Komanicky, VladimirTotal RatingComposite Rating
Ronaldson, BenTotal RatingComposite Rating
Lowe, MarkTotal RatingComposite Rating
Norris, PeteTotal RatingComposite Rating
Grant, DavidTotal RatingComposite Rating
Leeder, AndrewTotal RatingComposite Rating
Walker, StewartTotal RatingComposite Rating
West, NicholasTotal RatingComposite Rating
Sanders, BenjaminTotal RatingComposite Rating
Penman, DouglasTotal RatingComposite Rating
Jenkins, DanTotal RatingComposite Rating
Keen, JasonTotal RatingComposite Rating
Moore, RichardTotal RatingComposite Rating
Gomersall, SamTotal RatingComposite Rating
Harle, TomTotal RatingComposite Rating
barclay, bradleyTotal RatingComposite Rating
Harrold, ChristopherTotal RatingComposite Rating
Panara, BrunoTotal RatingComposite Rating
O'Neill, RichardTotal RatingComposite Rating
Fletcher, GeoffTotal RatingComposite Rating
Savage, JasonTotal RatingComposite Rating
Young, PaulTotal RatingComposite Rating
Gattolin, StefanoTotal RatingComposite Rating
Orsini Jones, MarcoTotal RatingComposite Rating
Barnett, AdamTotal RatingComposite Rating
Jones, CraigTotal RatingComposite Rating
Ross, EdwardTotal RatingComposite Rating
Tamburic, BojanTotal RatingComposite Rating
Rigby, NeilTotal RatingComposite Rating
Glenister, MarkTotal RatingComposite Rating
ross, JamieTotal RatingComposite Rating
McLachlan, PaulTotal RatingComposite Rating
Bain, IainTotal RatingComposite Rating
Moate, MatthewTotal RatingComposite Rating
Bland, RichardTotal RatingComposite Rating
Sajgalik, EduardoTotal RatingComposite Rating
Orsini Jones, MatteoTotal RatingComposite Rating
Burton, PaulTotal RatingComposite Rating
Marshall, SimonTotal RatingComposite Rating
Rossiter, ChristopherTotal RatingComposite Rating
Voisey, MarkTotal RatingComposite Rating
Lenoir, LaurentTotal RatingComposite Rating
Condon, ShaneTotal RatingComposite Rating
Prentice, DanielTotal RatingComposite Rating
Parker, SebastianTotal RatingComposite Rating
Beamish, GarethTotal RatingComposite Rating
andersson, TobyTotal RatingComposite Rating
Yendall, DavidTotal RatingComposite Rating
Mahrwald, ValentinTotal RatingComposite Rating
Lubarr, RobinTotal RatingComposite Rating
GYLES, MARKTotal RatingComposite Rating
Vincent, ChrisTotal Rating Altrincham
Tovell, JoshTotal Rating Ipswich
Light, MattTotal Rating Manchester
Hodges, SimonTotal Rating
Green, ChrisTotal Rating
Escritt, JamesTotal Rating
Hackett, JackTotal Rating
Dardaillon, RomanTotal Rating
Alexander, JonTotal Rating
Bouton, SimonTotal Rating
Copp, SimonTotal Rating
McIntosh, StephenTotal Rating
Kajala, KaisaTotal Rating
Short, TonyTotal Rating
Chooi, Yew VernTotal Rating
Parker, MattTotal Rating
Wagner, RobTotal Rating
Boyd, Gerard Composite RatingGlasgow
Cadwallader, Aaron Composite RatingGravesend
Doropoulos, Nick Composite RatingLeicester
Godfrey, Daniel Composite RatingSwansea
Clapton, Chris Composite Rating
Williams, Roy Composite Rating
Ball, David Composite Rating
Reeve, Thomas Composite Rating
Wright, Stuart Composite Rating
Grover, Charlie Composite Rating
Wagner, Rob Composite Rating
Southcott, Guy Composite Rating
Royde, Daniel Composite Rating
O'Keeffe, Simon Composite Rating
James, Nathaniel Composite Rating
Hecquet, Kevin Composite Rating
Dilly, Barry Composite Rating
Duke, Michael Composite Rating
Towsey, David Composite Rating
Mansfield, Jeremy Altrincham
Teasdale, Keir Altrincham
Maxwell, Michael Altrincham
Behean, Thomas Altrincham
Doughty, Matt R. Birmingham
SAMRA, MANVEER S. Birmingham
DAVIS, IAN Birmingham
Allingham, JAMES Birmingham
Harris, Paul D. Bristol
Stiles, David W. Bristol
Lee, Simon Bristol
Cooper, Steven J. Cambridge
Barnes, Gordon J. Cambridge
Mottram, Peter J. Cambridge
Naulls, Michael W. Cambridge
Lennox-Gordon, James Cardiff
Ruiz Martin, Daniel Cardiff
Christoffersen, Dane Cardiff
Down, Ian Cardiff
Pizzey, Lian Coventry
Richardson, Paul M. Coventry
Corwood, James Coventry
Reynolds, Matthew A. Coventry
Morrison, Andrew Dundee
Mcgregor, Martin P. Glasgow
Logan, William J. Glasgow
Clark, Nicholas A. Gravesend
Dun, Peter Gravesend
Wheeler, Tim Gravesend
Dawes, Laura M. Gravesend
Evans, Paul Gravesend
Barrett, Dan Gravesend
McGarrigle, James J. Gravesend
Plummer, Richard Ipswich
Dickinson, Philip Ipswich
Bresland, Noel P. Leeds
Davies, Christopher J. Leeds
Costello, Lee Leeds
Grafham, Darren V. Leicester
ingham, john a. Leicester
Mior, Danial Z. Leicester
Scoones, Ben Leicester
Kettle, Jack Leicester
Stocking, Chris J. London
Laudano, Paul London
Young, Paul London
Hensley, Carl D. London
Lovett, Nicholas A. London
Nonis, Paul London
Teng, Shifeng London
Lailey, Mark J. London
Ismail, Zulkifli London
Chilcott, James London
Stanjer, Robert London
Trindall, Matthew Manchester
Kasinski, Tomas Manchester
Stevenson, Craig Manchester
Pocock, Adam C. Manchester
Ling, Daniel Manchester
Bethwaite, Steven Newcastle
Smith, Richard T. Newcastle
Devine, Andrew Newcastle
Ritchie, James R. Newcastle
Fraser, Adrian Newcastle
Gallegos, Pablo Oxford
Elkin, Robert D. Oxford
Parker, Michael Oxford
Knight, Mark Oxford
Sabin, Luke J. Oxford
Fong, Raymond K. Oxford
Saita, Marcio M. Oxford
Bernstein, Steve Oxford
Atrill, Ian R. Plymouth
Hart, Richard A. Plymouth
Cain, Olly Plymouth
Squire, Gregory Reading
Bateman, Christian Reading
Ratcliffe, Miles D. Reading
Turford, Neil A. Reading
Wiltshire, Toby Richmond
Allan, Samuel Richmond
Dunn, William R. Richmond
Engiert, Grzegorz Sheffield
Readhead, Michael Sheffield
clarke, russell l. Sheffield
Martire, Roque O. Sheffield
Bullough, James E. Sheffield
Pirouet, Ian T. Southampton
Foster, James Southampton
Graziano, Nicolo Southampton
Baker, Thomas D. Southampton
Shepherd, Iain Southampton
Harvey, Dom Yeovil
Murphy, Paul N. Yeovil

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