2010 Community Cup Invitees Announced!

Posted in Feature on April 20, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Last year's inaugural Community Cup event was a smashing good time and a hard fought competition between the Community Team and the Wizards of the Coast Team. With the cries of "Multiball!!!" echoing the halls of the Wizards of the Coast corporate office, the Community Team eked out a victory and brought glory -- and a free Momir Basic tournament -- back to the MTGO players.

This year Wizards of the Coast will host the 2010 Community Cup between June 7 and June 11 and will once again feature a team of Magic Online community members battling against a team of Wizards employees in an attempt to win prizes for the entire MTGO community.

The nine Community Team members, six members of the community and three members of the Magic press have been selected for their contributions to the Magic community as a whole and we think they represent a great cross-section of Magic Online players.

Without further ado, here is your 2010 Community Team:

Community Members

  • Brad Nelson – Magic Online phenom, 2010 MOCS season III winner, and Channel Fireball contributor
  • Marin Baraba - MTGOAcademy founder and contributor
  • Joshua Claytor - PureMTGO editor and contributor
  • Callum Milne - Wizards of the Coast VCL
  • Victor Bloodgood - Magic Online community member
  • Joseph Hill - Magic Online community member

Press Members

Take time to congratulate this year's players, wish them luck, and help them build the best possible decks for the Community Team. With the Wizards Team out for revenge, they will need all the help they can get!

Stay tuned for more information in coming weeks, including what the Community Team is playing for and the Community Cup limited formats.

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