2010 Community Cup Limited Formats!

Posted in Feature on May 8, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

The 2010 Community Cup is just about a month away and we thought it was high time to share the Community Cup limited formats with everyone. For the draft format, we will polish off our artifacts and play Mirrodin block. For the sealed deck format, we will play Rise of the Eldrazi and summon some astral monstrosities to annihilate each other with, though we will incorporate a slight twist and preview our new sealed format.

And if you haven't checked out your Community Team profile yet, what are you waiting for? These nine players are putting their pride on the line for you, so take a minute to get to know them a little better. When you are done, head over to the Magic Online Group forum, wish them luck, and contribute to the various strategy discussions so you can help them win!

Oh… and if you need some incentive, how about this: If the Community Team wins, we will give everyone who contributes to any of the 2010 Community Cup threads in the MTGO group forums a free Mirrodin Block draft set, along with someplace to use it! That's right, free draft!

If—we mean when—the Community Team loses, however, fret not. Everyone who participates will still receive a free Sorrow's Path!

Don't forget to look out for additional content from your Community Team, like Brad and Ed.

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