2010 Grand Prix Schedule Announced

Posted in Feature on November 5, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Grand Prix

Whether you're a Friday Night Magic regular or a big name on the Pro Tour, Grand Prix provide an opportunity to join the Magic community, earn big prizes, take home a cool foil card, and be a part of the biggest Magic festival in your area!

The 2010 Grand Prix season features 18 stops across 12 different countries, highlighted by stops in Madrid, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Toronto, and Florence. Along with playing Magic next to hundreds of other players in your region, Grand Prix offer Pro Tour invitations to the top 16 finishers and a $30,000 prize purse. This season's schedule features Grand Prix located in the same region as each Pro Tour a week prior to the big event to make it easier for traveling players to combine both tournaments into one trip.

The first six Grand Prix of the year provide invitations to Pro Tour–San Juan (May 28-30). Kicking off the 2010 season is Grand Prix–Oakland, taking place one week before Pro Tour–San Diego to make for an easy GP-PT combination trip. Madrid, Kuala Lumpur, Yokohama, Brussels, and Houston round out the rest of the San Juan set of Grand Prix from February to April, featuring Extended, Legacy, and Standard formats.

The middle set of Grand Prix feeds Pro Tour–Amsterdam (September 3-5) and runs from May to early August. Lyon, Washington D.C., Sendai, Manila, and Columbus host Grand Prix in this stretch, with the event in Washington D.C. the week before Pro Tour–San Juan for easier travel coordination. Formats in this set include "Prosper" Sealed Deck/Booster Draft, Standard, and Legacy.

The final set of Grand Prix in 2010 runs from late August to November and feeds the first Pro Tour of 2011 (date and site to be determined). All seven of these Grand Prix are Limited, split between Magic 2011 and "Lights". For travelers en route to Pro Tour–Amsterdam, stop over in Gothenburg, Sweden the week before to make it a two-week Magic adventure. Portland, Sydney, Toronto, Bochum, Nashville, and Florence round out the season.

Yours for participating, while supplies last.

Along with the excitement and big prizes of the Grand Prix, each of these weekends features all types of Magic activity. From Pro Tour Qualifiers and other major public events down to 8-man pick-up drafts, it's wall-to-wall Magic when a Grand Prix comes to your town. You can also meet prominent Magic artists at each Grand Prix and have them sign your cards for an unforgettable memento of your tournament experience. Plus, every participant in each Grand Prix receives a special foil promotional Umezawa's Jitte (while supplies last).

If you're excited about the Grand Prix season, it's never been easier to play the game, see the world—and take your shot at Pro Tour glory! Become a part of the Pro Tour community by joining the Pro Tour Facebook group and share your experiences traveling the world playing Magic with your friends.

For more information about Grand Prix, click here.

Complete 2010 Grand Prix Schedule

DatesCityCountryFormatFeeds PT
Feb. 13-14OaklandUSAExtendedSan Juan
Feb. 27-28MadridSpainLegacySan Juan
March 13-14Kuala LumpurMalaysiaStandardSan Juan
March 20-21YokohamaJapanExtendedSan Juan
March 27-28BrusselsBelgiumStandardSan Juan
April 3-4HoustonUSAExtendedSan Juan
May 8-9LyonFrance"Prosper" LimitedAmsterdam
May 22-23Washington D.C.USAStandardAmsterdam
June 5-6SendaiJapanStandardAmsterdam
June 12-13ManilaPhilippinesStandardAmsterdam
July 31-Aug. 1ColumbusUSALegacyAmsterdam
Aug. 28-29GothenburgSwedenM11 LimitedPT 2011 #1
Sept. 11-12PortlandUSAM11 LimitedPT 2011 #1
Oct. 9-10SydneyAustralia"Lights" LimitedPT 2011 #1
Oct. 23-24TorontoCanada"Lights" LimitedPT 2011 #1
Oct. 30-31BochumGermany"Lights" LimitedPT 2011 #1
Nov. 20-21NashvilleUSA"Lights" LimitedPT 2011 #1
Nov. 27-28FlorenceItaly"Lights" LimitedPT 2011 #1

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