2010 National Championship Invitations

Posted in Feature on June 17, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Guatemala Nationals Invitation list comprises the following:

  • The current Guatemala National Champion and members of the current Guatemala national team (including alternate).
  • Players from Guatemala with Pro Tour Players Club level 2 or higher.
  • Winners of invitations through National Qualifiers.
  • Winners of invitations through Guatemala National Open tournaments (“grinders”).
  • The Top 20 DCI Total–ranked players from Guatemala on June 2, 2010.

All players on the list below are already qualified for Guatemala Nationals and are not permitted to play in Guatemala National Qualifiers and/or Guatemala Nationals Open Events (“Grinders”).

FirstLastInvitation SourceRegional DateRegional CityRegional Country
MarianoLemus HernándezGuatemala Teamn/an/an/a
Ránfil DavidVelasquez FuentesGuatemala Teamn/an/an/a
OscarPerdomoGuatemala Teamn/an/an/a
Mariano JoseLemus HernándezPro Club 2+n/an/an/a
RigobertoCastellán RoblesTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
CarlosArellanoTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Marco Rolandode Le__n SochTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Jeersson ArturoSoch. C.Top 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JuanLemusTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Carlos EmilioHastedtTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Mariano JoseLemus HernándezTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
HeinzRottmannTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Christopher AndresVirula MartinezTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JuanRizoTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Carlos AlbertoArriaza GarciaTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Javier EstuardoCastellán RoblesTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
José AntonioGámez PérezTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JuanArellanoTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
HerbertMenegazzoTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Fernando JoseJuarez OlivaTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
OttoOrtizTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
WilfredoBojorquezTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JoseMoralesTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Manuel VladimirOrellana MoralesTop 20 Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JuanLemusNational Qualifier3/27/2010Guatemala CityGuatemala
JosueMendezNational Qualifier3/27/2010Guatemala CityGuatemala
Daniel EstuardoPoitevin ReinhardtNational Qualifier3/27/2010Guatemala CityGuatemala
GiovanniQuiñonezNational Qualifier3/27/2010Guatemala CityGuatemala
WilfredoBojorquezNational Qualifier5/16/2010Guatemala CityGuatemala
MarioMurliNational Qualifier5/16/2010Guatemala CityGuatemala
OttoOrtizNational Qualifier5/16/2010Guatemala CityGuatemala
Carlos VinicioSosa MoralesNational Qualifier5/16/2010Guatemala CityGuatemala

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