2011 Austria National Championship

Posted in Feature on April 23, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

First Last Reason
Benjamin Bannwinkler Wien
Arved Bartuska Wien
Simon Berger Salzburg
Richard Berze Graz, Rating
Armin Birner Rating
Daniel Boettcher Linz
Michael Brandtner Rating
Emanuel Burtscher Rating
Vijay Chand ÖM 2010
Wuy Chea Linz
Nikolaus Eigner Rating, Pro Club, ÖM 2010
Herbert Engleitner Rating
Harald Fellner Rating
Markus Ferner Salzburg
Sebastian Fiala-Ibitz Linz
Sven Fischer Wien
Christian Gawrilowicz Pro Club, amtierender Staatsmeister
Simon Grünauer Pro Club, ÖM 2010
Ronald Guetl Graz
lucas hammerer Rating
Valentin Hauser Rating
Stefan Heigerer Salzburg
Thomas Holzinger Salzburg, Rating
Stefan Humer Salzburg
Marco Jandrasits Graz
Marcel Janzer Linz
Markus Joebstl Rating
Robert Keglevic Rating
Stephan Keller Linz
Florian Kirchbacher Salzburg
Benedikt Klauser Rating
Stefan Kogler Linz
Benjamin Kölz Rating
Benjamin Lamprecht Rating
Bernhard Lehner Wien, Rating
Lukas Leitinger Linz
Benjamin Leitner Wien
Gerald Leitzinger Rating, Pro Club
Mark Loh Salzburg, Rating
Valentin Mackl Wien
Stefan Masznitz Rating
Christian Mauhart Rating
Lukas Mittendorfer Rating
Marc Mühlböck Graz, Rating
Emanuell Müller Wien
Lukas Pfeffer Rating
Oliver Polak-Rottmann Wien
Patrick Portele Wien
Florian Preusche Wien
Thomas Preyer Wien
David Reitbauer Rating, Pro Club
armin reiter Wien
Micha Reiter Linz
Mario Riegerbauer Wien
Markus Rohrer Rating
Benjamin Rozhon Salzburg, Rating
Sebastian Saulacher Wien
Emanuel Schleinzer Wien
gabriel schrotter Salzburg
Stephan Sorta Wien
Bojan Stanic Salzburg
stefan Steiner Rating
Stefan Stradner Rating
Thomas Stückler Rating
Philipp Summereder Rating
Helmut Summersberger Salzburg, Rating
Manuel Weil Rating
Dominik Wieser Rating
Peter Wimmer Salzburg
Christopher Wolf Rating, Pro Club
Mathias Wosner Rating

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