2011 Great Britain National Championship

Posted in Feature on July 6, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

Player First Name Player Last Name Invitation Reason Qualifier City Qualifier Date
Joseph Jackson 2010 National Champion N/A N/A
Jonathan Randle 2010 Alternate N/A N/A
Richard Bland 2010 National Team N/A N/A
Daniel Gardner 2010 National Team N/A N/A
Jon Alexander Qualifier Fraddon 3/19/2011
James Allingham Qualifier Southampton 3/19/2011
Rob Appleyard Qualifier Worcester 4/17/2011
Carl Atherton Qualifier Newcastle Upon Tyne 4/2/2011
Ian Atrill Qualifier Plymouth 3/27/2011
Mark Aylett Qualifier Reading 4/3/2011
Steve Bains Qualifier Reading 4/3/2011
Cyrus Bales Qualifier Southampton 3/19/2011
Nick Ball Qualifier Nottingham 4/3/2011
Matt Barnes Qualifier Reading 4/3/2011
Adam Barnett Qualifier Oxford 4/2/2011
Patrick Bateman Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Thomas Behean Qualifier Chesham 4/10/2011
David Bevan Qualifier Milton Keynes 4/9/2011
Mark Biddle Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Aaron Biddle Qualifier Beeston 4/9/2011
Adam Biltcliffe Qualifier London 4/16/2011
Dylan Black Qualifier Glasgow 3/20/2011
James Bowen Qualifier Nottingham 4/3/2011
MIKEY Brown Qualifier Chesham 4/10/2011
Gareth Brown Qualifier Portsmouth 4/10/2011
James Bullough Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Christopher Burden Qualifier London 4/16/2011
James Chilcott Qualifier Gravesend 3/27/2011
Joao Choca Qualifier Oxford 4/2/2011
Chris Clapton Qualifier Milton Keynes 4/9/2011
James Cleak Qualifier Oxford 4/2/2011
Richard Coates Qualifier Newcastle Upon Tyne 4/2/2011
Bryan Connolly Qualifier Nottingham 4/3/2011
Aaron Copping Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Andy Cullyer Qualifier Southampton 3/19/2011
Laura Dawes Qualifier Chesham 4/10/2011
Owen Debenham Qualifier Brighton 4/17/2011
Marios-Isidoros Doropoulos Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Nick Doropoulos Qualifier Huddersfield 4/9/2011
Thomas Duignan Qualifier Worcester 4/17/2011
Christian Dunn Qualifier Nottingham 4/3/2011
James Fawcett Qualifier Huddersfield 4/9/2011
Dominic Flannigan Qualifier Aldershot 4/16/2011
Joe Fletcher Qualifier Milton Keynes 4/9/2011
Joe Foster Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
James Foster Qualifier Southampton 3/19/2011
Adrian Fraser Qualifier Glasgow 3/20/2011
Ben Gamble Qualifier Beeston 4/9/2011
Martin Gerrish Qualifier Exeter 4/3/2011
Glenn Goldsworthy Qualifier London 4/9/2011
James Goode Qualifier Worcester 4/17/2011
Ken Green Qualifier Dundee 3/19/2011
Mark Greene Qualifier Dundee 3/19/2011
David Greenwood Qualifier Newcastle Upon Tyne 4/2/2011
Mark Griffiths Qualifier Huddersfield 4/9/2011
Jack Hackett Qualifier Cardiff 4/16/2011
Jonathan Hagan Qualifier Southampton 3/19/2011
Jamie Hannah Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Daniel Harborne Qualifier Milton Keynes 4/9/2011
Les Harvey Qualifier Exeter 4/3/2011
Francois Hauchard Qualifier Gravesend 3/27/2011
Tim Hazlehurst Qualifier Brighton 4/17/2011
Christopher Henshaw Qualifier Exeter 4/3/2011
Dan Hiscutt Qualifier Huddersfield 4/9/2011
Paul Hodgson Qualifier Gravesend 3/27/2011
Chris Hogg Qualifier Dundee 3/19/2011
Barry Horwood Qualifier London 4/16/2011
Lee Houldsworth Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Matthew House Qualifier Yeovil 3/27/2011
Jan Huang Qualifier Cambridge 4/9/2011
Matej Huang Qualifier London 4/16/2011
Edward Hughes Qualifier London 4/16/2011
Jonathan Isaacs Qualifier Glasgow 3/20/2011
John Jemmett Qualifier Exeter 4/3/2011
Ross Jenkins Qualifier Dundee 3/19/2011
Chris John Qualifier Cardiff 4/17/2011
Jack Kettle Qualifier Nottingham 4/3/2011
Mark Lailey Qualifier Oxford 4/2/2011
jack lambourne Qualifier Plymouth 3/27/2011
Wenjie Lee Qualifier Nottingham 4/3/2011
Matt Light Qualifier Beeston 4/9/2011
Timothy Lim Qualifier Southampton 3/19/2011
Quinton Lip Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Yin Low Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Louis Mackie Qualifier Surrey 4/2/2011
scott macpherson Qualifier Glasgow 3/20/2011
Tom Marsh Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Nick Masetti Qualifier London 4/9/2011
Andrew Mather Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Michael Maxwell Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Craig McKeegan Qualifier Plymouth 3/27/2011
Lewis McLeod Qualifier Plymouth 3/27/2011
Daniel Merritt Qualifier Huddersfield 4/9/2011
James Mills Qualifier Surrey 4/2/2011
Scott Mitchell Qualifier Fraddon 3/19/2011
Paul Nonis Qualifier Southampton 3/19/2011
Carrie Oliver Qualifier Chesham 4/10/2011
Matt Parker Qualifier Gravesend 3/27/2011
Michael Parker Qualifier Oxford 4/2/2011
RICHARD PARKER Qualifier Worcester 4/17/2011
Tim Pinder Qualifier Portsmouth 4/10/2011
Lee Purslow Qualifier Brighton 4/17/2011
Stuart Ravenshear Qualifier Dundee 3/19/2011
Thomas Rickarby Qualifier Bristol 4/10/2011
Mark Rickell Qualifier Yeovil 3/27/2011
Mark Riley Qualifier Huddersfield 4/9/2011
John Roberts Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
Joe Rodway Qualifier London 4/9/2011
Edward Ross Qualifier Dundee 3/19/2011
Andrew Rouse Qualifier Cardiff 4/16/2011
Jason Russell Qualifier Sheffield 3/19/2011
MANVEER Samra Qualifier Worcester 4/17/2011
Baljeet Samra Qualifier Worcester 4/17/2011
Benjamin Sanders Qualifier Cambridge 4/9/2011
Simon Saucet Qualifier Norwich 4/17/2011
Jason Savage Qualifier Southampton 3/19/2011
Owen Scarr Qualifier Cardiff 4/17/2011
Ben Scoones Qualifier Cambridge 4/9/2011
Mingrerk Setsompop Qualifier Portsmouth 4/10/2011
Jacob Shaw Qualifier Yeovil 3/27/2011
Alexander Shoemark Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Ross Silcock Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Graham Silver Ford Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Cameron Simmonds Qualifier London 4/16/2011
Daniel Sincock Qualifier Plymouth 3/27/2011
Lukasz Slowinski Qualifier Nottingham 4/3/2011
Rob Smyth Qualifier Cardiff 4/17/2011
Guy Southcott Qualifier Huddersfield 4/9/2011
Daniel Thomas Qualifier Huddersfield 4/9/2011
Bart£omiej Tomiczek Qualifier London 4/9/2011
Paul Tompsett Qualifier Norwich 4/17/2011
Simon Turner Qualifier Cardiff 4/16/2011
Chris Vincent Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Jake Wheatley Qualifier Bristol 4/10/2011
Ed Wilson Qualifier Manchester 3/26/2011
Nathan Yates Qualifier Aldershot 4/16/2011
Paul Young Qualifier Surrey 4/2/2011
Tony Adams Rating N/A N/A
Jon Alexander Rating N/A N/A
James Allingham Rating N/A N/A
Mark Aylett Rating N/A N/A
bradley barclay Rating N/A N/A
Adam Barnett Rating N/A N/A
Paul Beaver Rating N/A N/A
Kevin Blake Rating N/A N/A
Richard Bland Rating N/A N/A
Andrew Buchanan Rating N/A N/A
Aaron Cadwallader Rating N/A N/A
Jake Cannon Rating N/A N/A
Shane Condon Rating N/A N/A
James Corwood Rating N/A N/A
Simon Cox Rating N/A N/A
Carl Crook Rating N/A N/A
Andrew Devine Rating N/A N/A
Martin Dingler Rating N/A N/A
William Dunn Rating N/A N/A
Andrew Edwards Rating N/A N/A
Matthew Fisher Rating N/A N/A
Joe Fletcher Rating N/A N/A
Daniel Gardner Rating N/A N/A
David Grant Rating N/A N/A
Jonathan Hagan Rating N/A N/A
Richard Hagon Rating N/A N/A
David Hofmeyr Rating N/A N/A
Jan Huang Rating N/A N/A
Shuo Jiang Rating N/A N/A
Jason Keen Rating N/A N/A
John Keilloh Rating N/A N/A
Mark Knight Rating N/A N/A
Sam Kwang Rating N/A N/A
Ioannis Kyriazis Rating N/A N/A
Ben Lafferty Rating N/A N/A
jack lambourne Rating N/A N/A
Adam Lane Rating N/A N/A
Robin Lubarr Rating N/A N/A
Quentin Martin Rating N/A N/A
Andrew Mather Rating N/A N/A
Adam McHugh Rating N/A N/A
Graeme Mcintyre Rating N/A N/A
Lewis McLeod Rating N/A N/A
Jack Mitchell-Burns Rating N/A N/A
Richard Moore Rating N/A N/A
Andrew Morrison Rating N/A N/A
Peter Mottram Rating N/A N/A
Stephen Murray Rating N/A N/A
Pete Norris Rating N/A N/A
Marco Orsini Jones Rating N/A N/A
Matteo Orsini Jones Rating N/A N/A
Sebastian Parker Rating N/A N/A
Dominic Penton Rating N/A N/A
Chris Pymm Rating N/A N/A
Jonathan Randle Rating N/A N/A
Thomas Reeve Rating N/A N/A
Thom Richardson Rating N/A N/A
Neil Rigby Rating N/A N/A
Daniel Royde Rating N/A N/A
Eduardo Sajgalik Rating N/A N/A
Jason Savage Rating N/A N/A
Ben Scoones Rating N/A N/A
Nick Sephton Rating N/A N/A
Graeme Smith Rating N/A N/A
Richard Smith Rating N/A N/A
David Sutcliffe Rating N/A N/A
Nicholas Taylor Rating N/A N/A
James Thanangadan Rating N/A N/A
Mark Theobald Rating N/A N/A
Daniel Thomas Rating N/A N/A
John-James Watkins-Field Rating N/A N/A
Nicholas West Rating N/A N/A
Christopher Westerlund Rating N/A N/A
Roy Williams Rating N/A N/A
Stuart Wright Rating N/A N/A
Paul Young Rating N/A N/A

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