2011 National Championship Invitations

Posted in Feature on June 17, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Mexico Nationals Invitation list comprises the following:

  • The current Mexico National Champion and members of the current Mexico national team (including alternate).
  • Players from Mexico with Pro Tour Players Club level 2 or higher.
  • Winners of invitations through National Qualifiers (including Last Chance National Qualifiers or "Grinders")
  • The Top 75 DCI-ranked players in the DCI Total format on June 1, 2011. (These invitations will be awarded on June 1, 2011. Do not book travel until your invitation appears on this list.)

All players on the list below are already qualified for Mexico Nationals and are not permitted to play in Mexico National Qualifiers and/or Mexico Last Chance National Qualifiers ("Grinders").

FirstLastInvitation SourceNational Qualifier DateNational Qualifier CityNational Qualifier Country
MarioFlores2010 National Teamn/an/an/a
Christian AdairDelia Sánchez2010 National Teamn/an/an/a
AdadQuintero2010 National Teamn/an/an/a
MarioFloresPro Club Level 2+n/an/an/a
MarcelinoFreemanPro Club Level 2+n/an/an/a
GerardoGodinez EstradaPro Club Level 2+n/an/an/a
AdadQuinteroPro Club Level 2+n/an/an/a
LuisAngelesDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
VicenteRuiz CarreraDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
GerardoGodinez EstradaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
HumbertoRivera MoralesDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AlfredoDominguez RoldanDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MarioFloresDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
HectorAlonsoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Gustavo OmarMacias GalindoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
jose luisnolacea lopezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
emmanuelramirez sanchezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
FernandoAguilarDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AlfredoChavezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
FernandoDominguez RoldanDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Christian AdairDelia SánchezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
EdgarLunaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Juan SalvadorPratz MorenoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JULIO CESARCortes HernandezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JorgeValerioDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DavidHernandezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DiegoFresánDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
LouisHubertDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JoelDe Santos JassoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
EmilianoSanchezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
CristiamPadilla VargasDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DaliborTrnkaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
David FranciscoAudiffred AcevedoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AndreMussoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MarioFuentes LopezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JoseGaytanDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Carlos GuillermoMartinez SilhyDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Jose DavidMarzuca LozanoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
SalvadorUgaldeDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AntonioAlvaradoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JuanOrozcoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ZaidLoreaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
CristoYanezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Miguel AngelGamez MartinezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
RehuelResendizDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JoseMalpicaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
franciscolopezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
RobertoPedrero OrantesDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AlexanderSacalDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JorgeCerónDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
GabrielEspinosaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
OmarVallejoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Miguel AngelZuniga GarciaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
OswaldoCantoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JorgeMellado HerreraDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JasonFleurantDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JesusSolanoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
abrahamjimarez ugarteDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
RobertoQuinonesDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
HugoDiazDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JuanGomezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Luis FernandoGutierrez SaldateDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
UzzielVallejoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
FrancoCamposDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JavierLegspiDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
RomanCarrilloDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ArturoRuedasDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
ArturoTorresDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AngelGomezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
LuisRamosDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
AntonioNavaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
RamonVazquezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DanielCalderon PerezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
Archibal R.Sanchez PeraltaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
EduardoCaabeiroDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JesusAyalaDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
HéctorMuñozDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
LuisPichardoDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
VictorHernandezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
MarcelinoFreemanDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
CarlosAguilarDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
JhonatanJimenezDCI-Total Ratingn/an/an/a
DemianSolisRegional NQT - Top 164/9/2011Mexico CityMexico
AlexanderSacalRegional NQT - Top 164/9/2011Mexico CityMexico
Luis FernandoGutierrez SaldateRegional NQT - Top 164/9/2011Mexico CityMexico
aldooteguiRegional NQT - Top 164/9/2011Mexico CityMexico
Pedro DanielMendoza GutierrezRegional NQT - Top 164/9/2011Mexico CityMexico
AlexisSolis AlcocerRegional NQT - Top 164/9/2011Mexico CityMexico
HugoDiazRegional NQT - Top 164/9/2011Mexico CityMexico
AlvaroCarrillo ClapesRegional NQT - Top 164/9/2011Mexico CityMexico
RaulDiaz ChavezRegional NQT - Top 164/9/2011Mexico CityMexico
Miguel AngelGomez Tagle IslasRegional NQT - Top 164/9/2011Mexico CityMexico
DanielHernandezRegional NQT - Top 164/9/2011Mexico CityMexico
OscarCarreraRegional NQT - Top 164/9/2011Mexico CityMexico
JorgePadiernaRegional NQT - Top 164/9/2011Mexico CityMexico
AlainGonzálezRegional NQT - Top 164/9/2011Mexico CityMexico
OmarzarzaRegional NQT - Top 164/9/2011Mexico CityMexico
RobertoDe La Torre OrtizRegional NQT - Top 164/9/2011Mexico CityMexico
IsaiasCantuRegional NQT - Top 124/10/2011MonterreyMexico
Lisandrode la GarzaRegional NQT - Top 124/10/2011MonterreyMexico
JorgeMellado HerreraRegional NQT - Top 124/10/2011MonterreyMexico
JuanVazquezRegional NQT - Top 124/10/2011MonterreyMexico
AdrianCaballeroRegional NQT - Top 124/10/2011MonterreyMexico
Juan PabloDe Anda GolzalezRegional NQT - Top 124/10/2011MonterreyMexico
RicardoOrdazRegional NQT - Top 124/10/2011MonterreyMexico
Jorge AlbertoOrdaz FariasRegional NQT - Top 124/10/2011MonterreyMexico
JORGE ULISESRODRIGUEZ DE LEONRegional NQT - Top 124/10/2011MonterreyMexico
RicardoGuerraRegional NQT - Top 124/10/2011MonterreyMexico
RubenGuzman De AndaRegional NQT - Top 124/10/2011MonterreyMexico
MiguelCasasaRegional NQT - Top 124/10/2011MonterreyMexico
MarcoGarcíaRegional NQT - Top 84/16/2011PueblaMexico
JorgeCerecedoRegional NQT - Top 84/16/2011PueblaMexico
JaimeSanchez OlmedoRegional NQT - Top 84/16/2011PueblaMexico
SergioRamírez MartínezRegional NQT - Top 84/16/2011PueblaMexico
Archibal R.Sanchez PeraltaRegional NQT - Top 84/16/2011PueblaMexico
AlejandroBerrielRegional NQT - Top 84/16/2011PueblaMexico
RobertoNoriega HerreraRegional NQT - Top 84/16/2011PueblaMexico
AmadizValleRegional NQT - Top 84/16/2011PueblaMexico
RafaelParra TrujilloRegional NQT - Top 84/16/2011QueretaroMexico
RamonVazquezRegional NQT - Top 84/16/2011QueretaroMexico
DiegoFresánRegional NQT - Top 84/16/2011QueretaroMexico
YonathanSuarezRegional NQT - Top 84/16/2011QueretaroMexico
Fco. FernandoGosch AcostaRegional NQT - Top 84/16/2011QueretaroMexico
abrahamperez ramirezRegional NQT - Top 84/16/2011QueretaroMexico
ArtemioAbrego CarrascoRegional NQT - Top 84/16/2011QueretaroMexico
AntonioRodriguezRegional NQT - Top 84/16/2011QueretaroMexico
RodrigoPadilla SantiagoRegional NQT - Top 124/30/2011GuadalajaraMexico
GualbertoPerezRegional NQT - Top 124/30/2011GuadalajaraMexico
RobertoOrozcoRegional NQT - Top 124/30/2011GuadalajaraMexico
Julio CesarTorresRegional NQT - Top 124/30/2011GuadalajaraMexico
Juan EnriqueGomez SalazarRegional NQT - Top 124/30/2011GuadalajaraMexico
javiernavarroRegional NQT - Top 124/30/2011GuadalajaraMexico
JavierLegspiRegional NQT - Top 124/30/2011GuadalajaraMexico
alfredozunigaRegional NQT - Top 124/30/2011GuadalajaraMexico
OscarRuizRegional NQT - Top 124/30/2011GuadalajaraMexico
VictorLopez MezaRegional NQT - Top 124/30/2011GuadalajaraMexico
DiegoLopezRegional NQT - Top 124/30/2011GuadalajaraMexico
Julio CesarDel RioRegional NQT - Top 124/30/2011GuadalajaraMexico
jovannycruzNQT - Top 25/21/2011Mexico CityMexico
CarlosOrtegaNQT - Top 25/21/2011Mexico CityMexico
MarioDiazNQT - Top 25/21/2011México CityMexico
AlejandroRivera MaldonadoNQT - Top 25/21/2011México CityMexico
AlejandroDe La LozaNQT - Top 25/21/2011México CityMexico
AxelMartinezNQT - Top 25/21/2011México CityMexico
javiercorderoNQT - Top 25/21/2011MonterreyMexico
Javier de JesúsCastro LandaverdeNQT - Top 25/21/2011MonterreyMexico
Diego ArmandoArana CruzNQT - Top 25/21/2011VillahermosaMexico
AlejandroCastilloNQT - Top 25/21/2011VillahermosaMexico
TonatiuhBarahona SanchezNQT - Top 25/22/2011Benito JuarezMexico
CarlosRojasNQT - Top 25/22/2011Benito JuarezMexico
Jorge ErnestoPadilla ChinasNQT - Top 25/22/2011GuadalajaraMexico
ChristianRuiz DiazNQT - Top 25/22/2011GuadalajaraMexico
RaymundoCarrilloNQT - Top 25/22/2011TorreónMexico
BernardDeolarteNQT - Top 25/22/2011TorreónMexico

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