2011 National Championship Invitations

Posted in Feature on June 27, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

Ireland Nationals Invitation list comprises the following:

  • The current Ireland National Champion and members of the current Ireland national team (including alternate).
  • Players from Ireland with Pro Tour Players Club level 2 or higher.
  • Winners of invitations through National Qualifiers (including Last Chance National Qualifiers or "Grinders")
  • The Top 35 DCI-ranked players in the DCI Total format on June 1, 2011. (These invitations will be awarded on June 1, 2011. Do not book travel until your invitation appears on this list.)

All players on the list below are already qualified for Ireland Nationals and are not permitted to play in Ireland National Qualifiers and/or Ireland Last Chance National Qualifiers ("Grinders").

Player First Name Player Last Name Invitation Reason Qualifier City Qualifier Date
Chris Black 2010 National Champion
Simon Carmichael 2010 National Team
Stephen Pashley 2010 National Team
Michael Ahearne Qualifier Carlow 4/10/2011
Dara Butler Qualifier Dublin 4/17/2011
Desmond James Carson Qualifier Belfast 4/3/2011
Conor Charlton Qualifier Belfast 4/24/2011
Robert Colton Qualifier Carlow 4/10/2011
Dean Convery Qualifier Belfast 4/3/2011
Ryan Creaney Qualifier Belfast 4/3/2011
Gergely Cumascsy Qualifier Carlow 4/10/2011
Ken Curran Qualifier Dublin 4/17/2011
Niall Dalton Qualifier Cork 4/16/2011
Fergus Deffely Qualifier Galway 4/23/2011
Declan Doherty Qualifier Belfast 4/3/2011
Matthew Doodes Qualifier Galway 4/23/2011
Jonathan Doogue Qualifier Carlow 4/10/2011
Szymon Dziedziel Qualifier Carlow 4/10/2011
Darran Fahy Qualifier Cork 4/16/2011
Eoghan Farrell Qualifier Dublin 5/1/2011
Robert Fitzgerald-bellone Qualifier Galway 4/23/2011
Jan Gabor Qualifier Dublin 4/17/2011
Daniel Gallagher Qualifier Galway 4/23/2011
Daniel Gilligan Qualifier Dublin 5/1/2011
Andrew Gow Qualifier Galway 4/23/2011
Niall Graham Qualifier Belfast 4/3/2011
Thomas Hartery Qualifier Carlow 4/10/2011
Cian Hinds Qualifier Cork 4/16/2011
Stephen Hollywood Qualifier Belfast 4/24/2011
Conor Holmes Qualifier Belfast 4/3/2011
Martin Kenny Qualifier Dublin 4/17/2011
Kelvin Koh Qualifier Dublin 4/17/2011
Patrick Lawlor Qualifier Dublin 4/17/2011
Earl Ledsman Qualifier Cork 4/16/2011
Darragh Long Qualifier Cork 4/16/2011
Fergus Looney Qualifier Dublin 4/17/2011
Nuno Lopes Qualifier Cork 4/16/2011
Jake Lowndes Qualifier Dublin 5/1/2011
Isaac Mahon Qualifier Carlow 4/10/2011
Jason Martin Qualifier Dublin 5/1/2011
David Martin Qualifier Dublin 5/1/2011
Patrick Mc Donagh Qualifier Dublin 5/1/2011
Gregory McCausland Qualifier Belfast 4/3/2011
Darrell McDowell Qualifier Belfast 4/24/2011
Mark McGovern Qualifier Carlow 4/10/2011
Matthew Mcgowan Qualifier Galway 4/23/2011
Emma Mckinley Qualifier Belfast 4/24/2011
Gavin McLeese Qualifier Belfast 4/24/2011
Gareth Middleton Qualifier Belfast 4/3/2011
Ryan Morgan Qualifier Belfast 4/3/2011
Eoin Mullally Qualifier Dublin 4/17/2011
Sean Og Murphy Qualifier Cork 4/16/2011
tadhg Murphy Qualifier Cork 4/16/2011
David Murphy Qualifier Dublin 5/1/2011
Bevan Nolan Qualifier Dublin 4/17/2011
Maciej Nowak Qualifier Carlow 4/10/2011
AODHIAN O'LEARY Qualifier Cork 4/16/2011
Robert Parnell Qualifier Galway 4/23/2011
Declan Pierce Qualifier Dublin 5/1/2011
Sam Power Qualifier Dublin 5/1/2011
P.j Reid Qualifier Dublin 5/1/2011
David Robinson Qualifier Belfast 4/24/2011
kevin rodgers Qualifier Belfast 4/24/2011
Stephen Roughan Qualifier Galway 4/23/2011
Marcin Sciesinski Qualifier Carlow 4/10/2011
Chris Smith Qualifier Dublin 4/17/2011
Martin Stephens Qualifier Galway 4/23/2011
Steven Thompson Qualifier Belfast 4/24/2011
Jason Thorne Qualifier Cork 4/16/2011
David Tuite Qualifier Galway 4/23/2011
Ian Walker Qualifier Belfast 4/24/2011
Alan Warnock Qualifier Belfast 4/3/2011
Philip Warnock Qualifier Belfast 4/24/2011
Sumae Aoyame Ratings - Ireland
Matthew Barrett Ratings - Ireland
Oliver Bird Ratings - Ireland
John Bradfield Ratings - Ireland
Eoin Brosnan Ratings - Ireland
Dara Butler Ratings - Ireland
Brian Caball Ratings - Ireland
Gareth Cosgrave Ratings - Ireland
Ken Curran Ratings - Ireland
Sean FitzGerald Ratings - Ireland
James Fitzsimons Ratings - Ireland
Jan Gabor Ratings - Ireland
Colm Goode Ratings - Ireland
Cian Hinds Ratings - Ireland
Martin Kenny Ratings - Ireland
Brian Kidney Ratings - Ireland
Patrick Lawlor Ratings - Ireland
Darragh Long Ratings - Ireland
Fergus Looney Ratings - Ireland
Alan Meaney Ratings - Ireland
Abel Meijberg Ratings - Ireland
eddie mucha Ratings - Ireland
Eoin Mullally Ratings - Ireland
Sean Og Murphy Ratings - Ireland
tadhg Murphy Ratings - Ireland
Donal Murray Ratings - Ireland
Gerard Norton Ratings - Ireland
Johan Peersman Ratings - Ireland
Ben Rhys-davies Ratings - Ireland
Stephen Roughan Ratings - Ireland
Stewart Shinkins Ratings - Ireland
Cormac Smith Ratings - Ireland
Chris Smith Ratings - Ireland
John Twomey Ratings - Ireland
Diarmuid Verrier Ratings - Ireland
Adam Alexander Ratings - Northern Ireland
Desmond James Carson Ratings - Northern Ireland
Christopher Dodds Ratings - Northern Ireland
Adrian Donnelly Ratings - Northern Ireland
Conor Holmes Ratings - Northern Ireland
John Malanaphy Ratings - Northern Ireland
Gregory McCausland Ratings - Northern Ireland
Gareth Middleton Ratings - Northern Ireland
David Robinson Ratings - Northern Ireland
Alan Warnock Ratings - Northern Ireland

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