2011 New Zealand National Championship Public Events

Posted in Feature on May 13, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Friday 29th July

Nationals Last Chance Qualifiers

If you haven't qualified for Nationals this is the last chance! All day Friday both Standard constructed (running all day) and Sealed deck events (start times below) will run with each winner receiving prizes and entry to New Zealand Nationals the following day. These events are open to anyone and you can play in multiple qualifiers till you succeed.

Start Time from 10am till late
Entry $20 (Standard Constructed)

Start Times 11am, 1pm and 3pm
$45 (Sealed Deck)

Prizes 1st NZ Nationals entry and 24 boosters
2nd 24 boosters

Super FNM

Already qualified? Keen to get in a bit of drafting before Nationals? Or are you just keen to get this months FNM card? Welcome to Super Friday Night Magic! This event is a booster draft FNM event. Anyone can enter and everyone will take home a prize.
Start Time 6pm
Entry $25 (Booster Draft)
Prizes (per pod)
1st Older Four FNM Foil cards
2nd Two Older FNM Foil cards
3rd - 4th One Older Foil FNM card
Plus booster prizes for top finishers.
Plus every player will receive a copy of this month's latest FNM card.

New Zealand Nationals Legacy Challenge

Legacy has exploded in the last few years and is now the most popular Eternal format. So dust off those Force of Will, Dark Confidant and Lord of Atlantis. It's a great format that rewards deck building and a lets you play with a massive pool of cards.
Start Time 7pm
Entry $20 (Legacy Constructed)
Prizes Booster Prizes

Saturday 30th July

Cantrip Games Open Standard Challenge

Not qualified for Nationals? Then join us for the Cantrip Games Open Standard Challenge. Pick up your best standard deck and duke it out for Planeswalker supremacy. First place will take home a full box of boosters as well as Junior and Senior prize divisions.
Start Time 10am
Entry $20 (Standard Constructed)
1st Place One booster box
Additional prizes of Limited edition foils and Booster packs

Iron Man Two-Headed Giant

Ever been so frustrated you wanted to rip up your Cards? Or even your opponent's cards? Welcome to the Iron Man format. Iron man has two simple rules, if a card goes to your graveyard it gets ripped up, yours and your opponents! And the winner of each match keeps the losers cards.
This event will give you the chance to do this, using old magic boosters you will no longer need to keep your cards mint! This event will be run using the two-headed giant format so find a mate and prepare to do some damage.
Start Time 3pm
Entry $30 per team (Two-Headed Giant Sealed)
Prizes Booster packs for all players

GP Trial Brisbane

This year the Grand Prix circuit returns to Brisbane, Australia on the 15th-16th of October for two action packed days of card slinging and Planeswalking. This standard event will be one of your first chances to qualify for three byes at the main event. If you're not familiar with this it means the winner will start off their GP Brisbane experience at 3-0 without playing a single card. So pick up your standard deck and battle it out for a great head start at this year's Australasian Grand Prix.
Start Time 5pm
Entry $20 (Standard Constructed)
1st Prize 3 Byes at Grand Prix Brisbane
Booster packs for top finishers.

King of Cards Commander Challenge

This Nationals King of Cards and Cantrip Games is proud to present The Commander challenge tournament. Commander is the multiplayer format of choice for New Zealanders and is played country wide. So sleeve up your favorite legendary creature for your Commander and prepare to take on the 100 card format. This event will be a multiplayer format. Each round you will gain points for Victory, Sportsmanship, deck and General.
Start Time 6pm
Entry Fee $10 (EDH Constructed)
Prizes will include foils, Commander decks and deck boxes.

Sunday 31th July

Pro-Tour Qualifier Philadelphia

Still want a chance to win big at Nationals? Well here is your chance to compete on the Magic the Gathering Pro-Tour. Welcome to the Pro-tour Qualifier. This is an open entry event that allows anybody to sling cards in the attempt to win entry to Pro-Tour Philadelphia. First prize is entry to the tour as well as return flights to Philadelphia, USA as well as booster prizes for top finishers.
Further details on this event will be release closer to the date.

Start Time 10am
Entry fee $25
Prizes 1st Entry to the Pro-Tour Philadelphia and return flights to Philadelphia, USA
2nd One Booster box
3rd - 8th Booster prizes
All players will receive booster packs regardless of placing

Cantrip Game Duplicate Sealed Challenge

Join Cantrip Games foe a sealed deck experience with a difference. Each player will be provided with an identical sealed pool. The cards could be from any set in the history of magic and will test your sealed decks to the limit as you look for the optimum build. Get in for this one of a kind limited capacity event.

Entry Fee $15
Start Time 1pm
Prizes Booster packs and special edition foils

M12 Two-headed Giant Tournament

This Nationals Cantrip Games is proud to present this Two-Headed Giant Sealed deck tournament. M12 is the new core-set for Magic this year. So get your first chance to play M12 with your mates with the Two-Headed Giant format! Grab a friend and work out a team name and prepare to battle against other teams from around the country with your sealed deck skills!

Start time 5pm
Entry Fee $50 per team (Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck)
1st prize One M12 booster box
Additional Booster Pack prizes and Magic the Gathering supplies

On Demand Events (all weekend)

If you can't find an event the fits what you want we will be running a variety of on-demand events to cater for every player. We will schedule to run events every two hours from 10am for all formats on Saturday and Sunday.

Booster Draft
Bring your drafting skills with on demand booster drafts. Each event is an eight player draft with booster packs for prizes.
Format Booster Draft (M12 or Scars of Mirrodin block)
Entry $25
Prizes 1st Three Booster packs
2nd Two Booster packs
3rd One Booster pack

Standard Constructed
Bring your deck building skills and gauge the meta-game for some constructed powerplay. Each event will be an eight player three round Standard Constructed event with Booster packs for prizes.
Format Standard Constructed
Entry $10
Prizes 1st Three Boosters
2nd Two Boosters
3rd One Booster


Bring your best game and best General to the format. Each pod will run with four players and a booster is won for each opponent you eliminate.
Format Commander
Entry: $5
Prizes One booster for each opponent eliminated

Open Dueling

Brand new to the game? Don't quite have the cards to compete at Nationals? Then open dueling may be the option for you. Pick up anyone of the already constructed theme decks and an open dueling card and challenge your friends to duel. We will also have folks on hand to help you out
Entry: $25
Prizes Foil cards

For more information on any of the formats listed here please check the following link, Formats

For more information about New Zealand Nationals public events please contact Alan Hale at Cantrip Games: alan@cantripgames.co.nz.

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