2011 South Africa National Championship

Posted in Feature on June 22, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Date: 27-28 August 2011
Event Location: Bernie’s Grill
Address: Bonaero Park Shopping Centre – Corner of Atlas and Geldenhuys Roads, Kempton Park, Johannesburg, South Africa


The Magic: the Gathering South Africa National Championship is an invitation-only event, open to citizens or permanent residents of South Africa who have won an invitation to Nationals through DCI ratings or from qualifying events such as National Qualifiers.

Registration times and locations

Location: Bernie’s Grill
Friday, 26 August: 12:00 to 18:00
Saturday, 27 August: 07:20 – 07:50


  • Standard (Magic 2012 will be Standard-tournament legal as of July 15, 2011) and Booster Draft
  • 3 Magic 2012 booster packs will be used for drafting
  • Deck lists are required
  • Check the Magic Tournament Rules for Standard and Booster Draft format rules. The Magic Tournament Rules can be found here

Tournament Length

  • Day 1 will consist of 3 rounds of Standard, 3 rounds of Booster Draft, followed by the second draft and 1 round of Swiss play.
  • Day 2 will consist of 2 rounds of Booster Draft, 3 rounds of Standard, and the Top 8 finals.
  • 12 Swiss Rounds total, 60 minutes per round
  • Top 8 single-elimination finals have no time limit; however, players are expected to play at a reasonable pace and finish their matches within 90 minutes.


  • All players may participate in all Swiss rounds
  • After round 12 the top 8 players advance to the top 8 single-elimination finals

Top 8

  • Standard format
  • Losers of the semi-final matches will playoff to determine 3rd place.


  • The Top 4 players receive invitations to the 2011 World Championships.
  • The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place players will form the National Team. The 4th Place player will be the alternate.


  • 40K, REL Competitive
  • Players are required to use the same Standard deck for day 1, day 2, and Top 8.
  • The Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules and the Magic: The Gathering Infraction Procedure Guide are in effect for this event unless specifically overruled by information in this Format Document.


Saturday: Start of play 08:00
Sunday: Start of Play 08:00


Tickets for National Team and Alternate to Magic the Gathering World Championships in San Francisco November 17 -20 2011

Product Prize support to be allocated per attendance.

Pro Points table:

PlacePro Points

Contact information

Tournament Organiser: Grant Charlton
Telephone: +27828237199
Email: gracrom@icon.co.za

Head Judge: Savvas Themistocleous
Email: savvas@imaginet.co.za

Distributor Representative: Treveshan Pather
Email: treveshan@blowfishentertainment.co.za

Website: http://www.magicsa.co.za

Public Events

Grinders – Friday, 26 August

Standard Grinder 4 people qualify
Time: 10:30 start
Price: R50

Draft Grinder
Time: Start at 10:30 and will be run until 4pm for last start time
Price: R120

There will be a full schedule of side events running the whole weekend. Included will be Legacy and Multi-player events. Stock will be available for booster drafts! Watch http://www.magicsa.co.za closer to the time for full details.

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