2012 Magic Online Community Cup Nominations Begin!

Posted in Feature on July 26, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

As the days start to get shorter and the nights begin to get longer, Wizards of the Coast employees feel a change coming. For too long they have felt the agony of defeat by the hands of the Community Team and are no longer willing to accept it. This year's Community Cup will Return to Ravnica and there, in the darkest corner of "The Pit," the Wizards of the Coast team will be waiting. What does that mean exactly? It means you can expect to see Guilds, Events, and other surprises based on our fall release: Return to Ravnica! They will be choosing different Guilds, devising strategies and epic decks that will make the Community Team wish they never returned to Ravnica. Don't worry, though, the Community Team will also get to choose Guilds… not that it will give them a fighting chance.

If you've never heard of it, the Community Cup is a way for the Magic Online team to thank a handful of dedicated community members for their commitment and contribution to Magic Online. How? We fly them all the way out to the Wizards of the Coast in Renton, WA, and challenge them to several rounds of Magic Online for the right to claim the Erik "Hamtastic" Friborg Memorial Trophy. Not only is pride at stake, because let's face it, which Community Team wants to be the first team to ever lose against Wizards?, but so is a special reward for the Magic Online Community - at least for those who participate in games during the event.

We're not ready to share this year's rewards quite yet, but know this: the Wizards employees know their way around every inch of Ravnica and are fully equipped to win this year's Community Cup.

Do you know someone who has what it takes to represent the community in this challenge? Think there's someone that you would like to champion? Well, this is the time to make your voice heard.

Submit your Community Cup player nominations now, as voting ends August 6th at 5:00 PM Pacific Time. We have simplified things this year. Make sure you're logged into the Wizards Community Site and then click this link. In the first field, type in the player's Magic Online user name you want to nominate. In the subject field, type Community Cup. In the question section, type anything else you want us to know about your nominee or feedback about the Community Cup. Once your form is filled out, simply hit the continue button. While Wizards of the Coast will ultimately make the final decision about who is invited to participate in the Community Cup, at its sole discretion, we want your input to help inform our decisions.

When nominating potential players, keep the following thoughts in mind:

  • What are the player's contributions to Magic Online while in the game? Creating and sustaining casual formats or helping New Players get started are all worthy actions for player nominations.
  • What is the player's contribution to the Magic Online Community outside of the game? Constant conversation in the forums, answering questions, and/or being proactive in the community have all helped previous players get selected.
  • What does this player do to help raise awareness for Magic Online? Game play articles on non-digital sites, draft videos, and/or Tweets about Magic Online are all great ways to expand public awareness about Magic Online, and make a player a strong nomination for the Community Cup.
  • How well will this player represent the community at the event? Is he or she a good sport or a win-at-all-costs type, does he or she advocate for the players as a whole, and/or how gracefully will he or she handle losing? (Because the Community Team will definitely be losing to the Wizards players!)

In addition, we have set up a thread in the forums so you can discuss what qualities you look for in your representatives. When posting, please remember to follow the Wizards Community Code of Conduct, as well as the other Wizards.com and Magic Online terms and conditions.

Voting made easy!

As you make your nominations, look at past players who have previously been invited to get an idea of what we are looking for. We've had a wide selection of players: format pioneers, VCLs, forum regulars, website managers, casual players, and pros. Magic Online players can come from all backgrounds and play styles, as it is this diversity in the community that this event celebrates.

Get to the forums, make your nominations, and make this community yours!

Stay tuned for more information, including the Community Cup dates, in the coming weeks!

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