2015 Community Cup

Posted in Feature on August 12, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

The Community Cup is coming back this year, taking place Sept. 19–20. Today we want to introduce you to our two teams. We will be releasing further information about the event, the formats, and more in the coming weeks.

This year, you might have noticed there wasn't a community vote to choose these guys and gals. Boo, right? But here's the thing. This list is chock full of awesome people, and after holding the Community Cup for years, we wanted to get some new and awesome blood in here to lose terribly to challenge the Wizards team. After we started brainstorming people to put on the list, we looked at our initial pass and thought "Wouldn't this be an awesome group to bring in?" And they are an awesome group. So we're bringing them in.

Without further ado, the Community Team:

Kenji Egashira

Kenji hails from Lynnwood, Washington, and has been playing Magic for over sixteen years. He returns to the Community team for the second time. You can follow him on Twitter at @NumottheNummy and watch his Twitch streams.

Joel Larsson

Joel is the Pro Tour Magic Origins Champion and a Platinum pro. Follow him on Twitter at @JoelLarsson1991.

Meghan Wolff and Maria Bartholdi

Hosts of the Magic the Amateuring podcast from Minneapolis! Both of these wonderful ladies will be part of our Community team. Follow them on Twitter @MtACast.

Gabe Reale

Also known as "SGDoc," Reale is a law student in New York City. He started playing Magic back with Mirage, and these days you can catch him streaming Magic on his Twitch channel. Follow his Twitter at @MtgoDoc.

Jimmy Wong

Living in LA, Jimmy Wong is a YouTuber and member of the Command Zone podcast. He started slinging spells back around Ice Age. Check out his channel and his Twitter.

Adam Styborski

Command Tower author, GatheringMagic content manager, and coverage writer. We are excited to have "The Stybs" joining the Community team this year. Follow him on Twitter @the_stybs.

Anthony D'Aconto aka "Wedge"

Host of The Mana Source on YouTube and on Twitch.

And then representing the Wizards Team, your lineup is:

  • Aaron Forsythe—Senior Director of R&D
  • Worth Wollpert—Director of Digital Product Management, Magic Online
  • Mike Turian—Digital Product Manager, Magic Online
  • Ryan Spain—Design Manager, Magic R&D
  • Alli Medwin—Editor, Magic R&D
  • Robert Schuster—Game Designer, Magic R&D
  • Sam Stoddard—Senior Game Designer, Magic R&D
  • Melissa DeTora—Associate Designer, Magic R&D

Look for more about the event and the competitors in the coming weeks! Until then, mark your calendars for Sept. 19–20 to tune in and watch!

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