Posted in Feature on January 14, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Ben Wienburg's Affinity

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In honor of the start of the Pro Tour Qualifier-Honolulu season, Daily Decks is bringing you some of the hottest Extended decks all week long! Former Grand Prix Top 8 competitor Ben Wienburg caught a "pre-season" PTQ for Honolulu at Worlds 2008, and managed to win with a deck many players had written off: Affinity. He made some dramatic innovations to the deck to get there, cutting longtime stalwart Thoughtcast for Ethersworn Canonist to keep up with Elves and Storm. The most interesting card from the list? Krark-Clan Shaman in the sideboard; it's a perfect means of turning Affinity's artifact lands into Wraths against Elves! To find an Extended PTQ for Honolulu near you, visit this link.

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