Posted in Feature on August 14, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Collector's Highlights

Check out the Preconstructed Decks section below to view the decklists for the two decks included with the Anthologies box set.

Game Features

  • Two themed preconstructed decks made up of cards from every Magic expansion and edition from the Alpha set to the Urza's Saga expansion.
  • Booklet describing the past, present, and future of Magic, with personal commentary from the progenitor himself, Richard Garfield.
  • Play With the Dream Team

    Recruit forces from across the scope of time. The Magic: The Gathering - Anthologies box set combines the might of two armies assembled from the wide range of Dominia's history. Relive the Magic TCG's past and revel in its present with the Anthologies box set.

    Get your hands on history.

    Famous Cards

    Future Sight Famous Card

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    Armageddon Erhnam Djinn Hypnotic Spectre Nevinyrrd's Disk

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