Armies in a Can

Posted in Feature on November 16, 2012

By Conley Woods

Back during the times of Five-Color Control and Faeries in Standard, White-Black Tokens was one of the top tier decks of the format. One of the reasons is that the deck has amazing topdecks. You might think of it as any other deck, with spells and lands available each draw step, which is true, but unlike other decks, Tokens has the ability to try multiple creatures with every draw step. This might not happen literally, but every Spectral Procession or Elspeth, Knight-Errant you draw is actually multiple bodies.

Intangible Virtue

Multiple bodies generally mean good things when you have Crusade effects, like Honor of the Pure, pumping every single one. Recently, Magic Online user MTGDanceBattle swept a Modern Daily Event using a rebooted version of the old Standard deck, now with a deeper card pool and therefore more powerful cards. The classics are here, with Spectral Procession, Cloudgoat Ranger, and Path to Exile all being on display, but the deck has acquired new tools as well.

Lingering Souls is obviously the best thing since sliced bread in this list and Intangible Virtue just puts your team through the roof. But the most interesting card in this list is not a new one, just a newly played one. Auriok Champion is quite interesting, as it lets you live against all of the opposing aggro decks, sometimes even climbing out of lethal range against a Storm deck. Also, Splinter Twin can't actually win while Auriok Champion sits in play unless it gets Zealous Conscripts online. This list could be attacking the metagame from a really neat place, so check it out!

MTGDanceBattle's WB Tokens

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