Artifact dragons

Posted in Feature on October 20, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Mirrodin's Clockwork Dragon is only the most recent member of an elite group: it is one of only four artifact creatures in Magic with the Dragon creature type. This illustrious gang of clanking lizards has been ravaging opponents' life totals since Mirage.

Illustrating an artifact dragon is an interesting challenge for an artist. How do you represent the creature's artifact nature while expressing the majestic and destructive power of a dragon? Today's Magic Arcana takes a close-up look at these four draconic automata in all their glory.

Teeka's DragonTeeka's Dragon from Mirage - Illus. Liz Danforth
TekTek from Invasion - Illus. Chippy
DracoDraco from Planeshift - Illus. Sam Wood
Clockwork DragonClockwork Dragon from Mirrodin - Illus. Arnie Swekel

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