Artistic Zombie Aristocrats

Posted in Feature on October 15, 2012

By Conley Woods

Well that was a mouthful, now wasn't it? For the past few months in Standard, we have seen an uprising (or rising, depending on your desired amount of zombie-themed lingo) of various Zombie strategies in Standard. There was a pretty big debate over whether blue or red was the best complement to black, which was widely agreed upon as the primary color. Geralf's Messenger wants the deck to be able to cast it on turn three, but you lose a lot of value when you stay mono-black.

Falkenrath Aristocrat

Luckily, with Return to Ravnica, there is now enough nonbasics that tap for black plus something else that not only can we play a two-color Zombies deck, but as Jonathan Delano will tell us, three colors is more than reasonable as well. In fact, it might end up becoming the preferred configuration! Jonathan dips into both the red and green portions of the color pie, but if you take a look at his mana base, there is not a single land that cannot cast a turn-three Geralf's Messenger!

Green offers the new kids on the block in both Lotleth Troll and Abrupt Decay—two cards that have already been given high praise by many people. Lotleth Troll specifically gives the deck a powerful two-drop it never had before. Discarding Gravecrawler for value is just such an awesome feeling. Meanwhile, red brings many of the same cards it always has, but more reliably these days. Falkenrath Aristocrat has always been enticing and all of the burn spells give the deck the reach it needs, including the burn-spell-on-a-stick in Hellrider.

Over the next few weeks, I expect various versions of Jund Zombies to be tried out until a more universally accepted list becomes established. One thing is for sure, though, Zombies are back, and they look pretty hungry!

Jonathan Delano's Jund Zombies

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