Ask Wizards: 03/06/2012

Posted in Feature on March 6, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast


After a long hiatus, we are bringing back Ask Wizards as our Tuesday Daily Activity. This means that if you have questions you'd like to ask us, you can email We won't be able to answer every question we receive, but if you ask a good question, you might see it here next week!

Harrison H. asks:

"I was wondering: How come there are never any Vintage Grand Prix events or opportunities to earn Pro Points playing Vintage? A lot of big name pros often talk about cool plays they've made in local Vintage events or cool interactions that come up, and it seems like they would support it, so how come Wizards never really even talks about it?"

Trick Jarrett answers:

Vintage is a tough nut to crack. It's the most prohibitive format to get into and as such it also has the smallest following. But the community it does have is vibrant and top notch. In talking to the folks at Organized Play, they made it clear there are no plans to bring Vintage to a Grand Prix-style event. Doing so is counter to our goals for Grand Prix events, which we want to be inclusive rather than exclusive.

We do run a Vintage World Championship every year at Gen Con, in August. The winner of this year's event will receive a framed alternative art for Timetwister. And it so happens we just got that art in. Here's the new art for Timetwister!

Timetwister | Art by Matt Stewart

And while it's less relevant to your question, here is the art for the Legacy World Championship winner: Brainstorm!

Brainstorm | Art by Chris Rahn

On Mark Rosewater's Tumblr, he answers questions almost every day. Here is one he answered last week from user ancient-chaos.

"Why was Garruk's frame hybrid and Ravager's gold?"

Garruk's frame was hybrid because it was very important to convey that he had been cursed and thus was now also black. A thin black pinline on half of a gold card just wasn't enough to communicate the major point of the card. Ravager of the Fells didn't change colors from its first side so it was clear what colors it was.

Normally, traditional multicolor cards have a gold frame. We made a special exception for Garruk due to the unique nature of double-faced cards, which don't have mana symbols on the back side to help visually communicate color.

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