Ask Wizards: 03/13/2012

Posted in Feature on March 13, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

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Steven Z. asks:

What is a plane? Is it the same as a planet? The Innistrad story, for example, seems to all take place in a very small area, perhaps the size of a small country. What is that plane like outside that area—if there's anything there at all?

Brady Dommermuth is here with an answer:

Thanks for your question, Steven! The Multiverse section of the Magic website states, "Most planes are spheres with an atmosphere and one or more suns and moons; they resemble planets. But there is no law of physics common to all planes of the Multiverse. Planes can be infinite expanses of matter, tiny specks of empty space, or logic-defying inversions of normal reality. A plane can contain an entire, sprawling universe or nothing at all." (I wrote that like six years ago—not quite Nicol Bolas-level anticipation of your question, but not too shabby.)

In the case of Innistrad in particular, you're right that it seems a smaller plane than most. The four provinces—Gavony, Nephalia, Kessig, and Stensia—all exist on one land mass. And even though that land mass is sizable, with many rivers, mountain ranges, forests, and moors, it's tempting to wonder what's beyond the horizon. When the humans of Innistrad look out to sea, however, they see a wall of mist beyond which lies the Nebelgast, a tide of geists no ship has ever been known to survive. Innistrad's galleons can venture out into the thinnest of these mists at low tide and skirt the shore from a set distance, but captains retreat to land before high tide lest they fall prey to the legions of marei (spirits of the drowned) and niblis (frost geists).

With demons and devils emerging from deep below Innistrad's surface, we clearly haven't yet seen every place in Innistrad. Until the Nebelgast is lifted, though, Innistrad's habitable space is bound on all sides.

Brian R. asks:

I have been trying to complete a collection of promotional cards and I have run into a slight problem. I have been unable to figure out what all eight of the judge promo cards from 2011 are. The cards are numbered x/8 but I have been unable to determine which card is 4/8. So, my questions are: Is there a 2011 judge promo card 4/8 and, if so, what is it and when will it be released? If there isn't or it won't be release, why not? What happened?

Eric Sorensen has this to say:

There was a card printed in slot 4/8. Shortly before it was going to be released, we discovered an issue with the card and had to pull it. It is unlikely this promo card will ever see the light of day. We have been working hard to make sure this won't happen again.

On March 8, Aaron Forsythe, Director of Magic's R&D, did an "AMA" on Reddit. An AMA is a Q&A facilitated through the Reddit website. In his AMA, Aaron answered almost forty questions on a variety of topics. Of those he answered, I asked him which he would like to have highlighted here. This was his answer.

Reddit user GyantSpyder asked:

What is it like to get older in the youth market gaming business? Do you ever feel social or emotional tension in not working for an industry that caters to older people? Has it affected how you think of yourself as an adult?

Aaron's answer was as follows:

I try not to think of myself as an adult. I enjoy childish things, like going to the zoo, playing Castle Crashers, and trolling people on Twitter. I don't think age is so much the problem as isolationism—getting too stuck in your ways by not interacting with customers and potential customers. So I try to get out and mix it up with people as much as my wife and kids will tolerate.

Read all of Aaron's answers on Reddit.

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