Ask Wizards: 04/03/2012

Posted in Feature on April 3, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

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Q: Are overseas stores getting Helvaults?
–Anthony W.

A: From Trick Jarrett, Editor for


This is not a regional promotion; we have coordinated with every region and the Helvaults are available around the world. It is possible your store did not register for one, but it absolutely had the opportunity to.

If you're going to be at the Prerelease, you definitely need to check with your store and see if it will let you preregister for the Helvault prerelease!

Q: What is the Pit's view of Modern this winter vs. Extended last winter?
–Andrea S.

A: From Erik Lauer, Magic R&D and Hall of Fame Member:

Modern was more successful.

In Extended, the top decks were Faeries, Caw-Blade, and Valakut. It wasn't very diverse. If you didn't enjoy those three strategies, it was very hard to find a fun, competitive deck.

In Modern, there are aggressive strategies such as Metalcraft and Zoo. There are pure combo decks such as Storm or Splinter Twin. There are aggressive control decks such as Caw-Blade or RUG. You can Ramp out big spells with the Urzatron, or go for a mid-speed board control with Jund. There are hybrid strategies such as Melira-Pod. You can go with a graveyard deck mixing Life from the Loam with the Retrace mechanic. There are a lot more competitive decks to choose from. That also means you tend to play against different decks more frequently, instead of facing down Faeries every round.

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