Ask Wizards: 05/08/2012

Posted in Feature on May 8, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

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Q: With the Pro Tour coming up, does the Wizards office become a ghost town?

Thomas L.

A: From Trick Jarrett, Editor in Chief for

Surprisingly, no! Wizards employs several hundred people here in Washington and only a fraction of them are going to the event. We send a handful of people to the Pro Tour, from the people in Organized Play who oversee and make the tourney run to myself and a handful of others who are there for coverage work and also some folks from R&D so they can see the cards used live on the big stage.

With the three-day web stream now, as we experienced with Pro Tour Dark Ascension, there is a definite hit to productivity as people gather to watch the stream.

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