Ask Wizards: 06/12/2012

Posted in Feature on June 12, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

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Q: MaRo has said on multiple occasions that everyone asks why the discard in Tibalt's +1 ability is random. What I would love to know is why it comes after the draw if you're trying to push the other order for red looting.

--Rhett Smith, Apparently more Melvin than realized

A: From Dave Humpherys, Lead Developer on Avacyn Restored

A primary reason that, in red, we've put the looting discard as part of the cost is to give it a more reckless feel. For example, you might get a worse card than you started with. This contrasts with traditional blue looting where, when the discard is in the effect, you can always discard your worst card. This feels more methodical and plotting, as you'd expect in blue.

As for Tibalt, the random discard accomplishes this goal of recklessness without putting the discard up front. We've done many cases of drawing or searching for cards with random discard on the same card. In nearly all cases, the cards are put in your hand before the random discard is done, which adds to the recklessness and excitement of how these cards play out. There were also balance considerations on a 2-mana Planeswalker, specifically not want to give too reliable a way of filtering through cards.

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