Ask Wizards: 07/03/2012

Posted in Feature on July 3, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

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Q: How does the exalted mechanic work with Geist of Saint Traft?


A: From Toby Elliot, Level 5 Magic Judge


Well! Assuming the Geist is attacking alone (initially), it will get the +1/+1 bonus no matter which order you stack the exalted and the Angel-making token abilities. That's because exalted checks for the attacking-alone condition only when it initially triggers, not when it resolves.

Q: If Wild Guess is the last card in my hand, can I cast it?

A: From the Magic 2013 FAQ

Because discarding a card is an additional cost, you can't cast Wild Guess if you have no other cards in hand.

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