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Posted in Feature on August 6, 2013

By Wizards of the Coast

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Q: Do the creative and design teams at Wizards have any inclination of ever revisiting Ulgrotha? —Julian P.

A: Mike McArtor, copyeditor for DailyMTG

Mark Rosewater gets asked about returning to various planes fairly frequently on his blog, which he usually answers with a question. Ulgrotha has come up more than once.

This question allows a nice segue into 20th Anniversary Week festivities because Mark starts off the last link with, "We have a lot of awesome planes..." I bring this up also because on the flavor side, there are a ton of great stories in Magic's twenty years of history. If you're interested in the flavorful aspects of the game, past and present, you might want to check out Doug Beyer's blog as well!

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