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Posted in Feature on November 26, 2013

By Wizards of the Coast

Ask Wizards is a weekly feature that allows you to ask us questions! If you'd like to submit your question please email it to We aren't able to answer every question we receive but if your question is good then it might show up in the coming weeks!

Q: I've attended many FMNs. Many other people in my region, Bankstown, also enjoy playing Magic. The problem is, there are no card shops and trading card centers. I would like to request that Wizards of The Coast should open a store near Bankstown. I know that many people play Magic and favor it. Thank you.—Henry

A: Rob Teirney, premier play manager:

Hi Henry,

Thanks for your note. We are delighted to hear you are enjoying Magic and about the positive effect it has had on your life. WPN stores are not run by Wizards but we certainly work very hard to support them! If you feel there is a big enough community in your immediate area to support a WPN store I would encourage you to find a retailer in your area who stocks Magic and speak to them about joining the WPN. Many stores would be delighted if a group of potential customers approached them. If there are no such stores, then comic book or "pop culture" stores are often also interested. In the first instance, they should contact the Australian Wizards office, who would be more than happy to discuss options with them. In the meantime, there are currently two excellent Advanced WPN locations within about 8 kilometers of Bankstown: Good Games Burwood and Good Games Hurstville. Both have great Magic programs featuring many events every week, from casual to competitive.

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