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Posted in Feature on February 4, 2014

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  Q: In the Drive to Work Theros podcasts, Mark Rosewater mentions that each of the gods' weapons have names. What are they? —Nicholas C.

A: Mike McArtor, copy editor for DailyMTG:

Heliod wields Khrusor, the Sun Spear. Thassa carries Dekella, the one-time prize at the center of a maze (see Part 1 and Part 2 of an Uncharted Realms story about it). Erebos's powerful whip is named Mastix. The hammer that Purphoros wields is named Akmon. Nylea carries the bow, Ephixis. You can learn more about the weapons borne by the gods (and the gods themselves) in the "Planeswalker's Guide to Theros, Part 1."

Of course, Born of the Gods releases this week, and you can learn more about Ephara, Karametra, Mogis, Phenax, and Xenagos with the "The Gods of Born of the Gods" and the set's trailer, as well.

The Uncharted Realms column is going to continue to tell more stories set in Theros (the plane). And Part 1 of Jenna Helland's Theros eBook, Godsend, releases April 22.

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