Ask Wizards: 7/22/2012

Posted in Feature on July 24, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

Ask Wizards is a weekly feature that allows you to ask us questions! If you'd like to submit your question please email it to We aren't able to answer every question we receive but if your question is good then it might show up in the coming weeks!

Q: I am liking the new wallpaper but I am missing my draft viewer. This was an interesting section where you get to look at how people drafted and I usually look forward to it every week, And now its been gone for two weeks is it cancelled or just on a hiatus for some reason?


A: From Trick Jarrett, Editor-in-Chief

The Draft Viewer has indeed been retired as a Daily Activity, you’ll still find it used in the event coverage for some Magic tournaments. We might bring it back at some point, but at least for now it’s gone.

Also for those who have noted the absence of the Draft Simulator, it is being revamped with Magic 2013 and we hope to have it back online in the next week or so.

Gideon's Lawkeeper

Q: If I declare a creature as attacking and tap it. May my opponent activate Gideon's Lawkeeper's ability in response, thus removing it from combat? Or can the creature not be targeted since it is already tapped and declared as attacking?



Activating Gideon's Lawkeeper's ability after you've declared attackers is legal, but not overly effective. It won't stop your creature from attacking and it won't remove it from combat. What your opponent can do is activate that ability during the Beginning of Combat step. This is before you declare attackers, so tapping your creature then will stop it from attacking.

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