Ask Wizards: 8/21/2012

Posted in Feature on August 21, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

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Q: I heard that the GP Schedule for next year had been announced but I can't find it, where is it posted?


A: From Trick Jarrett, Editor-in-Chief

The first three months of the 2013 Grand Prix schedule was announced during the World Magic Cup coverage and has been posted here.

IndianapolisUSADecember 22-23, 2012
DenverUSAJanuary 5-6, 2013
Atlantic City, NJUSAJanuary 12-13, 2013
SingaporeSingaporeJanuary 12-13, 2013
BilbaoSpainJanuary 19-20, 2013
SydneyAustraliaJanuary 19-20, 2013
LondonUKFebruary 9-10, 2013
Quebec CityCanadaFebruary 23-24, 2013
CharlotteUSAFebruary 23-24, 2013
YokohamaJapanMarch 2-3, 2013
VeronaItalyMarch 9-10, 2013
Rio de JaneiroBrazilMarch 9-10, 2013
San DiegoUSAMarch 16-17, 2013
UtrechtNetherlandsMarch 16-17, 2013

Q: What was your favorite moment of the World Magic Cup?

A: From members of the event's coverage team:

Greg Collins, head of Coverage: "Being part of a Magic first -- there aren't many of those anymore, and the positive reaction to the event suggests it'll be a big part of Magic's future."

Jon Hickey, Community Manager: "The joy in Puerto Rico's faces when they beat Croatia in the quarterfinal. The intensity in that match was high, and both teams were having a good time with great banter. It was all around a great match and it's fun to see a team so genuinely happy about their victory."

Scott Larabee, Organized Play Manager: "The sportsmanship among the teams, especially the Latin American teams who loaned cards to Uruguay so they could have a Modern deck for the Top 16."

Helene Bergeot, Director of Organized Play: "It was overwhelming. I had a blast. The performance and the sportsmanship exhibited by the teams and the excitement they had not only for themselves but for each other. Uruguay being given a deck is just fantastic as an example."

Sheldon Menery, Coverage reporter: "I love how events like this can bring people together and what happens around the main event. I got to play lots of Commander, including a game where I cast Reflect Damage to deal 100 points of damage to a player when he used Heartless Hidetsugu.

Nicholas Fang, scorekeeper: "For me it was watching the pool format play out. Reading it beforehand, it felt like it was such a beating for the top performers, you have a couple of rounds and you're out to a much lower seeded teams. Watching how much of an advantage the seeding actually was in practice was a revelation, and the drama of every single match in the pool format was amazing."

Trick Jarrett, head of Written Coverage: "There is a moment during the event when I realized, this was something special and something that we were here for the beginning of. I don't think a lot of players realized what this event was going to end up being, and now that they've seen it I can't wait to see how next year unfolds."

Nate Price, Coverage reporter: "I loved meeting and hanging out with people, especially the chance to go out with the Uruguayan team to celebrate how far they had gotten before being knocked out of the event. It's always a little fun to have a little bit of R&R."

Riccardo Tessitori, Level 5 Judge, Head Judge of the event: "The best moment of the weekend was how well teams were playing together as teams and how energetic the fourth players were in helping their teams. As an example, watching the fourth from Puerto Rico jumping frantically back and forth between matches trying to provide advice. The team spirit here was something you usually don't see."

Michael McArtor, Coverage editor: "The best moments to me where walking past the teams and listening to them strategizing in their own languages. It truly struck home to me the "world" part of the World Magic Cup."

Richard Hagon, Pro tour Statistician: "One word: togetherness."

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