Australian National Championship FAQ

Posted in Feature on January 22, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Invitation List

What is the date for the Australian National Championship?

July 19 – 20, 2008

Where is the Australian National Championship going to be held?

Rydges Lakeside
London Circuit
Canberra City
ACT 2600

How can I play in the Australian National Championship?

The 2008 Australian National Championship is a closed event. Invitations are awarded based on the following criteria:

  • 2007 World Champion (Not applicable to Australia)
  • 2007 Pro Tour Player of the Year (Not applicable to Australia)
  • 2007 Australian National Champion
    • Steven Aplin
  • 2006 Australian National Team
    • Anatoli Lightfoot
    • Craig Chapman
    • Andrew Eckerman
  • Top eight (8) finishers from the Regional Qualifying Tournaments in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, & Sydney.
  • Top four (4) finishers from the Regional Qualifying Tournament in Darwin, Dubbo and Townsville.
    Regional tournaments take place on the following dates:
  • CitySlotsDateContactPhone
    Adelaide(8)May 18Lee Copus0412 909 582
    Brisbane(8)May 18Mike Puccini0424 585 701
    Canberra(8)May 18Glenn Doyle02 6248 7722
    Hobart(8)May 17Heath Newell(03) 6234 2465
    Melbourne(8)May 17Russell Alphey0401 994 352
    Perth(8)May 17Scott Paisley0431 895 475
    Sydney(8)May 18Chris Foggin0402 231 366
    Dubbo(4)May 18Angus Foster0439 847 611
  • All Nationals in 2008 will invite players based on Pro Tour Players Club level instead of Pro Points. All players that are Level 2 or higher Pro Tour Players Club Members as of the date of the National are invited to play in their country's National.
  • Players who currently have 10 or more points in the 2008 Player of the Year Standing are already qualified for Nationals and are thus not allowed to play in Regionals or National Qualifier tournaments.
  • Top seventy five (75) players based on Australian Composite DCI ranking taken on June 23, 2008 US time. There is no pass down for previously invited players, so if you have qualified via Regionals or Pro Standing your spot does not pass down.
  • The winners at each of the Australian Nationals Qualifying Open events that take place on Friday July 18, 2007.

In addition to qualification, the Australian National Championship is only open to a citizen of Australia or a person who has been a resident of Australia since Jan 1 2008 As there will be no exceptions all enquiries should be directed to Rob Teirney:


If I have an invitation, can I play in events that offer invitations the Australian National Championship?

Players who have an invitation may not compete in events that will allocate invitations.

How many people are on the national team this year?

This year the National Team will consist of 4 players. The Top 4 finishers are invited to attend the 2008 World Championship in Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America.

What do I get if I place in the Top 8 for the Australian National Championship?

Cash prizes will be offered for the top 8 at the 2008 Australian National Championship. The pay out will be US$12,000, distributed as follows:

3rd $1,750
4th $1,750
5th to 8th $750

Are there any other prizes?

Product prizes will be offered from 9th to 16th place.

Who is the Head Judge for the 2008 Australian National Championship?

James MacKay, Level 3 Judge

Once I am qualified, how much is the entry fee?

Free. There is no entry fee for the Australian National Championship. There are entry fees for Side events and Grinders (Friday last minute qualifiers).

What paperwork do I have to complete in order to register that I am going to play in the Australian National Championship?

In order for all players to be eligible for competition, all invitation winners must sign and complete the information sheet and the waiver available at the Australian National Championship venue. If you are under 18 please email for a copy of the parental release form.

The document is public and is available for inspection. For a copy, please contact Rob Teirney at

What hours is the venue open?

The venue is open from 8am until 11pm on all the days that the Nationals are run.

Is there a timetable of the Australian National Championship?

Friday, July 18
11am – 9pmNationals Player Registration
9am – 7pmAustralian Open Nationals Qualifiers - To be run on demand. Standard 16-player single elimination. Sealed events also available.
1st - 1 Display of boosters + Invitation to Nationals, 2nd - 1 Display of boosters. Prices on the Side event schedule.
9am – 10pmAncillary Events
Saturday July 19 Day 1
8am-8.45amLate registration
9am – 9pmStandard Constructed as of the 18th of July, 2008
  • 3 rounds of play. (Using Standard decks)
  • 60-minute rounds + 5 extra turns
Booster Draft #1 (SHM/SHM/SHM) + Registration
  • 3 rounds of play. (Using deck for Booster Draft #1)
  • 60-minute rounds + 5 extra turns
Booster Draft #2 (SHM/SHM/SHM) + Registration
9am – 11pmAncillary Events
Sunday July 20 Day 2
9am – 4pmBooster Draft #2 (Continued)
  • 3 rounds of play. (Using deck for Booster Draft #2)
  • 60-minute rounds + 5 extra turns
Standard Constructed as of the 18th of July, 2008
  • 3 rounds of play. (Using Standard decks)
  • 60-minute rounds + 5 extra turns
4:30pm – 10pmNationals Finals
  • Standard Constructed (Deck from Day Two)
  • Best 3 out of 5 Single Elimination
  • Finals are untimed, slow play penalties will apply as normal.
  • Championship game has no time limit.
9am – 10pmAncillary Events

*Times may be changed due to unexpected events.

What are the formats for the Australian National Championship?

Day 1

  • 3 rounds of Standard Constructed as of July 20, 2007.
  • Booster Draft #1 (SHM/SHM/SHM) followed by 3 round of play.
  • Booster Draft #2 (SHM/SHM/SHM) the decks drafted will be kept for Day #2.
  • All rounds are 60 minutes + 5 turns

Day 2

  • 3 rounds of play with the decks drafted in Booster Draft #2 from Day 1.
  • 3 rounds of Standard Constructed as of July 20, 2007
  • 60 minute rounds + 5 turns


  • Standard Constructed (Deck from day 2)
  • Best 3 out of 5 Single Elimination Finals
  • Finals are untimed, however slow play penalties will apply as normal.

What sets will be legal for the Australian National Championship?

As of July 18, 2008 Standard Constructed will comprise of 10th Edition, Coldsnap, Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, Future Sight, Lorwyn, Morningtide and Shadowmoor

How will the draw work at the Australian National Championship?

There will be 12 rounds of Swiss-style pairings. You may play the same person up to 3 times (Draft #1, Draft #2 and during the standard rounds). If you make the Single Elimination finals, it is possible for you to play the same person for a fourth time.

What are the side events?

A complete list of side events is available here.

If I am interested in Judging what do I do?

Please email Rob Teirney at

If I have any further questions, whom do I contact?

Please email Rob Teirney at

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