Australian Nationals 2000 Day One Wrapup

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Sideboard Staff

Eighty-three of Australia's finest players braved the cold weather to vie for a spot on the National Team. Drafting Prophecy for the first time meant that player's skills would be tested to the limit.

Dane Coltman's return to form after taking a break from Magic for a couple of months worked in his favor. Dane had the only 6-0 record for the day. Relative un-known Craig Hong from Queensland played excellent Magic and ended the day in second place. Old favorites such as Nathan Russell (APAC Champion 1997) and Michael Doecke (Australian Champion 1999) did not fare as well placing 49th and 28th respectively.

Kim Brebach is in prime position to repeat his 1999 performance and make the Nationals Top 8. After feeling under the weather, former two time Australian Champion Rod Ho ended the day at 31st place. This is similar to where he finished last year after Day One, however, Rod ended up going 6-0 on Day Two and making Top 8 by a whisker.

"Grinder" winner Stephen Campbell is sitting pretty at 13th place. Hot pick Jon Chan is right above him at twelfth place. These two are ones to watch. Stephen Campbell is renowned for bringing innovative tech to the Nationals and Jon Chan is an accomplished constructed player.

Day Two should prove to be very interesting with six rounds of Standard play with the Finals to immediately follow.

To all of you Sideboard Readers - See ya mate.

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