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Posted in Feature on July 29, 2004

By Scott Johns

Beginning next week, Brian David-Marshall will be taking over a new version of “Week in Review”. BDM, whom many of you have read recently in our new Pro Tour event coverage blog, has been with since almost the very beginning. BDM brings extensive knowledge of the Pro Tour to the new column along with first-hand experience from all Pro Tours and many Grand Prix events from around the world. In this new column BDM goes beyond the standings and results to get at the how and why of wins and losses in the world of Magic events, from Pro Tour stops to what's going on at your local PTQ. Additionally, here are some other elements you can expect to see in our new approach:

  • Player profile of the week: Get to know the players before you find yourself sitting across the table from them at the next Grand Prix!
  • Exclusive decklists: We scour the globe to deliver a decklist no one else has seen!
  • This Month in Magic: A look back at the moments and people that shaped Magic's history.
  • Ask the Pros: We provide the access, you supply the questions. Want to know all about the glory and fame of life on the Pro Tour? Wonder how much testing goes into a top-notch deck concept? Here's your chance to ask and find out.

The new direction also allows us to include the column in more theme weeks on the site, starting with the very first article next week. This column is just one part of a comprehensive overhaul of how we report on the events and personalities of the Magic world, and I'm confident that you'll find this great new format interesting and engaging whether you're a PT veteran or someone who has never heard the name “Kai Budde.”

BDM's previous column, Swimming With Sharks, will be taken over by a new writer starting Tuesday, August 3. Don't miss it!

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