Back from the Dead

Posted in Feature on February 13, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

While not a true Reanimator deck, this deck from Patrick Chapin has a big graveyard theme, including Whip of Erebos. Most Whip decks based on Theros tended to focus too heavily on reanimation with Abhorrent Overlord and Rescue from the Underworld, but they ended up being too clunky. Instead, Chapin streamlined the deck into a Nighthowler/Shadowborn Demon deck that looks much more appealing.


Commune with the Gods, Grisly Salvage, and Satyr Wayfinder do a good job of filling your graveyard. Nemesis of Mortals and Nighthowler are great early threats while Shadowborn Demon cleans up in the late game. Some Abrupt Decays round out a very solid midrange deck.

I would expect Mono-Blue Devotion to be a difficult matchup, but Patrick wisely chose to play six protection from blue creatures in his sideboard. Matchups like Mono-Black Devotion and WU Control are both weak to Whip of Erebos, so I'd look at including some more of those in the sideboard.

This deck likely has some issues but the card quality is clearly there.

Patrick Chapin's BG Reanimator

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