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Posted in Feature on August 13, 2010

By Tom Jenkot

The 2010 Pro Tour Hall of Fame ballot went out two weeks ago. Who will join the likes of Kai Budde, Mike Turian, Zvi Mowshowitz, John Finkel, and a dozen others voted the best competitive Magic players in the world? No one knows. But a few people have some ideas.

Without giving away who he was voting for, Daily MTG writer Brian David-Marshall wrote anoverview of the entire ballot. But here at Community Spotlight, we like to point that looking glass outward from Shall we?

Before we get started, here's a list of all the names on the ballot organized by the year the players were added.

Scott JohnsNoah BoekenOsamu FujitaRyuuichi AritaJose BarberoAkira Asahara
Mark JusticePatrick ChapinTsuyoshi IkedaChris BenafelTiago ChanJan Doise
Michael LongRyan FullerBrian KiblerMarco BlumeJeff CunninghamWilly Edel
Steven O'Mahoney-SchwartzJustin GaryJamie ParkeDavid BruckerBrian DavisEugene Harvey
Chris PikulaGerardo Godinez EstradaDavid WilliamsFranck CanuAntonino De RosaKen Ho
Yann Hamon William JensenEric FroehlichRichard Hoaen
Benedikt Klauser Craig JonesMike HronKazuya Hirabayashi
Daniel O’Mahoney-Schwartz Masashiro KurodaMattias KettilAnton Jonsson
Wessel Oomens Nicolas LabarreRickard OsterbergShu Komuro
Alex Shvartsman Patrick MelloDiego OstrovichAntti Malin
Bram Snepvangers Eivind NitterBen StarkQuentin Martin
Brock ParkerHelmut SummersbergerAntoine Menard
Carlos RomãoJens ThorénKatsuhiro Mori
Mike Thompson Masahiko Morita
Chikara Nakajima
Gabriel Nassif
Ryo Ogura
Mario Pascoli
Jeroen Remie
Johan Sadeghpour
Tomoharu Saito
Jonathan Sonne
Guillaume Wafo-Tapa
Ruud Warmenhoven
Shota Yasooka

Ted Knutson at wrote:

"Some people with votes don't seem to be using their allotted five slots. This baffles me. To me, not using all five slots on your ballot means one of two things: Either they a) don't feel qualified enough to vote for at least five people, in which case they should be doing more research or not have a vote or b) they feel there aren't a full five people deserving to get into the Hall, which is arrogant (and to me) misguided. There are five players in this year's potential class with at least five Pro Tour Top 8s. There are thirteen with at least four Pro Tour Top 8s and if that isn't enough, there are nine more with at least three including really interesting names like Blume, Chapin, Kibler, Mori, and Steve OMS. If you can't find five worthies from all those guys, you are either ignorant (correctable), a donk (unfortunate), or you loathe your fellow Magic players (tragic)."

Read the rest of "Feature Article - Hall of Fame Thoughts 2010" by Ted Knutson

Steve Sadin announced his 2010 picks on Twitter:

#MTG Will be voting for: Steve OMS, Chris Pikula, Brian Kibler, Gabriel Nassif and AntonJ. Article/FB post explaining choices coming soon.

Mike Flores wrote on his blog, Five with Flores:

"As I am not a buffoon I am obviously voting for Nassif, Saito, and Kibler; master, master, and DragonMaster. I think Nassif is as worthy a unanimous ballot-gatherer as ever drew breath. Saito has been around "best player in the world" for some years if not the clear best. I wouldn't have half so much glory as a deck designer if he hadn't helped Andre Coimbra in the Extended portion of Worlds; so mise! Like I said, I was going to vote for Kibler even before he won that Pro Tour and Grand Prix because in order for the American block to start getting our O'Mahoney-Schwartz brothers and Pikulas into the Hall of Fame we have to stop fracturing our votes. That means getting our deserving boys off the ballot and into the Hall of Fame so that we can make more room for our, you know, additional deserving boys. That starts with Kibler. Congratulations old friend. The enemy's gate is down!

Read the rest of "One Man's Ballot, Again" by Mike Flores

Sheldon Menery from wrote:

"Who's In

Gabriel Nassif

This one is a no-brainer along the lines of Jon Finkel and Kai Budde. His resume is impeccable. In addition to being simply one of the most skilled players ever to sling spells, Gab is a rather entertaining figure, with a great, if dry, sense of humor and quick wit. He's always great to watch on coverage or in the Arena doing a feature match. And you can't underestimate the value of the hats! I won't go as far as Tim Willoughby and say that if you don't vote for Nassif you should have your vote stripped, but I'd certainly raise my eyebrow at someone not voting for him.

Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz

While his technical numbers might suffer a bit since most of his accomplishments are from earlier days (although that's 'most,' not 'all'), I like BDM's argument that you adjust Steve's numbers for the ballpark. I think selection of Steve this year is nearly as clear as Nassif. His level of play is unquestioned. What more endorsement do you need than Jon Finkel chose to be teammates? One of the other great deciding factors is that Steve is and always has been one of the 'good guys.' His demeanor and professionalism have been second to none. He's never failed to be courteous to judge and opponent alike, an affable conversationalist, and all-around pleasure to have at an event."

Read the rest of "Embracing The Chaos - Hall of Fame Ballot and GenCon Report" by Sheldon Menery

The inductees will be announced September 5 and be ushered into the Pro Tour Hall of Fame during opening ceremonys at this years Worlds in Chiba.

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