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Posted in Feature on August 16, 2012

By Conley Woods

Let it be known that, if you put up a successful result with a Battle of Wits list, and I manage to stumble upon it in the vast world of the Internet, chances are you will be appearing in this very column soon thereafter. I have already told my story of Battle of Wits before, but I am far from the only lover of the card. Battle of Wits seems to stir up the brewer inside of us all, filling our heads with dreams of giant decks, untapping and announcing the trigger from our five-mana enchantment. One of the beautiful things about Battle of Wits, though, and perhaps the reason everyone loves the card, is that outside of requiring an abnormally large deck, restrictions to your deck are nonexistent. You can build a Battle of Wits deck that fits your play style or contains your favorite colors pretty easily.

Rich Lisitza decided that he wanted to put his own spin on the deck for a recent Qualifier tournament in Illinois. Rich took another popular card among players, Birthing Pod, and combined it with Battle of Wits for an awesome brew. Birthing Pod is at its best when it is increasing consistency in your deck by providing a reusable tutor effect, and if you have ever played Battle of Wits, one thing you certainly know is that the deck can always use more consistency. Birthing Pod had some influence on the creatures that Rich ended up running, such as Balefire Dragon, but outside of some minor concessions to curve, Birthing Pod fits into most Battle of Wits shells.

Battle of Wits
Birthing Pod

This particular list gets to play some of my favorite cards that have never had a proper home. My favorite among these is Etched Monstrosity. Etched Oracle has been a favorite of mine since it was printed, and although the Monstrosity is a little harder to pull off, it has a huge upside. Battle of Wits gets to play the card as a vanilla 5/5 in dire situations, but will usually be able to cash in for three cards as well, making the card pretty appealing. Mwonvuli Beast Tracker is another cool addition to Battle of Wits, as it gives you even more control over what you draw each turn and makes for an excellent pair with Birthing Pod.

Battle of Wits is hardly a solved deck, or even close to one, allowing new and unique versions to constantly be evolved. While I doubt it will be in the tier one range, well, ever, it is a lot of fun and, as Rich showed us, it can even do some winning from time to time!

Rich Lisitza's Birth of Battle

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