Best of 2013: This Feels Familiar…

Posted in Feature on January 16, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

Sunscape Familiar

First, Frantic Search got the axe in Pauper. Early in 2013, Grapeshot and Empty the Warrens also got banned. Regardless, Storm persevered, but eventually Temporal Fissure joined its brethren. While I enjoyed playing the Temporal Fissure deck during my Pauper stint, it was certainly no fun for my opponents to watch me take a ten-minute turn where the end result was them having no permanents.

There was the illusion of being able to interact with the Temporal Fissure Storm deck by killing the Familiars or destroying the karoos (Azorius Chancery and Dimir Aqueduct), but unless you have a fast clock, Storm would simply rebuild. Storm addressed that issue by having upwards of fourteen sideboard cards against aggro decks!

To the relief of Pauper players looking for a fair game, the banning of Temporal Fissure will likely kill the archetype, if not significantly wound it. However, I have a decklist for next week that continues to showcase the power of Ghostly Flicker, Snap, and Cloud of Faeries, so stay tuned!

The_Raging_Flump's Familiar Fissure

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