Best of 2013: Mastering Blue

Posted in Feature on January 6, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

Hello everyone!

It's a pleasure to be bringing you the latest brews and technology from the various formats throughout Magic, but first I'd like to highlight the best decks from 2013.

Master of Waves

The devotion mechanic from Theros has already begun to make a splash in Modern, but the first time we really got to see devotion in action was at Pro Tour Theros, which was Standard. The Top 8 featured four very different devotion decks, each focusing on a different color.

However, Mono-Blue Devotion had three copies in that Top 8, two in the finals, and won the tournament in one of the most dominant performances in Pro Tour history. In addition to that tournament, Mono-Blue Devotion has been tearing up Standard as of late, so not putting Mono-Blue Devotion on this list would be a huge oversight.

At first glance, the deck might not appear powerful. After all, cards like Judge's Familiar, Cloudfin Raptor, and Frostburn Weird haven't seen much Constructed play up until this point. Cards like Master of Waves and Thassa, God of the Sea are only powerful in context—you might need to play some underwhelming cards in order to get Master and Thassa online, but once that happens, you'll be incredibly satisfied to have Judge's Familiar on your side.

On top of that, the deck makes pretty good use of the little creatures with Bident of Thassa and the incremental damage they provide makes it much easier to close out games quickly (which gives your opponent little time to draw an answer to Master of Waves).

In general, it's a good idea to try someone's deck card for card before you start making changes. You might be surprised by the efficacy of an unassuming card like Judge's Familiar.

Jérémy Dezani's Mono-Blue Devotion

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