Best of 2013: Swimming through Vintage

Posted in Feature on January 14, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

Lord of Atlantis

Vintage has long been thought of as a format with turn-one kills, little interaction, and a complete lack of creatures (except for whatever you wanted to Tinker or Oath of Druids into play). Hopefully, Joel Lim's victory at this year's Vintage Championship will do something to quash those rumors. In fact, the finals pitted two aggressive decks against each other!

Merfolk hasn't been particularly successful in Vintage, but that's only because most people who want to play a disruptive aggro deck decide to play Delver of Secrets or a Hate Bears variant. As you can see from the Vintage Championships, which was a tournament with several Vintage masters, Merfolk is indeed a contender.

The combination of efficient creatures, counterspells, and the incredibly powerful Null Rod is more than enough to be competitive in Vintage. In fact, you could walk away with an oversized Ancestral Recall!

Joel Lim's Fish

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