Big, Bigger, Biggest!

Posted in Feature on November 29, 2006

By Ben Bleiweiss

Hello, and welcome back to Uncommon Knowledge! This week's article was inspired by a whirl through the “timeshifted” cards of Time Spiral. You see, I was looking through the subset, and noticed that there were a lot of large creatures. You know the ones – Krosan Cloudscraper, Akroma, Leviathan – the big ol' fatties from Magic's past. And it got me to thinking – which color has had the biggest, largest creatures in Magic's history?

Colossus of Sardia
Well, in order to figure out the answer to this question, I had to set some ground rules. Without defining the question, how could I get to any answers? Here were the parameters I set out with:
  1. I was looking for the largest creature from each color, in each set. I defined largest as “the highest combined power and toughness” – this means that a 2/5 creature would be considered larger than a 5/1 creature.
  2. Only mono-colored creatures would be considered. I didn't want to create logjams where Sliver Queen counted as the largest creature for black, blue, green, red and white in Stronghold. Sorry, Autochthon Wurm!
  3. I was only looking at sets that were intended for mainstream release and that consisted of a majority non-reprint cards. This excluded all base sets past Alpha/Beta/Unlimited, Chronicles, the Portal sets, the timeshifted subset of Time Spiral, and the Un sets. I've included a glossary of these at the end, but they weren't part of the calculations.
  4. In the case of a tie, full points/placement is awarded to both victors. So, if both green and red have a 6/6 creature, and a 6/6 creature would be the largest creature in the set, I gave both red and green credit for having the largest creature in that set.
  5. I only counted creatures that were actually creatures. Enchantments or artifacts that could turn into creatures were ignored, as were instants or sorceries that created creatures.
  6. Only the base stats of a creature was counted. Technically, Ivy Elemental could be the largest creature in Magic – but out of fairness, it's a 0/0 creature for this competition. However, any creatures that come into play with a fixed number of +1/+0, +0/+1 or +1/+1 counters were given full credit.

What did I find? Let's look at the results!

1st Place: Green

In a not-quite-shocking finish that comes as a surprise only to the very oblivious, green is the fatty color in Magic. In a full 19 out of 41 sets released (nearly one out of every two!), green had the largest creature in the set.

2nd Place: Red

Red, the color of dragons and massive elementals, had the largest creature in a Magic set eight times. This tied with another color, but red won the tiebreaker by averaging the 2.73rd largest “biggest-creature” in any given set.

3rd Place: Blue

Island Fish Jasconius
Known as the color of inefficient creatures and weak kill conditions, blue ended up tying red by having the largest creature in a Magic set eight times! Blue ended up with a sub-theme of “large aquatic monsters” back around the time of Arabian Nights (see Island Fish Jasconius and Leviathan) and ended up carrying this torch even to modern Magic (see Jokulmorder and Grozoth). Blue did finish with a worse average percentage, however, than:

4th Place: Black

Black is often though of as a color that has awesomely large creatures, but at a drawback. In fact, black finished ahead of red for average largest-creature finish, but only had the outright largest creature seven times in Magic's history.

5th Place: Artifact

Artifacts are constructs built by powerful mages and wizards. It's only fitting that the largest creature in a set has been an artifact creature five times. The artifact sets are considered Antiquities, Mirrodin, Darksteel and Fifth Dawn. Artifact creatures took the crown in three of those four sets (more on this later.)

6th Place: White

Fun fact, and one I didn't expect to see: Did you know that white has never had the largest mono-colored creature in any set in Magic's history? In fact, white's had the second-largest “biggest creature” in a set only a paltry six times, making its second best just about worst than most other color's best biggest guys! Maybe R&D will be showing white some large-sized lovin' in an upcoming expansion, hmmmmmmm?

Quick Reference

Largest creature in a set (out of 41 sets; note that ties count equally for both colors)
Green: 19 times
Red: 8 times
Blue: 8 times
Black: 7 times
Artifact: 5 times
White: Goose Egg

Average placement (from 1 (largest) to 6 (smallest) in a given set)
Green: 2.0
Black: 2.76
Red: 2.78
Blue: 3.22
Artifact: 4.27 (out of 33 sets in which artifact creatures appeared)
White: 4.32

Fun Facts and Trivia:

force of nature
Alpha/Beta/Unlimited: It's only fitting that Force of Nature was the largest creature out of the gate for Magic. When I started this article, I half-expected blue to overtake green, given the prevalence of large blue fatties like Leviathan and Polar Kraken. Boy, was I wrong.

Arabian Nights: However, Island Fish Jasconius quickly established that sometimes blue would be given some large aquatic thing with which to rule the lands, seas, and board. Many think of Juzam Djinn as the flagship “fatty” out of Arabian Nights, but it's a full creature smaller than the Island Fish. This would also be one of only two times that the largest creature in a set had a higher toughness than power (the other is Aku Djinn from Visions).

Antiquities: The first set in which an artifact was the largest creature, and frankly I'm surprised there haven't been more “biggest-creature” artifact creatures. They are, after all, the constructs of wizards. Shouldn't they be building bigger and better?

In addition, each color only received seven cards in Antiquities (not counting, of course, Artifacts and Lands). This made for some truly pathetic “largest creatures,” including Atog (1/2) and Sage of Lat-Nam (1/2).

Legends: After finishing in second for the first three releases in Magic, black's “creature with a drawback” fatty finally makes good (Cosmic Horror), although it is equaled by the five Elder Dragon Legends (Palladia-Mors, Chromium, Arcades Sabboth, Nicol Bolas, and Vaevictis Asmadi).

The Dark: Most think of Leviathan as the first true blue über-fatty, even though it probably was Island Fish Jasconius. There's just something more impressive about a 10/10 trampler than about a 6/8 Islandhome dude. White begins a long descent into weenie-fatty hell, with its largest creature topping out at a paltry 2/2.

Fallen Empires: Fallen Empires was the first set in which more than one color shared the title for largest creature in a set – Orgg and Deep Spawn both finished in first. This was also the first Magic set in history to not include an artifact creature at all. There would be eight sets total on this list that were sans artifact creature.

Polar Kraken
Ice Age: If you may have noticed, literally every “largest creature” from Alpha through Weatherlight has a drawback. Some are minor (such as Orgg's attacking and blocking restrictions) and some are major (Force of Nature's or take 8 damage upkeep cost). Polar Kraken, though larger than Leviathan, probably has a less extreme drawback.

Homelands: Memo to white: Your fatties suck if you're getting your head beaten in by Ebony Rhino. Note that I chose to use Abbey Gargoyles for my chart below, and not the 2/5 Hazduhr the Abbot.

Alliances: Green had the largest creature in Alpha/Beta/Unlimited…and then stopped having the largest creature in a set until Gargantuan Gorilla in Alliances. Technically, Lord of Tresserhorn ties the Gorilla for largest creature, but he's gold and doesn't count. White's largest creature weighs in a 1/6 (Kjeldoran Home Guard).

Mirage: Phyrexian Dreadnought is the answer to several trivia questions, including “Which creature has the lowest mana-cost to power/toughness ratio in Magic, for creatures that cost more than zero to cast?” It's also the largest creature in Magic for nearly a decade after this point.

Visions: Artifact creatures tend to either float towards the top or the bottom of the stack when compared to the size of other creatures in a set. In Mirage, artifacts had the largest creature (Phyrexian Dreadnought). In Visions and Weatherlight, it has the smallest “largest creature” (Matopi Golem and Steel Golem).

Weatherlight: Green begins an unparalleled streak of seven straight sets where it has the largest creature – Aboroth, Verdant Force, Carnassid, Spike Hatcher, Endless Wurm, Yavimaya Wurm, and Thorn Elemental.

Verdant Force
Tempest: Verdant Force marked the first time in which the largest creature in a set was also one without a drawback. I didn't expect to find this fact out, and was one of the most surprising on this list. I guess early developers thought that a high power/toughness and mana cost should automagically (yes, that's a word) equal drawbacks.

Stronghold: Technically, Sliver Queen is the largest creature in Stronghold. Even more technically, Shifting Wall can be larger.

Exodus: The first set in which the largest creature (Spike Hatcher) was a 0/0 creature that comes into play with +1/+1 counters. This wouldn't happen again until nearly a decade later, in Saviors of Kamigawa (Sekki, Season's Guide).

Urza's Saga: This was white's chance to steal the show with Serra Avatar, but */* creatures don't count. Sorry white, you're just a chump when it comes to the largest creature in any given set!

Urza's Legacy: There have been only two sets in Magic's entire history where the largest creature in the set wasn't a rare. Yavimaya Wurm/Urza's Legacy is one. Can you guess the other before it comes up? (Hint: An Uncommon has never been the largest creature in a set.)

Urza's Destiny: Thorn Elemental is a likely candidate for largest creature in Urza's Destiny, given that it replaced trample and Force of Nature for a couple of base sets in Standard. Bonus White fun fact: Still stuck with 1/5 creatures as your largest guy, White? Some things never change!

Mercadian Masques: Even though Mercadian Masques block is viewed as a down point for power level, the average size of the largest creature actually reaches a peak between blocks, thanks to the Timmy stylings of the Avatar cycle in Prophecy and the tops of the Rebel/Mercenary Chains in Masques itself.

Nemesis: Skyshroud Behemoth sets a new bar for the size of green fatties. Silkenfist Order keeps the bar lowered for the title of “largest white creature in a set” at 3/5.

Prophecy: The Avatar cycle propels White to near the top, thanks to the 4/9 Avatar of Hope. It's also the first and only time that a complete cycle of creatures takes the top spot for “largest creature of its color” in a set.

Invasion: Several colors would have loved to use their Elder Dragons here (Rith anyone?), but instead they are stuck with Djinns.

Planeshift: Draco tops off the list not only as the largest creature in Planeshift, but as the highst mana-cost creature in Magic. This record still stands, excluding Un sets. White's largest creature? The 2/2 Voice of All.

Apocalypse: Should Penumbra Wurm count as a 12/12, since you get it twice? Note that even though Green has the largest creature in a set 19 times, only around a third of them have trample!

Odyssey: Most would argue, successfully, that the largest creature in Odyssey is Psychatog.

Torment: In the first intentionally color-skewed set (There were one too many red uncommons accidentally printed in Revised, and one too few green uncommons – here's looking at you, Shatterstorm!), it's fitting that Hypnox is the largest creature.

Judgment: And in the white/green set, the largest mono-color creature is the 7/7 combo-machine engine, Worldgorger Dragon. Go white!

Onslaught: Green dominates the tribally-themed Onslaught block by taking the largest creature slot in each and every set.

Legions: It's surprising that there are this many fatties in Legions, despite it being an all-creatures set, because one of the main mechanics was amplify, which lends itself to giving creatures a low base power/toughness.

Scourge: And the only other non-rare creature to be the largest creature in a set? It's Wirewood Guardian, which ties with Dragon Tyrant as the largest creature in Scourge.

Mirrodin: The Mirrodin Block is the first official “artifact block,” and it's fitting that Leveler is the largest creature in the set. This is followed by…

Darksteel Colossus
Darksteel: Which introduces Darksteel Colossus, which is pretty much the fatty by which all other fatties are measured at this point. Darksteel Colossus, unlike previous “largest creatures” on this list, ends up seeing play in a myriad of tournament decks, including tons of Vintage-legal Tinker builds and Tooth and Nail.

Fifth Dawn: You'd figure that Wizards would finish out the artifact block by having another artifact creature as the largest creature in the set, but the 5/5 Razormane Masticore is only good enough for last place, tied with (wait for it) white's Bringer of the White Dawn.

Champions of Kamigawa: Another really interesting fact I didn't expect to find: Every rare creature in Kamigawa block is Legendary, and Kuro, Pitlord is the first legendary creature which is the largest creature in a set! It took over a decade of Magic until Wizards made a legendary creature the fattiest fatty, which is truly incredible given that legendary status indicates a unique being of immense power and historical importance.

Betrayers of Kamigawa: Although this legendary creature thing continued into the next couple of sets, Patron of the Orochi didn't seem too legendary.

Saviors of Kamigawa: White can't even muster a legendary creature in this set, and ends up with the smallest “largest creature” in any set in the Kamigawa Block (the 3/4 Eiganjo Free-Riders).

Ravnica: After a long absence, the return of the “blue monstrous sea-fatty with a drawback” returns with Grozoth, although Autochthon Wurm is technically the largest creature in the set (sorry, white!).

Guildpact: Guildpact marks the only time in Magic's history where green has the smallest “largest creature” in a set, although I'm sure that Bioplasm gets larger than 4/4 over half of the time.

Dissension: After two straight sets of blue on top, green returns to form with Protean Hulk, edging out (narrowly) the 5/5 defender from white, Stoic Ephemera.

Coldsnap: Jokulmorder is big. That is all.

Time Spiral: In the nostalgia set, it's only fitting that the largest creature is green, the smallest “largest” non-artifact creature is white, and all is good in the world.

That's all the time and space I have for you this week at Uncommon Knowledge! Be sure to check out the chart at the bottom of this article for further reference, and tune in next week as I explore the history of zero-mana cost creatures and spells in a world of storm!

UnlimitedGreen: Force of Nature (8/8)Black: Lord of the Pit (7/7)White: Personal Incarnation (6/6)Blue: Mahamoti Djinn (5/6)Artifact: Clockwork Beast (7/4)Red: Shivan Dragon (5/5)
Arabian NightsBlue: Island Fish Jasconius (6/8)Black: Juzam Djinn (5/5)Red: Mijae Djinn (6/3)Green: Erhnam Djinn (4/5)White: Moorish Cavalry (3/3)Artifact: Dancing Scimitar (1/5)
AntiquitiesArtifact: Colossus of Sardia (9/9)Black: Yawgmoth Demon (6/6)Green: Argothian Treefolk (3/5)White: Martyrs of Korlis (1/6)Red: Atog (1/2)Blue: Sage of Lat-Nam (1/2)
LegendsBlack: Cosmic Horror (7/7)White: Akron Legionnaire (8/4)Blue: Elder Spawn (6/6)Green: Craw Giant (6/4)Red: Frost Giant (4/4)Artifact: Bronze Horse (4/4)
The DarkBlue: Leviathan (10/10)Green: Carnivorous Plant (4/5)Artifact: Diabolic Machine (4/4)Red: Ball Lightning (6/1)Black: Eater of the Dead (3/4)White: Knights of Thorn (2/2)
Fallen EmpiresRed: Orgg (6/6)Blue: Deep Spawn (6/6)Black: Ebon Praetor (5/5)Green: Feral Thallid (6/3)White: Hand of Justice (2/6)Artifact: NONE
Ice AgeBlue: Polar Kraken (11/11)Red: Chaos Lord (7/7)Green: Scaled Wurm (7/6)Black: Infernal Denizen (5/7)Artifact: Soldevi Golem (5/3)White: Seraph (4/4)
HomelandsBlue: Marjhan (8/8)Black: Baron Sengir (5/5)Artifact: Ebony Rhino (4/5)Green: Hungry Mist (6/2)White: Abbey Gargoyles (3/4)Red: Eron the Relentless (5/2)
AlliancesGreen: Gargantuan Gorilla (7/7)Black: Keeper of Tresserhorn (6/6)Red: Balduvian Horde (5/5)Artifact: Phyrexian War Beast (3/4)Blue: Storm Elemental (3/4)White: Kjeldoran Home Guard (1/6)
MirageArtifact: Phyrexian Dreadnought (12/12)Blue: Taniwha (7/7)Green: Crash of Rhinos (8/4)Red: Crimson Hellkite (6/6)Black: Spirit of the Night (6/5)White: Sunweb (5/6)
VisionsBlack: Aku Djinn (5/6)Green: Lichenthrope (5/5)White: Archangel (5/5)Red: Hulking Cyclops (5/5)Blue: Waterspout Djinn (4/4)Artifact: Matopi Golem (3/3)
WeatherlightGreen: Aboroth (9/9)Blue: Tolarian Serpent (7/7)Red: Thundermare (5/5)Black: Gallowbraid (5/5)White: Alabaster Dragon (4/4)Artifact: Steel Golem (3/4)
TempestGreen: Verdant Force (7/7)Blue: Benthic Behemoth (7/6)Black: Commander Greven il-Vec (7/5)Red: Rathi Dragon / Magmasaur (5/5)Artifact: Phyrexian Hulk (5/4)White: Staunch Defenders (3/4)
StrongholdGreen: Carnassid (5/4)Red: Flowstone Mauler (4/5)Black: Crovax the Cursed (4/4)Blue: Silver Wyvern (4/3)White: Warrior Angel (3/4)Artifact: Shifting Wall (0/0)
ExodusGreen: Spike Hatcher (6/6)Black: Pit Spawn (6/5)White: Exalted Dragon (5/5)Red: Monstrous Hound (4/4)Blue: Ephemeron (4/4)Artifact: Workhorse (4/4)
Urza's SagaGreen: Endless Wurm (9/9)Artifact: Phyrexian Colossus (8/8)Red: Scoria Wurm (7/7)Blue: Drifting Djinn (5/5)Black: Flesh Reaver (4/4)White: Herald of Serra (3/4)
Urza's LegacyGreen: Yavimaya Wurm (6/4)Black: Eviscerator (5/5)Artifact: Thran War Machine (4/5)Blue: Palinchron (4/5)Red: Viashino Heretic (5/3)White: Radiant's Dragoons (2/5)
Urza's DestinyGreen: Thorn Elemental (7/7)Red: Covetous Dragon (6/5)Black: Phyrexian Negator (5/5)Blue: Blizzard Elemental (5/5)Artifact: Masticore (4/4)White: Tormented Angel (1/5)
Mercadian MasquesRed: Lithophage (7/7)Black: Cateran Overlord (7/5)Blue: Tidal Kraken (6/6)Green: Hunted Wumpus (6/6)White: Jhovall Queen (4/7)Artifact: Henge Guardian (3/4)
NemesisGreen: Skyshroud Behemoth (10/10)Red: Laccolith Titan (6/6)Black: Volrath the Fallen (6/4)Artifact: Rusting Golem (5/5)Blue: Sliptide Serpent (4/4)White: Silkenfist Order (3/5)
ProphecyGreen: Avatar of Might (8/8)White: Avatar of Hope (4/9)Red: Avatar of Fury (6/6)Black: Avatar of Woe (6/5)Blue: Avatar of Will (5/6)Artifact: Hollow Warrior (4/4)
InvasionBlack: Devouring Strossus (9/9)Green: Sulam Djinn (6/6)Red: Halam Djinn (6/5)Blue: Zanam Djinn (5/6)White: Reya Dawnbringer (4/6)Artifact: Lotus Guardian (4/4)
PlaneshiftArtifact: Draco (9/9)Green: Nemata, Grove Guardian (4/5)Red: Tahngarth, Talruum Hero (4/4)Blue: Waterspout Djinn (3/4)Black: Phyrexian Scuta (3/3)White: Voice of All (2/2)
ApocalypseGreen: Penumbra Wurm (6/6)Red: Bloodfire Colossus (6/6)Black: Desolation Angel (5/4)White: Gerrard Capashen (3/4)Artifact: Dodecapod (3/3)Blue: Living Airship (2/3)
OdysseyRed: Savage Firecat (7/7)Blue: Amugaba (6/6)Black: Cabal Patriarch (5/5)Green: Stone-Tongue Basilisk (4/5)White: Wayward Angel (4/4)Artifact: Limestone Golem (3/4)
TormentBlack: Hypnox (8/8)Green: Gurzigost (6/8)Red: Petradon (5/6)White: Angel of Retribution (5/5)Blue: Possessed Aven (3/3)Artifact: NONE
JudgmentRed: Worldgorger Dragon (7/7)Green: Tunneler Wurm (6/6)White: Silver Seraph (6/6)Blue: Wormfang Behemoth (5/5)Black: Masked Gorgon (5/5)Artifact: NONE
OnslaughtGreen: Krosan Colossus (9/9)Blue: Slipstream Eel (6/6)Black: Grinning Demon (6/6)Red: Butcher Orgg (6/6)White: Jareth, Leonine Titan (4/7)Artifact: Tribal Golem (4/4)
LegionsGreen: Krosan Cloudscraper (13/13)Black: Scion of Darkness (6/6)Red: Imperial Hellkite (6/6)White: Akroma, Angel of Wrath (6/6)Blue: Weaver of Lies (4/4)Artifact: NONE
Scourge Green: Wirewood Guardian (6/6)Red: Dragon Tyrant (6/6)White: Eternal Dragon (5/5)Black: Twisted Abomination (5/3)Blue: Thundercloud Elemental (3/4)Artifact: Proteus Machine (2/2)
MirrodinArtifact: Leveler (10/10)Green: Plated Slagwurm (8/8)Black: Reiver Demon (6/6)Red: Rustmouth Ogre (5/4)White: Luminous Angel (4/4)Blue: Quicksilver Elemental (3/4)
DarksteelArtifact: Darksteel Colossus (11/11)Black: Greater Harvester (5/6)Green: Roaring Slagwurm (6/4)Red: Furnace Dragon (5/5)Blue: Quicksilver Behemoth (4/5)White: Pristine Angel (4/4)
Fifth DawnBlack: Desecration Elemental (8/8)Red: Cosmic Larva (7/6)Green: Tornado Elemental (6/6)Blue: Hoverguard Sweepers (5/6)Artifact: Razormane Masticore (5/5)White: Bringer of the White Dawn (5/5)
Champions of KamigawaBlack: Kuro, Pitlord (9/9)Green: Myojin of Life's Web (8/8)Blue: The Unspeakable (6/7)Red: Myojin of Infinite Rage (7/4)White: Yosei, the Morning Star (5/5)Artifact: NONE
Betrayers of KamigawaGreen: Patron of the Orochi (7/7)Black: Patron of the Nezumi (6/6)White: Patron of the Kitsune (5/6)Red: Ashen Monstrosity (7/4)Blue: Patron of the Moon (5/4)Artifact: NONE
Saviors of KamigawaGreen: Sekki, Seasons' Guide (8/8)Red: Oni of Wild Places (6/5)Black: Razorjaw Oni (4/5)Blue: Cloudhoof Kirin (4/4)White: Eiganjo Free-Riders (3/4)Artifact: NONE
RavnicaBlue: Grozoth (9/9)Black: Hunted Horror (7/7)Red: Excruciator (7/7)Green: Goliath Spider (7/6)White: Blazing Archon (5/6)Artifact: Nullstone Gargoyle (4/5)
GuildpactBlue: Sky Swallower (8/8)Red: Living Inferno (8/5)Black: Sanguine Praetor (7/5)White: Graven Dominator (4/4)Green: Bioplasm (4/4)Artifact: NONE
DissensionGreen: Protean Hulk (6/6)Blue: Tidespout Tyrant (5/5)White: Stoic Ephemera (5/5)Red: Stalking Vengeance (5/5)Black: Ratcatcher (4/4)Artifact: Transguild Courier (3/3)
ColdsnapBlue: Jokulmorder (12/12)Artifact: Phyrexian Soulgorger (8/8)White: Woolly Razorback (7/7)Green: Panglacial Wurm (9/5)Red: Rimescale Dragon (5/5)Black: Void Maw (4/5)
Time SpiralGreen: Spectral Force (8/8)Red: Greater Gargadon (9/7)Black: Liege of the Pit (7/7)Blue: Deep-Sea Kraken (6/6)White: Chronosavant (5/5)Artifact: Venser's Sliver (3/3)

Reprint and Nontraditional Sets

Time Spiral (Timeshifted)Green: Krosan Cloudscraper (13/13)Blue: Leviathan (10/10)Red: Orgg (6/6)White: Akroma, Angel of Wrath (6/6)Black: Avatar of Woe (6/5)Artifact: Dodecapod (3/3)
3rd EditionGreen: Force of Nature (8/8)Black: Lord of the Pit (7/7)Blue: Island Fish Jasconius (6/8)White: Personal Incarnation (6/6)Artifact: Clockwork Beast (7/4)Red: Shivan Dragon (5/5)
4th EditionBlue: Leviathan (10/10)Artifact: Colossus of Sardia (9/9)Green: Force of Nature (8/8)Black: Lord of the Pit (7/7)White: Personal Incarnation (6/6)Red: Shivan Dragon (5/5)
5th EditionBlue: Leviathan (10/10)Artifact: Colossus of Sardia (9/9)Green: Force of Nature (8/8)Black: Lord of the Pit (7/7)White: Akron Legionnaire (8/4)Red: Orgg (6/6)
6th EditionGreen: Scaled Wurm (7/6)Blue: Sea Monster (6/6)Red: Crimson Hellkite (6/6)White: Sunweb (5/6)Black: Necrosavant (5/5)Artifact: Obsianus Golem (4/6)
7th EditionArtifact: Phyrexian Colossus (8/8)Green: Thorn Elemental (7/7)Blue: Benthic Behemoth (7/6)Red: Trained Orgg (6/6)White: Sunweb (5/6)Black: Western Paladin (3/3)
8th EditionGreen: Primeval Force (8/8)Artifact: Phyrexian Colossus (8/8)White: Avatar oF Hope (4/9)Blue: Tidal Kraken (6/6)Red: Lesser Gargadon (6/4)Black: Phyrexian Plaguelord (4/4)
9th EditionGreen: Force of Nature (8/8)Black: Yawgmoth Demon (6/6)Blue: Tidal Kraken (6/6)Red: Bloodfire Colossus (6/6)Artifact: Phyrexian Hulk (5/4)White: Serra Angel (4/4)
Portal IBlue: Thing from the Deep (9/9)Green: Primeval Force (8/8)Red: Fire Dragon (6/6)Black: Dread Reaper (6/5)White: Archangel (5/5)Artifact: NONE
Portal IIIRed: Zodiac Dragon (8/8)Blue: Zhou Yu, Chief Commander (8/8)Green: Wolf Pack (7/6)White: Zhang Fei, Fierce Warrior (4/4)Black: Zhang He, Wei General (4/2)Artifact: NONE
Starter 1999Blue: Denizen of the Deep (11/11)Green: Thorn Elemental (7/7)Red: Trained Orgg (6/6)Black: Dread Reaper (6/5)White: Archangel (5/5)Artifact: NONE
ChroniclesWhite: Akron Legionnaire (8/4)Black: Yawgmoth Demon (6/6)Green: Craw Giant (6/4)Artifact: Bronze Horse (4/4)Red: Wall of Heat (2/6)Blue: Azure Drake (2/4)
UngluedBlack: B.F.M. (99/99)Red: Spark Fiend (5/6)Blue: Clambassadors (4/4)Artifact: Urza's Science Fair Project (4/4)Green: Free-Range Chicken (3/3)White: Lexivore (2/3)
UnhingedGreen: Uktabi Kong (8/8)Black: Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil (8/8)Blue: Greater Morphling (5/5)Artifact: Togglodyte (4/4)Red: Orcish Paratroopers (4/4)White: Collector Protector (2/5)

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