The Biggest Deck in the Tournament

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Rui Oliveira

The deck, and player, that are the talk of the tournament

The last thing you expect from a player who earned his three byes through ranking is to bring a wacky deck to an Extended tournament. Well, Paulo Rosa did just that. When he approached the Head Judge to find out how he could register a deck with more than two hundred cards in the tiny registration sheet the story started to spread. By the end of round four he was already a star in the tournament. At the end of every round everyone wants to know how the tiny Paulo and his huge deck fared.

Here is the deck list (and yes, I can't believe I typed this in either):

Paulo Rosa

Battle of Wits!
Download Arena Decklist
Sideboard (15)
3 Hibernation 1 Light of Day 2 COP: Red 3 Samite Ministrations 3 Gainsay 1 Stroke of Genius 1 COP: Green 1 Millstone
Paulo's friends are so proud of him that they swarmed the area to get in the photos

We are not sure the deck will take Paulo to the second day but it has sure given him quite an audience and a very fun day full of wide-eyed opponents. After five rounds, he was without a loss at 3-0-2.

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