Birthing a New Archetype

Posted in Feature on January 23, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

There might be a lot of Mono-Blue and Mono-Black in Standard right now, but there are also plenty of hidden gems.

Did you ever imagine that Molten Birth was one of them?

Molten Birth

We've seen some Naya decks making a splash in Standard in the hands of Brad Nelson and Willy Edel, but G0D_L1k3's deck is whole new animal. The deck might come out of the gates slowly, but its damage potential on turn five is huge. Hammer of Purphoros; Purphoros, God of the Forge; Xenagos, the Reveler; and Burning-Tree Emissary are incredibly explosive cards.

You might think you're safe to set up a bunch of Pack Rats, but what happens when your opponent casts Burning-Tree Emissary into Molten Birth plus Molten Birth with Purphoros, God of the Forge in play?

Assemble the Legion is the go-to hate card against Mono-Black while Skylasher and Mistcutter Hydra are clearly there for Mono-Blue, so I like this sideboard already. Plummet deals with Stormbreath Dragon while Boros Reckoner and Flames of the Firebrand cover you against red or white aggro. Overall, G0D_L1k3's deck looks well-built, and I wouldn't be surprised if it matched up decently with most of the decks in Standard.

G0D_L1k3's Naya Midrange

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