Blink Pod

Posted in Feature on April 17, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

By now, I think almost everyone is familiar with the concept of a value-based Birthing Pod deck. For those not in the know, rather than set up some two- or three-card combo that wins you the game, you can use Birthing Pod to trigger enters-the-battlefield effects to generate board and/or card advantage.

Momentary Blink

I never thought we'd take it this far.

Similar to the Modern deck I showcased earlier in the week, this deck has a mini combo with Akroma, Angel of Fury and Momentary Blink. It also plays Sea Gate Oracle and Wall of Omens for added value, plus Restoration Angels to do it all over again. Any deck would be hard-pressed to keep up with that type of card advantage.

While Lurgold kept it light, the deck still has the combo portion with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker plus Deceiver Exarch or Restoration Angel. It should only be used once the coast is clear or you have no other option. In the meantime, enjoy valuing out your opponents, or just cheating the unmorph cost of Akroma, Angel of Fury!

Lurgold's Birthing Pod

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