Blink Twice

Posted in Feature on July 11, 2012

By Conley Woods

While the flicker mechanic goes back a long way, it really didn't take its place in the Constructed circle until Momentary Blink was printed and the mechanic came with card advantage attached. Momentary Blink was probably the most powerful flicker ever, but there have been plenty to see print since. In Avacyn Restored, both Cloudshift and Ghostly Flicker do a pretty good job of showcasing the mechanic in Limited, but Restoration Angel is the big champion here, already taking a firm hold of success in Standard. But that isn't the only place you can find a flicker...

Venser, the Sojourner has been a well-liked card ever since it was spoiled on this very site, but its success stories have been few and far between, as it has existed in a very powerful environment. Well, Llowle on Magic Online seems to think the strategy is still a viable one and showcased the Planeswalker in a pretty awesome list that made its way to the Top 8 of a recent Standard Premier event.

This list might not have as much of an emphasis on the blinking action as you would think, but Venser still plays a central role in the deck's game plan. With something as innocent as a Stonehorn Dignitary out, the opponent might not ever get another attack step again! Resetting a Batterskull token or gaining extra life off of a Pristine Talisman is also pretty nifty and turns the underplayed Drogskol Reaver into an actual card-advantage engine, even before it attacks!

Not a believer? Well, there is only one way to prove the power level of this deck and that is to play. So sleeve up and enjoy this at your local Friday Night Magic, or go digital with Magic Online. Just be sure to take it easy on all of those aggro decks!

Llowle's Venser Control

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